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"Rust and Dust Update"
Release date August 1, 2020
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The (or update, also known as "Rust and Dust" or "Draedon's Arsenal", added the Arsenal Lab structures along with associated blocks and furniture, many new weapons including several which utilize a new Charge system, some new accessories and armor sets, and reworked various boss fights, among very many other changes and adjustments. The update also included several visual and functional redesigns, including the Wulfrum items and enemies, the Siren (now Anahita) and the Leviathan and their associated items, and the Meld set.


Armor and Accessories

Blocks, Furniture, and Walls

Dedicated content



World Generation

  • Added the following Arsenal Lab structures that spawn on world generation:
    • Abandoned Workshops.
    • Abandoned Research Stations.
    • Jungle Bio-center Lab.
    • Ice Bio-center Lab.
    • Space Bio-center Lab.
    • Sunken Sea Bio-center Lab.
    • Underworld Bio-center Lab.
  • Added Abyss and Sulphurous Sea Pots.
  • Added the Astral Beacon structure that spawns in Hardmode.




  • Revengeance Mode vanilla boss fights are now updated with vanilla v1.4.0.1+ AI changes.
  • Boss charging velocities now scale with how fast the boss is moving.
  • Boss contact damage now scales with how fast the boss is moving, relative to their max speed.
  • All bosses move faster the further away they are from the player.
  • Holding a true melee weapon now reduces the acceleration of Calamitas, Supreme Calamitas, and The Twins by 50%.

Aquatic Scourge

  • Adjusted the pattern of Toxic Gas Clouds so they spread out more.
  • Number of segments and size now scales with world difficulty.

Astrum Aureus

  • Jumps now try to intercept and slam the player if they are moving.
  • Jump height now increases based on how high up the player is.

Astrum Deus

  • Boss fight has been completely overhauled. Fight starts out with one worm that splits into two at 50% health.
  • Removed Astrum Deus Probes from the fight.
  • Defeating one worm or the other in phase 2 ends the fight.
  • Flight speed now increases dramatically as its health lowers.
  • Now inflicts Extreme Gravity in Revengeance and Death Mode.

Leviathan and Anahita

  • Boss fight has been reworked. Anahita's projectiles are more aggressive depending on world difficulty.
  • Anahita now fires water bolts that converge at the player's location.
  • Anahita's Ice Shield now only spawns three times in the fight, at 100%, 70%, and 40% health.
  • Anahita begins charging at the player below 66% health.
  • Leviathan is now summoned when Anahita reaches 40% health on all difficulties.
  • Anahita becomes passive and invulnerable while Leviathan is above 40% health.
  • Leviathan's meteors now inflict Armor Crunch.

Brain of Cthulhu

Brimstone Elemental

  • Reworked the laser phase, the number of times the laser is fired is dependent on world difficulty.
  • The laser now tracks ahead of the player if they are moving.
  • Now takes less time to perform her laser attack.


  • Significantly decreased player tracking on phase 2's charge.

Ceaseless Void

  • Now uses the tile-detection enrage code that is shared with Plantera.
  • The ring of Dark Energy projectiles now rotates slower on all world difficulties.
  • Dark Energy projectiles now inflict Distorted.


  • Jumps now try to intercept and slam the player if they are moving.
  • Jump height now increases based on how high up the player is.


  • Added an aurora effect above the player during the fight.
  • Reduced the amount of ice shards rained in phases 3 and 4 from 15 to 6 and 12 respectively.
  • Ice Bombs and Ice Blasts are now fired in evenly-spaced rings.

The Destroyer

  • Removed frost beams from the fight in Revengeance and Death Mode.
  • Now gains the ability to divebomb below 25% health.

The Devourer of Gods

  • Laser walls can no longer occur in Normal Mode.
  • Laser walls now have a proper telegraph before appearing.
  • The same laser wall pattern can no longer appear twice in a row.
  • Now moves even faster when farther from the player in Revengeance Mode.
  • Three Cosmic Guardians are now spawned when The Devourer of Gods reaches 30% health in phase 2.
  • Reduced boss kill time of Phase 1 from 120 seconds to 90.
  • The Sentinels will now be their normal non-nerfed versions if they haven't been defeated outside of the fight.
  • The Sentinels phase will not occur again after defeating it once in the fight, instead of after defeating the boss.

The Dragonfolly

  • All projectiles now inflict Electrified.
  • Decreased overall charging speed.
  • Now enrages if the player leaves the Jungle or if there is enough distance between the player and the boss.
  • Feather projectiles now have a proper pattern when summoned.
  • Increased the length of the Red Lightning Aura.
  • Increased the distance between each Red Lightning Aura from the player in phase 3.


  • Reduced projectile fire rate of the freed Golem head in phase 3.
  • Reduced boss kill time from 180 seconds to 150.

Jungle Dragon, Yharon

  • Phase 1 of the fight has been reworked. Projectile patterns have been adjusted to make the fight more consistent.
    • Compact "bullet hell" patterns of flare dust are now fired during subphase 2.
    • Flare dust "bullet hell" pattern changes during subphase 3.
    • Removed subphase 4, Yharon still becomes invulnerable at 10% health.
  • Phase 2 of the fight has also been reworked.
    • Subphase 5 now releases more flare bombs and detonating flames per cycle.
    • Subphase 6 now summons big flarenadoes more frequently.
    • Subphase 7 now has a reduced overall speed of the cycle of attacks, and gains a teleport.
    • Subphase 8 now loses all abilities except dashing, spawning homing flare dust, and teleporting. Yharon's damage is increased by 25% during this subphase.
  • All projectiles spawned by Yharon now inflict Lethal Lava Burn.
  • Border infernadoes now have less sway.
  • Now always drops his phase 1 loot when transitioning to phase 2 after phase 1 has been defeated.

The Old Duke

  • Nerfed base damage reduction from 60% to 50% and base defense from 140 to 100.
  • Now has 0% damage reduction and 0 defense while tired instead of 15% and 35 respectively.

The Plaguebringer Goliath

  • Buffed health from 58,500 / 93,600 Expert Mode / 123,640 Revengeance Mode to 81,000 / 129,600 Expert Mode / 170,400 Revengeance Mode, damage reduction from 25% to 40%, and nerfed defense from 55 to 40.
  • Reworked enrage to be more akin to Queen Bee.


  • Increased all charging speeds by 33%. Final phase charges are now less aggressive.
  • Now spawns tentacles multiple times throughout the fight. All tentacles have a 1-second delay before dealing damage when spawned.
  • Hook and projectile spread decreases as its health decreases.


  • Boss fight has been reworked. Polterghast is now much more aggressive.
  • Blue and red phantom projectiles now inflict Nightwither and Whispering Death respectively. Projectile patterns have also been adjusted to make the fight more fair.
  • Both Polterghast and its clone now inflict Moon Bite on contact.
  • Phantoms now orbit Polterghast itself instead of the player.

Profaned Guardians

  • All Profaned Guardians (including the servant variants) now inflict Holy Flames for 5 seconds on contact instead of On Fire! for 10 seconds.

Providence, the Profaned Goddess

  • Added the ability to fight Providence at Night. During the night, Providence has a modified and more intense AI.
  • There is now a 2-second delay before Providence can use another attack after finishing a cocoon phase.
  • Reworked cocoon flame and spear attacks to be more pattern-based.
  • Molten Phase no longer occurs in Normal Mode.
  • Now has a unique summoning animation that plays when the Profaned Core is used.


  • Now jumps and slams the player during phase 2. Slam frequency increases as its health decreases.
  • Jump height now increases based on how high up the player is.
  • Rock and Flame Pillars no longer spawn in Normal Mode.
  • Rock Pillars can now be damaged and destroyed.
  • Adjusted movement patterns in phase 2 for Rock Pillars.

Signus, Envoy of the Devourer

  • Telegraphed the Cosmic Mines attack.
  • Now inflicts God Slayer Inferno from its Essence Dust attack.
  • Removed Cosmic Flame Burst and the special darkness effect in Revengeance Mode.

Skeletron Prime

  • Removed Probes from the fight in Revengeance and Death Mode.

The Slime God

  • The Core now transitions into Phase 2 at 20% health, or 40% health when both slimes are killed.
  • Reduced the projectile fire rate of the Core.
  • Orbs now fade in and out, and no longer deal damage during the first and last second after being released.

Storm Weaver

  • No longer enrages outside of space.
  • Now moves faster the farther it is from the player.
  • Now has a charging attack in Revengeance and Death Mode.

Supreme Calamitas

  • All projectiles now take 1.33 seconds to fully form after they spawn. All non-fully formed projectiles deal 0 damage.
  • Now spawns 2 Expert Mode / 4 Revengeance Mode Brimstone Monsters during the fight. All Brimstone Monsters now spawn at once during bullet hell 4. Brimstone Monsters no longer spawn in Normal Mode.
  • Significantly reduced Brimstone Monster push force on each other, and they no longer push each other in Death Mode.
  • Brimstone Flame Skulls now spawn from both sides of the screen during bullet hell 5. Decreased overall frequency of skulls in Death Mode due to the smaller arena size.
  • Adjusted how Sepulcher tracks the player and slightly reduced its turning speed.
  • Increased boss kill time from 240 seconds to 300.

Wall of Flesh

  • Reduced boss kill time from 180 seconds to 120.


  • Reduced knockback resistance on various Acid Rain enemies:
    • Acid Eel reduced from 100% to 10% in tiers 1 and 2, and 30% in tier 3.
    • Baby Flak Crab reduced from 100% to 0%.
    • Flak Crab reduced from 100% at all times to 100% when disguised, 80% when moving, and 40% when jumping.
    • Nuclear Toad reduced from 100% to 30%.
    • Orthocera reduced from 100% to 40%.
    • Skyfin reduced from 100% to 0% in tiers 1 and 2, and 20% in tier 3.
    • Sulphurous Skater reduced from 100% to 20% when on land, and 50% when flying.
    • Trilobite reduced from 100% to 80%.
    • Water Leech reduced from 100% to 0%.
  • Cnidrion now falls through and climbs blocks slower.
  • Abyss worms now pick an area to swim around in when they spawn. Their movements have been adjusted to be more natural.
  • Eidolon Wyrms now swim down and despawn if they kill the player.
  • Death Mode ocean Sharknadoes and Cthulhunadoes no longer spawn Sharkrons.
  • Nebula Floater, Necromancer, and Ragged Caster now fire their projectiles slower and are less aggressive.
  • Significantly increased Cosmic Guardian's top speed, but decreased acceleration.
  • The Old Duke's Tooth Balls now speed up when farther from the player.
  • Wulfrum Drone now flies around and occasionally charges at the player.




  • Added brand new Rogue Modifiers that can be applied to most rogue weapons.
  • Banners now reduce the damage of projectiles from their corresponding enemies.
  • Enemy damage reduction system now applies to Normal and Expert Mode.
  • Contact and projectile damage reduction now has a soft cap that scales with your base damage reduction.
  • The Ichor debuff no longer reduces enemy damage reduction.
  • Rogue variants of hybrid weapons can now trigger universal stealth strike effects.

Armor and Accessories

  • Nerfed Aerospec Helmet's set bonus valkyrie minion damage from 25 to 20 and hit cooldown from 10 to 20.
  • Buffed Daedalus Breastplate's defense from 17 to 19.
  • Buffed Daedalus Leggings' defense from 13 to 15.
  • Empyrean and Tarragon armor helmets no longer grant immunity to Chilled, Cursed, Cursed Inferno, and On Fire!.
  • Empyrean armor's projectiles no longer inflict On Fire! or Cursed Inferno.
  • Fathom Swarmer armor changes:
    • Nerfed Fathom Swarmer Visage's minion damage boost from 10% to 5%.
    • Nerfed Fathom Swarmer Breastplate's minion damage boost from 12% to 6%.
    • Nerfed Fathom Swarmer Greaves' minion damage boost from 7% to 4%.
    • Buffed minion damage boost when submerged in liquids from 10% to 30%.
    • Nerfed minion damage boost when out of liquids from 30% to 10%.
  • Forbidden Circlet's set bonus no longer grants minions the ability to deal full damage. Nerfed max rogue stealth from 100 to 40. Increased mana cost of the Ancient Storm by 10.
  • Gladiator armor changes:
    • Nerfed Gladiator Helmet's defense from 4 to 3.
    • Nerfed Gladiator Breastplate's defense from 7 to 5.
    • Nerfed Gladiator Leggings' defense from 5 to 4.
    • Nerfed set bonus defense from 5 to 3.
  • Nerfed Hadal Mantle's damage boost when wearing Hydrothermic armor from 10% to 5%.
  • Hydrothermic armor changes:
    • Buffed Hydrothermic Helmet's set bonus hydrothermic vent minion fire rate from 38 frames to 20. Fire rate is further doubled if the target is above the vent. Now fires a spread of 2-3 gravity-affected fireballs if enemies are nearby but not above the vent.
    • Added Brimstone Elemental's lore item buffs to the Inferno effect.
  • Molten armor's set bonus now grants 20% increased true melee damage.
  • Removed Silva and Auric Tesla armor's set debuff immunities.
  • Abaddon and Asgard's Valor no longer grant immunity to Brimstone Flames; they now reduce the damage over time effect by 50%.
  • Abyssal Mirror now spawns 10 ink bomb projectiles instead of 50.
  • Alchemical Flask and Plague Hive no longer grant immunity to Plague; they now reduce the damage over time effect by 50%.
  • The Amalgam now has a damaging aura at all times instead of underwater. Nerfed aura damage from 320 to 300 but it now damages twice as frequently. Enemies that hit the player get inflicted with God Slayer Inferno, Sulphuric Poisoning, Irradiated, and Brimstone Flames. The Fungal Clump now possesses the seawater instead of the player, and moving through the seawater now grants the accessory's underwater boosts. Increased Fungal Clump's speed, range and aggression. Brimstone Fireballs are dropped every 8 seconds instead of 10.
  • Aquatic Heart no longer provides defense, life regeneration, or creature detection.
  • Asgard's Valor no longer grants immunity to Holy Flames, and nerfed explosion damage from 100 to 60.
  • Nerfed Asgardian Aegis' dash damage from 1500 to 500, explosion damage from 1000 to 300, and eruption damage from 780 to 200.
  • Blood Pact now grants various buffs for 10 seconds to the player whenever they are critically hit. While buffed, the player also gains an additional 50% health from healing potions.
  • The Camper's life regeneration boosts are now less effective while a boss is alive.
  • Elemental Gauntlet now increases true melee damage by 20%. This boost does not stack with boosts from any of its downgrades. Reduced Abyssal Flames, Brimstone Flames, Frostburn, Glacial State, God Slayer Inferno, Holy Flames, Ichor, Plague, and Venom durations from 2 seconds to 1.5. Reduced Cursed Inferno duration from 2 seconds to 0.75.
  • Nerfed Elysian Aegis' dash damage from 500 to 350, explosion damage from 500 to 210, and eruption damage from 380 to 140.
  • Nerfed Fungal Symbiote's true melee damage boost from 25% to 15%.
  • Gravistar Sabaton's explosion is now boosted by the average of the player's damage boosts.
  • Prevented all minions from Heart of the Elements from attacking when initially spawning to allow their compacted damage not to be exploited.
  • Nerfed Hide of Astrum Deus' true melee damage boost from 200% to 50%.
  • Ink Bomb, Abyssal Mirror, and Eclipse Mirror's dodge effects no longer stack.
  • Mana Polarizer can now only heal the player if they are holding a magic weapon.
  • Nerfed Necklace of Vexation's Cursed Inferno debuff duration from 2 seconds to 1.5.
  • Samurai Badge now increases true melee damage by 20%.
  • Titan Glove, Power Glove, Mechanical Glove, and Fire Gauntlet now increase true melee damage by 10%.
  • Nerfed Vital Jelly's jump speed boost from 40% to 24%, but buffed movement speed boost from 10% to 20%.
  • Yharim's Insignia now increases true melee damage by 10%.



  • Nerfed Abyss Blade's damage from 110 to 90, and tridents now deal 75% base damage instead of 100%. Tridents now inflict Crush Depth for 3 seconds at a 50% chance instead of 5 seconds at a 100% chance.
  • Astral Blade, Blade of Enmity, Gael's Greatsword, Mantis Claws, and Omniblade now only gain 25% of melee swing speed boosts.
  • Nerfed Astral Blade's damage from 135 to 95. Gave Astral Blade a new mechanic that increases damage the more health the enemy has left.
  • Buffed Astral Scythe's damage from 95 to 120.
  • Nerfed Burnt Sienna's damage from 35 to 14.
  • Nerfed Catastrophe Claymore's true melee Frostburn duration from 3 seconds to 2.5. Reduced Ichor debuff duration from true melee and yellow projectile from 2 and 3 seconds to 1 and 2 seconds respectively.
  • Nerfed Celestial Claymore's Ichor debuff duration from Yellow Flame from 3 seconds to 2.
  • Nerfed Corrupted Crusher Blade's Cursed Inferno duration from 3 seconds to 2, and defense reduction effect no longer works while a boss is alive.
  • Nerfed Cosmic Shiv's damage from 800 to 666.
  • Nerfed Crimson Crusher Blade's damage from 41 to 38. Reduced contact damage reduction from 10 to 5, and Ichor duration from 3 seconds to 2. Contact damage reduction effect no longer works while a boss is alive.
  • Buffed Daybreak's damage from 150 to 225.
  • Nerfed Devastation's Ichor debuff duration from true melee and yellow projectile from 3 and 10 seconds to 2 and 3 seconds respectively, increased the chance of inflicting Frostburn and On Fire! from true melee strikes from 33.33% to 100%.
  • Nerfed Earth's Cursed Inferno duration from RGB meteors from 10 seconds to 5.
  • Nerfed Elemental Shiv's damage from 180 to 160. Projectiles now travel from both sides of the screen instead of just the left side.
  • Adjusted Entropic Claymore, projectiles now deal 50%, 65%, or 80% base damage depending on size rather than 75%. It no longer inflicts Cursed Inferno.
  • Galileo Gladius' projectiles now deal 50% base damage. Removed the projectile resistance from The Old Duke.
  • Buffed Gelitic Blade's damage from 33 to 38, and projectile now passes through tiles.
  • Buffed The God's Gambit's damage from 28 to 33.
  • Nerfed Holiday Halberd's Cursed Inferno duration from Green Bag from 5 seconds to 2.
  • Nerfed Mangrove Chakram's Cursed Inferno duration from 4 seconds to 2.
  • Nerfed The Mutilator's damage from 950 to 700.
  • Nerfed Nadir's damage from 800 to 700, and the spear now grants enemies 4 local immunity frames instead of 2. Void Essences now deal 25% base damage instead of a flat 160 damage.
  • Nerfed Scourge of the Cosmos' melee variant damage from 1550 to 1300.
  • Buffed Solar Eruption's damage from 105 to 157.
  • Nerfed Soul Harvester's Cursed Inferno duration from true melee from 5 seconds to 2.
  • Buffed Terra Edge, true melee damage now inflicts Ichor for 2 seconds.
  • Nerfed Terratomere, no longer inflicts On Fire!, Cursed Inferno, Frostburn, and Ichor. Reduced Glacial State duration from true melee from 5 seconds to 2, but now has a 100% chance to be inflicted instead of 33.33%.
  • Nerfed True Forbidden Oathblade's damage from 200 to 150. True melee explosions now deal 200% base damage instead of 300%.
  • True Ark of the Ancients' Terra Stars no longer inflict Cursed Inferno.
  • Adjusted True Tyrant's Ultisword, reduced On Fire! duration from Red blades from 3 seconds to 2, increased Venom duration from Red blades from 1 second to 2, reduced Cursed Inferno duration from Green blades from 4 seconds to 2, Red blades no longer inflict Cursed Inferno, and true melee no longer inflicts Brimstone Flames and Holy Flames.
  • Nerfed Typhon's Greed's damage from 75 to 65, and bubble projectiles now deal 50% base damage. Bubbles now have a 33% chance to inflict Crush Depth instead of 100%.
  • Adjusted Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword, reduced On Fire! duration from true melee and projectile from 5 and 3 seconds to 3 and 2 seconds respectively, changed Venom duration from true melee and projectile from 5 and 1 seconds to 3 and 2 seconds respectively. No longer inflicts Cursed Inferno.
  • Nerfed Ultimus Cleaver's damage from 300 to 130.
  • Buffed Apoctosis Array's damage from 45 to 55, and mana cost from 14 to 12.
  • Dark Spark's beam damage now ramps up depending on how long it is charged. Starts at 25% base damage and increases to a max of 220%. It now grants enemies 15 local immunity frames instead of 10.
  • Buffed Effervescence's damage from 36 to 40.
  • Nerfed Eternity's damage from 6969 to 4200.
  • Buffed Event Horizon's damage from 231 to 369. Stars now last 5 seconds instead of 10, blackholes now deal 50% base damage instead of 100% and grant enemies 8 local immunity frames instead of 5.
  • Nerfed Everglade Spray's Ichor debuff duration from 15 seconds to 10.
  • Nerfed Fabstaff's damage from 800 to 616. Beam projectiles are now more consistent and don't linger as long.
  • Nerfed Frost Bolt's damage from 12 to 10.
  • Nerfed Hadopelagic Echo's Ichor duration from 10 seconds to 5.
  • Buffed Helium Flash's damage from 1110 to 1111.
  • Nerfed Hematemesis' damage from 90 to 75.
  • Nerfed Hyphae Rod's damage from 20 to 15, and reduced projectile lifespan from 15 seconds to 8.
  • Ion Blaster now deals 40% less damage while the player has Astral Injection.
  • Buffed Laser Machinegun's damage from 36 to 49.
  • Nerfed Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove, reduced Crush Depth, Frostburn, God Slayer Inferno, Holy Flames, On Fire!, Poisoned, Shadowflame, and Venom durations from the multicolored flask from 10 seconds to 5, and Cursed Inferno duration from 10 seconds to 3.
  • Plague Staff now grant 5 ID-static immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 2.
  • Nerfed Plasma Rifle's damage from 460 to 183, and alt-fire mana cost from 5 to 10.
  • Nerfed Relic of Ruin's damage from 26 to 20, and it now fires 12 projectiles instead of 16.
  • Nerfed Shifting Sands' damage from 85 to 61. It now only spawns up to one projectile when continuously held.
  • Nerfed Storm Spray's damage from 18 to 14.
  • Tome of Fates no longer inflicts Cursed Inferno.
  • Nerfed Ultra Liquidator, reduced Frostburn, Ichor, and On Fire! durations from 20 seconds to 3.33, and Cursed Inferno duration from 20 seconds to 1.67.
  • Buffed Vivid Clarity's homing beam damage from 20% base damage to 100%. Nerfed bouncing beam's damage from 100% base damage to 70%.
  • Buffed Voltaic Climax's damage from 80 to 131, but orbs shoot electric beams half as fast.
  • Nerfed Waywasher's damage from 20 to 15.
  • There is now a 1-second cooldown before Wrath of the Ancients' sigil can fire its projectiles when summoned.
  • Buffed Wulfrum Staff's damage from 10 to 12.
Multi-class and Classless


  • The Cryogen Lore item now has an increased delay between dashes.
  • Nerfed The Devourer of Gods Lore item's true melee damage boost from 50% to 25%.
  • The Slime God Lore item's speed is now slowed down by 10% while a boss is alive.
  • Frozen Slime Block effects are reduced by 33% in Revengeance Mode.
  • God Slayer Cooldown now prevents all life regeneration while active and no longer boosts damage.
  • Activating God Slayer or Silva armor revives while Draconic Surge buff is active will give the player 30 seconds of Potion Sickness. If the player already has Potion Sickness, 30 seconds are added to the debuff duration.
  • Reduced the Holy Flames debuff's DoT effect on the player from 10 health per second to 8.
  • Life Fruit can now spawn at the start of Hardmode.
  • Nerfed several forms of Lifesteal and capped the amounts healed on most items at 50.
  • The Merchant now sells Journeyman Bait post-Skeletron and Master Bait post-Plantera.
  • Mounting now resets player momentum.



  • Reworked Halibut Cannon's damage scaling:
    • Now has a base damage of 12.
    • Damage now increases by 10% after defeating Plantera, 10% after defeating Golem, 20% after defeating Lunatic Cultist, 100% after defeating Moon Lord, 15% after defeating Providence, 30% after defeating Polterghast, 60% after defeating Devourer of Gods, and 100% after defeating Yharon.
    • These damage bonuses stack, so after defeating all the above bosses, the weapon would gain 355% extra damage.
  • Reworked Heavenly Gale, all exo arrows are now evenly randomized. Green exo arrows no longer fire if there are more than five tornadoes summoned and no longer deal 70% base damage. Teal exo arrows now deal 50% base damage instead of 16%. Nerfed damage from 720 to 600.
  • Reworked Iron Heart, now prevents the player from healing and regenerating their health. Enemy damage is scaled depending on how much health the player has. No longer acts like a Hardcore mode while a boss is alive.
  • Reworked Murasama, now swings much slower and has increased range. Buffed damage from 999 to 20,001.
  • Reworked Photoviscerator, now spawns flares and homing sparks. Added an alt-fire function.
  • Reworked Pwnagehammer, now throws a slow-moving hammer that has a chance to home-in on enemies. Buffed damage from 90 to 210, and nerfed use time from 14 to 47.
  • Reworked Subsuming Vortex, now summons massive vortices that damage enemies and spawn tentacles. Nerfed damage from 520 to 480.
  • Reworked Toxicant Twister, projectiles now only home in on enemies after a delay. Nerfed damage from 950 to 488.
  • Reworked Verium Bullets, can now pierce once, but requires the bullet to pierce to gain the ability to home.

Additional Changes

  • Added several Town NPC names:
    • "Xplizzy" for the Bandit.
    • "Izuna" for the Dryad.
    • "Neoplastic" and "Devin" for the Guide.
    • "Jensen" for the Wizard.
  • The configuration options have been overhauled.
    • Added a red background to the in-game menu.
    • Added an increment system to several configurations.
    • Renamed several internal variables within the json file.
    • Reorganized many configurations into new groups.
    • Rewritten several option tooltips.
  • Added glowmasks for ???, Black Hawk Remote minions, Cosmic Viper Engine minions, Cosmilite Basin, Crabulon projectiles, Flak Crab projectiles, Gamma Slime projectiles, Pristine Fury, and Red Lightning Container.
  • ??? can no longer be damaged if the player is more than 35 blocks away.
  • The Abyss now generates wider.
  • The Acid Rain event can now occur if the player defeats Aquatic Scourge before defeating Eye of Cthulhu or Wall of Flesh.
  • Reduced the enemy kill count requirements for Tier 2 and 3 of the Acid Rain event.
  • If no Acid Rain enemies are killed for 4 minutes while the event is ongoing, the event will stop.
  • Aureate Booster now uses the Rarity Level: 7 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 6.
  • Aquatic Heart and Cadance buff no longer provide Town NPC shop discounts.
  • Aquatic Scourge now drops Bleached Angling Kit instead of an array of fishing gear.
  • The Archmage now only gives his homeless quotes if he has never found a home before.
  • Astral Probes summoned by Godspawn Helix Staff now revolve around the player at randomized speeds.
  • Astrum Deus spawn requirements adjusted. Now requires Titan Hearts or Starcore to be used at the Astral Beacon.
  • The Bandit now sells Tiger Climbing Gear.
  • The Bandit now also checks player's local storage units such as the Piggy Bank for the requirements to move in.
  • Blood Orange now uses the Rarity Level: 6 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 5.
  • Bloodworm now has 4444% bait power.
  • Boss Zen is now configurable in Configuration options.
  • Bottled Honey now gives the Honey buff for 2 minutes when consumed.
  • Brackish Flask, Greentide, Leviathan Teeth, and Leviatitan now count as nature weapons.
  • Cold Divinity now uses the Rarity Level: 5 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 6, and decreased sell price from 9 Gold Coin.png 60 Silver Coin.png to 7 Gold Coin.png 20 Silver Coin.png.
  • Cosmic Worm now has a tooltip that warns the player if they haven't defeated all 3 Sentinels of the Devourer yet. This warning does not prevent the Devourer of Gods fight from beginning.
  • Counter Scarf's tooltip now mentions its interactions with Chaos State.
  • Death Mode lightning damage now scales with progression. It now disappears more quickly after striking.
  • Reduced how dark the Death Mode darkness effect is.
  • Desert Scourge no longer prevents sandstorms if it hasn't been defeated before Hardmode.
  • Desert Scourge now drops Sandy Angling Kit instead of an array of fishing gear.
  • The Devourer of Gods' dialog now floats above where the player was hit.
  • Increased The Dragonfolly's Effulgent Feather drop amount from 6-11 / 9-14 Expert Mode to 11-17 / 15-21 Expert Mode.
  • Drew's Wings now use the Rarity Level: 15 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 14.
  • Elemental Quiver no longer grants minion knockback.
  • Reduced Eternity's hex ring radius.
  • Gatling Laser, Heavy Laser Rifle, Plasma Caster, Pulse Rifle, and Tesla Cannon no longer consume bullets. Gatling Laser, Plasma Caster, and Tesla Cannon now consume mana.
  • Genesis Pickaxe is no longer part of the Any Lunar Pickaxe crafting group.
  • Increased Halibut Cannon's drop rate from normal Abyss enemies from 0.0001% to 0.001%, and drop rate from Abyss minibosses from 0.01% to 0.1%.
  • Changed Halibut Cannon's tooltip from "This weapon is overpowered, use at the risk of ruining your playthrough" to "Becomes more powerful as you progress / (Yes, it's still overpowered)".
  • Heat and Cold Protective Gear tooltips now only appear in Death Mode.
  • Ice Elemental now has a chance to drop an Essence of Eleum.
  • Elaborated on the exact jump speed boosts of Bounding Potion, Statis' Ninja Belt, and Statis' Void Sash. Tooltips now dynamically change on jump speed boosting items that have lowered jump speed boosts when the player has auto-jump.
  • Jungle Dragon, Yharon no longer drops Terminus.
  • Living Dew now uses the Rarity Level: 3 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 5, and decreased sell price from 2 Gold Coin.png 40 Silver Coin.png to 80 Silver Coin.
  • Lore item effects are now togglable by favoriting/unfavoriting the item.
  • The Meter Position Lock configuration option is now true by default.
  • Added a new sound to The Microwave when the yoyo returns to the player.
  • Miracle Fruit now uses the Rarity Level: 8 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 7.
  • MOAB now uses the Rarity Level: 6 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 8.
  • Moss Hornet, Pestilent Slime, The Plaguebringer Goliath, Plaguebringer, Plague Charger, and Queen Bee now drop Stingers.
  • Nuclear Toad now has a spawn cap of five.
  • Added The Old Duke to Boss Rush.
  • Onyx Excavator Drill now scales with the player's best pickaxe in their inventory.
  • The Plaguebringer Goliath now drops Infected Armor Plating.
  • Plaguebringer no longer drops loot while The Plaguebringer Goliath is alive.
  • Plantera's Bulbs now spawn at the start of Hardmode.
  • Pots in the Abyss now solely drop Abyssal Treasure.
  • Pots in the Sulphurous Sea now solely drop Sulphuric Treasure.
  • Providence, the Profaned Goddess now drops Profaned Moonlight Dye when defeated entirely at nighttime.
  • Increased Providence's Divine Geode drop amount from 10-15 / 15-25 Expert Mode to 15-20 / 20-30 Expert Mode.
  • Other post-DoG Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon enemies, besides Pumpking and Ice Queen, can drop Nightmare Fuel and Endothermic Energy.
  • Replaced the Queen Bee larva in Hive Planetoids with a Honey Chest.
  • Ravager now drops Fleshy Geode pre-Providence and Necromantic Geode post-Providence instead of an array of various materials.
  • Recall Potion can now be crafted with 1 Bottled Water and 10 Blood Orbs.
  • Rod of Discord, Normality Relocator, and Spectral Veil now only grant boosted Chaos State if a boss is alive or during an event.
  • Stat Meter now displays jump speed boost statistics, wing flight time in seconds, and true melee damage.
    • All Melee weapons now display true melee damage statistics.
  • Steam Geyser is now highlighted by Dangersense Potion and any similar effects.
  • Town NPCs gain increased stats to defense and damage after defeating Moon Lord, Providence, Polterghast, Devourer of Gods, Yharon, and Supreme Calamitas.
  • Truffle Worm can now spawn on the surface Glowing Mushroom biome in hardmode.
  • The Merchant now sells Ultrabright Torch in Death Mode.
    • He additionally receives a new quote to reference this.
  • The Underworld (Lore) now prevents Voodoo Demon from dropping Guide Voodoo Doll.
  • Calamity Wings are now affected by the uniform sell price of Calamity weapons.
  • Wulfrum Slime can no longer spawn.


Armor and Accessories

Buffs and Debuffs

  • Resprited Anahita buff, Herring buff, Ice Shield buff, Ocean Spirit buff, Ocean's Blessing, Rare Sand Elemental buff, Sand Elemental buff, and Water Elemental buff.
  • Resprited Glacial State, Ice Shield Cooldown, and Nightwither.

Dust and Projectiles






  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Thorns effects from The Absorber and The Sponge from stacking.
  • Fixed a bug where several abyss items could not be hooked while fishing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented naturally generating Abyss Gravel Walls from being placed in the Sulphurous Sea.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Abyss world generation to open into the Underworld.
  • Fixed an issue where hair displayed if Abyssal Diving Gear was used as vanity.
  • Fixed all Acid Rain enemies being immune to knockback.
  • Fixed Aether's Whisper disappearing while sorting inventories or chests.
  • Fixed Anarchy Blade health scaling not incorporating boosts to all damage.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Anechoic Coating buff from properly reducing Abyss enemy aggression.
  • Fixed the secondary projectiles of Anti-materiel Rifle, Elemental Shiv, Hellion Flower Spear, Hyperius Bullet, Infernal Rift, Skullmasher, and Ultra Liquidator targeting the upper left corner of enemies rather than the center.
  • Fixed several visual issues with Aquatic Scourge.
  • Fixed missing outlines on Aquatic Scourge's head, Ravager's claws, and Supreme Calamitas.
  • Astral Infection enemies no longer spawn during events.
  • Fixed a bug where Baguette would not grant the Well Fed buff when consumed.
  • Fixed the Bandit thief system in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed grammar issues with the Bandit and Sea King's quotes.
  • Fixed Beetle Endurance buff tooltips not displaying the nerfed percentage values.
  • Fixed the secondary projectiles of Bonebreaker and Sea's Searing not scaling with the player's damage boosts.
  • Fixed grammar issues with the 'Boss Checklist' Slime God despawn message.
  • Fixed Brimstone Crate chance only being boosted when using Enchanted Pearl, Supreme Bait Tackle Box Fishing Station, and Crate Potion rather than just Enchanted Pearl or Supreme Bait Tackle Box Fishing Station.
  • Fixed an issue where Brimstone Elemental's hellblast arcs were missing the player at certain angles.
  • Fixed Brimstone Sword using the wrong projectile.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the health orbs spawned by Burnt Sienna and Terra-cotta from healing the player.
  • Fixed The Camper's life regeneration stacking with Photosynthesis Potion, Draedon's Heart, Cosmic Freeze, and Demonshade armor.
  • Fixed Celestus and Hypothermia's stealth strikes not properly functioning without Ruin Medallion or its upgrades.
  • Fixed Cold Divinity not displaying the double scaling damage effect in its tooltip.
  • Fixed Corrupted Crusher Blade and Crimson Crusher Blade repeatedly reducing the target's defense or contact damage.
  • Fixed Corruption and Crimson Key always dropping from Wall of Flesh.
  • Fixed several bosses such as Crabulon not displaying an awakening message when summoned.
  • Fixed Crimson Crusher Blade reducing the target's contact damage below zero.
  • Fixed the critical hit swap exploit.
  • Fixed a bug where the penalty from the Cryogen lore item was not applying to players.
  • Fixed Crystyl Crusher gaining +50 range for every single normal swing, and having a bugged tool speed.
  • Fixed transparency errors on Dank Creeper sprite.
  • Corrected Daybroken's tooltip error.
  • Fixed bosses being able to spawn in Death Mode during a night already slated to have a natural Eye of Cthulhu or Mechanical boss spawn.
  • Fixed an issue where The Devourer of Gods flooded the chat with status messages.
  • Fixed The Devourer of Gods dropping an inconsistent amount of healing potions.
  • Fixed Dodu's Handcannon and Karasawa ignoring Endless Musket Pouch unless it was the only available ammunition.
  • Fixed grammar issues with Dragon Scales and Relic of Resilience's tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Dungeon Guardian from despawning in Revengeance Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Calamity dyes would not hide when the player has the Invisibility buff.
  • Fixed a bug where killing Eater of Worlds during Boss Rush would prevent the event from progressing.
  • Fixed an exploit that caused Elemental minions to fire much faster than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Elysian Wings from preventing fall damage while mounted.
  • Fixed Energy Staff sentry dust not being centered.
  • Fixed data corruption caused by Eutrophic Shelf and fixed its orientation.
  • Fixed an oversight that caused Eye of Magnus to deal ranged damage.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Gael's Greatsword from properly tracking its swing count mechanic.
  • Fixed Gamma Slime not being affected by Royal Gel.
  • Fixed Gravistar Sabaton exploding when hitting a ceiling.
  • Fixed Harpy Wings failing to grant the Harpy Ring synergy boost if Harpy Ring was in a lower accessory slot than the wings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain homing projectiles to not home-in on to specific enemies.
  • Fixed Ice Barrage not properly prioritizing attacking bosses.
  • Fixed Jungle Dragon, Yharon not dropping Drew's Wings, Void Vortex, and Yharim's Crystal per player in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Living Fire Blocks from being placed on top of each other.
  • Fixed a bug where the gas cloud projectile from Mad Alchemist's Cocktail Glove could push passive projectiles such as the flying Money Trough.
  • Fixed several armors overriding the healing from Mana Polarizer.
  • Fixed a bug where Mantis enemies fired multiple scythe projectiles at once.
  • Fixed a bug where certain minions would try to attack invincible enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where minions would not fight any enemies if they could not reach the targeted enemy.
  • Fixed modifier corruption in several weapons with alternate firing modes or damage scaling.
  • All forms of Lifesteal are now properly disabled by Moon Bite.
  • Fixed a bug where Moon Lord didn't drop items from other mods in Revengeance Mode.
  • Fixed Murasama's glowmask affecting the entire item rather than just the blade.
  • Fixed the secondary projectiles of Nasty Cholla scaling with the player's melee boosts instead of rogue boosts.
  • Fixed a mod conflict that prevented Nuclear Terror from being killed.
  • Fixed Nuclear Toad spritesheet spacing.
  • Fixed Nuclear Toad sliding due to knockback.
  • Fixed Nucleogenesis having a 1/225 chance to proc insta-kills instead of 1/15.
  • Fixed a mod conflict that caused The Old Duke to fire an absurd amount of projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented The Old Duke from being affected by the Boss Health Percentage Boost configuration slider.
  • Fixed Omega Blue armor messing with the drawing of projectiles while the player is upside-down.
  • Fixed improper cropping on P90's sprite and hitbox.
  • Fixed Parasea's hitbox being too large.
  • Fixed an issue that caused passive burrowing and flying enemies to be constantly aggressive.
  • Fixed plague bee projectiles from The Bee, Infected Remote, and Plaguenades being oriented incorrectly when flying left.
  • Fixed a bug where The Plaguebringer Goliath would ignore her charge timer after spawning her servants.
  • Fixed plague seekers spawned by Alchemical Flask and Plague Hive dealing melee damage.
  • Fixed Potion of Omniscience causing projectiles to draw the wrong color when under the effects of Odd Mushroom.
  • Fixed minions being unable to damage Prism-Back.
  • Fixed Reaper Tooth Necklace halving defense if it was less than zero.
  • Fixed Rod of Discord applying Chaos State when attempting to teleport into the Jungle Temple pre-Plantera.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain Rogue weapons from performing critical strikes.
  • Fixed Roxcalibur alternate fire not properly canceling when hooking.
  • Fixed Rusty Beacon Prototype being considered an uncountable minion when using the Summoner's Association Card from the Summoner's Association mod.
  • Fixed Rusty Medallion and Flak Toxicannon rain droplets dealing rogue damage instead of ranged damage.
  • Fixed an issue with Scoria Bar, Red Lightning Container, and Ectoheart displaying their entire sheet when used.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Sentries from being placed on platforms.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a server-side Calamity Mod configuration file would not be created.
  • Fixed Slime God Masks always dropping from The Slime God.
  • Fixed an issue with Snow Ruffian armor where it would not prevent fall damage if the player was not gliding when they reached the ground.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Spikecrag Staff's minion from attacking.
  • Fixed a rounding error when displaying total Stealth on the Stealth Bar.
  • Fixed grammar issues with the stealth strike descriptions of several rogue weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Sulphurous Sea world generation to attach to Sky Islands.
  • Fixed certain accessories and ammunition triggering the summoner multi-class nerf.
  • Fixed Sunken Crate giving Hardmode Giant Clam weapon drops earlier than intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Super Dummy inheriting the AI of nearby enemies while in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Supreme Calamitas not dropping developer weapons, Vehemence, Brimstone Jewel, and Levi per player in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Tactical Plague Engine and Midnight Sun Beacon minions not teleporting to the player if too far.
  • Fixed rifle projectiles from Temporal Umbrella being incorrectly rotated.
  • Fixed Terra Shiv projectiles phasing through tiles at specific elevations.
  • Fixed The Transformer not reflecting and giving reduced damage to Storm Diver bullets as well as not giving reduced damage to Vortexian lightning.
  • Fixed Titanium Railgun shooting far ahead of the gun itself due to boosted bullet velocity.
  • Fixed several tooltip errors:
    • Corrected the error "breath" (breathe) in Effigy of Decay's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Fires a cosmic beam that home in" (homes) in Cosmic Shiv's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth strikes causes" (cause) in Bouncing Eyeball's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth strikes causes" (cause) in Epidemic Shredder's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth strikes creates" (create) in Celestial Reaper's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth strikes makes" (make) in Enchanted Axe's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth strikes makes" (make) in Sky Stabber's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth Strikes makes" (strikes, cause) in Metal Monstrosity's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth Strikes makes" (strikes, make) in Meteor Fist's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth Strikes makes" (strikes, make) in Penumbra's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth Strikes makes" (strikes, make) in Crystalline's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth Strikes makes" (strikes, make) in Wulfrum Knife's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth strikes releases" (release) in Blazing Star's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth strikes spawns" (spawn) in Bloodsoaked Crasher's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth strikes throws" (throw) in Dune Hopper's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "Stealth strikes throws" (throw) in Frostcrush Valari's tooltip.
    • Corrected the error "The bulwark killed" (The bulwark is killed) in Relic of Resilience's tooltip.
    • Corrected the tooltip of Cosmic Bolter and Lunarian Bow to represent its current function.
    • Filled in the error "a variety deadly spheres" (a variety of deadly spheres) in Defective Sphere's tooltip.
    • Filled in the error "summons localized storm" (summons a localized storm) in God's Paranoia's tooltip.
    • Fixed Scarf Boost tooltip displaying an incorrect melee speed boost.
    • Fixed Rusty Beacon Prototype's tooltip erroneously stating it inflicts multiple debuffs when it only inflicts Irradiated.
    • Shortened Heavenfallen Stardisk's tooltip from "Stealth strikes spawn astral energy bolts from the sky as it flies" to "Stealth strikes rain astral energy bolts from the sky", fixing the grammatical error.
    • Shortened Sandslasher's tooltip from "Stealth strikes makes the shuriken release sand clouds as it travels" to "Stealth strikes periodically release sand clouds", fixing the grammatical error.
    • Shortened Lead Tomahawk and Iron Francisca tooltips from "Stealth strikes makes the tomahawks/franciscas pierce infinitely/have infinite piercing" to "Stealth strikes pierce infinitely", fixing the grammatical error and inconsistency.
    • Updated the Penumbra buff's tooltip to represent its current function.
    • The Absorber, Aero Stone, Bat Wings, Fin Wings, Grand Gelatin, Hadarian Wings, Heart of the Elements, Mothron Wings, Skyline Wings, The Sponge, and Vital Jelly now accurately display their real jump speed boost which was previously exaggerated by 5x.
  • Fixed Town NPC names constantly reloading when entering a world.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could be killed by True Eyes of Cthulhu during Moon Lord's death animation in Revengeance Mode.
  • Fixed Twinkler not spawning from Firefly Statue in the Astral Infection.
  • Fixed Umbraphile armor explosions being able to proc on themselves.
  • Fixed Unholy Cores dropping from Brimstone Crate after defeating all three Mechanical Bosses rather than after Brimstone Elemental.
  • Fixed Utensil Poker firing too many butcher knives on stealth strikes.
  • Fixed an incorrect Victide armor set bonus tooltip.
  • Fixed Wall of Flesh eyes not receiving the debuff icon display.
  • Fixed Wall of Flesh eyes not being able to be targeted by weapons that prioritize boss entities.
  • Fixed Wrath of the Ancients, Magnetic Meltdown, Void Vortex, and Voltaic Climax projectiles interfering with enemy immunity frames.


  • Removed the green variant of Aquatic Heart.
  • Removed Heart Rapier.
  • Removed the Underworld Shrine structure.
  • Removed the Ice Tomb structure.
  • Removed the 'A bloody red inferno lingers in the night...' status message when defeating Wall of Flesh.
  • Removed Rusty Lockpick, all Rusty Chests are now unlocked by default.