Sulphurous Sea

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Sulphuric Water Poison Meter.gif
Sulphuric Water Poison Meter
The Sulphurous Sea biome, as viewed on the map in a large world.

Bestiary Sulphurous Sea.png "This seaside has never been pleasant, though it has seen far better days." Bestiary Sulphurous Sea.png

The Sulphurous Sea, also known as the Sulphur Sea, is a biome added by the Calamity Mod which spawns upon world creation. It replaces the Ocean on the Dungeon side, and is located on top of the Abyss.

Its rough shoreline is primarily composed of Sulphurous Sand, often generating with various small uneven pools of water. The surface sands also grow dozens of Acidwood Trees. The main body of water in the middle of the biome contains a large central hole, which leads into the Abyss. On the other side of the main sea, a large island is generated which extends towards the edge of the world. The surface and the underside of the island contain a high concentration of sulphurous pots, which contain Sulphuric Treasures.

Under the surface, the Sulphurous Sea consists of various narrow pathways and corroded caverns, and occasionally containing small pockets of air. Certain caves have thick partial or full outlines covered with Sulphurous Sandstone. Large columns connect the cave areas, which players can freely pass through and break instantly. Additionally, a mixture of Sulphurous Sand Walls and Sulphurous Sandstone Walls fill the lower Sulphurous Sea.

In lower sections of the sea, stalactites and stalagmites begin to form within caves, and Hardened Sulphurous Sandstones replace Sulphurous Sand as the primary blocks within the lower sea. Steam Geysers also generate on the sea floor, releasing damaging clouds of steam while close to the player. At the bottom of the sea, piles of scraps can be found which contain Laboratory furniture, Rusted Pipes, Rusted Platings, Rusted Plate Pillars, and rarely Wooden Crates buried in gray-painted Sulphurous Sand.

Rusty Chests also generate within the lower areas of the biome, which contain unique loot. Each of the Rusty Chests have pre-determined loot and rough location. One chest contains the Effigy of Decay, which can be found inside the Sulphurous Sand within the depths of the island. Another chest contains the Broken Water Filter, which can be found in the upper, open air pockets of the sea. In contrast, the chest that contains the Rusty Medallion can be found at the bottom of the sea. Lastly, a chest containing Rusty Beacon Prototype can be found near one of the scrap piles.

While the player is submerged in Sulphurous Sea WaterSulphurous Sea Water, a poison meter fills up over the duration of 12 seconds. When full, the meter resets and damages the player for 25% of their health, with a maximum limit of 150, and is able to be reduced by defense. As the player unsubmerges, the meter drops down, taking 2.5 seconds to fully recover from a full meter to zero. Sulphurous armor and Sulphurskin Potions each halve the build-up rate of the poison meter, while the Abyssal Diving Suit and Effigy of Decay both completely prevent the poison meter from building up.

While submerged in water, damaging Sulphuric Acid BubbleSulphuric Acid Bubbles frequently rise from the Sulphurous Sand on the ground that are not covered by other blocks. These bubbles can't hurt the player until they have fully materialized. They deal 40 / 80 Expert Mode / 120 Master Mode damage to the player on hit and inflict Irradiated for 2 seconds. Sulphurous Sand, Sulphurous Sandstone, and Hardened Sulphurous Sandstone can also grow harmless Sulphurous Vines from the cavern ceilings, which emit strong bright green glow.

The Acid Rain event can start in this biome at any time after the Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated. Acid Rain will cause numerous new enemies to spawn throughout the game at multiple points of progression, many of which have new drops.

The Aquatic Scourge boss can very rarely spawn naturally or can be manually summoned here by using Seafood, and The Old Duke boss can naturally spawn from the final tier of the Acid Rain or can be manually summoned here by using Bloodworms as bait when fishing.



While fishing in the Sulphurous Sea, the player can obtain most of Ocean's default fishing catches or the following unique catches:


Map Background Sulphurous Sea.png
Bestiary and Map Background.
  • The Sulphurous Sea biome is defined by world position rather than the blocks present, meaning that a Dungeon-side Ocean initially generated without Calamity installed will still be considered as a Sulphurous Sea, and contain all of its enemies and effects. An artificial Sulphurous Sea can also be created by using Sulphurous Sand.
  • Microbial Clusters can also be found in the Sulphurous Sea. They are passive NPCs that spawn at any point in the game, and move around in random directions. They are invisible but emit particles which glow a bright green light.


  • This area is very dangerous for early game players, as it houses several fast high-damage enemies, like the Trasher, and the area's poisonous water will quickly drain an unprepared player's health.
  • NPCs housed in the biome will act as if they are housed in the Forest Biome and Ocean Biome in regards to NPC Happiness


  • The theme heard while in the Sulphurous Sea is wasteland, which was composed by the artist DM DOKURO.
    • If the Calamity Music add-on mod is disabled, the Desert's theme will play instead.
  • The theme heard while in the Sulphurous Sea during nighttime is caustic tides, which was composed by the artist Heart Plus Up!. It is one of the few themes that was originally created for the Vanilla Calamity Mod Music mod, before being added into the Calamity Mod proper.
  • The turquoise coloration of the water is representative of real life volcanic sulfuric lakes.
  • Due to the urine-like coloration of the biome's water in previous versions of the mod, this biome has been known by the community as the "piss sea" or "piss ocean".
    • Though in the get fixed boi seed, the water changes to a Yellow Sulphurous Sea Water.png yellow color, referencing its earlier incarnation.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Added new visual effects for sky and water.
    • Open water section is now a bit larger.
    • The Sulphuric Water poison meter now immediately disappears upon leaving the biome.
    • Resprited Bestiary icons.
    • The shore now contains more Acidwood Trees.
    • Smoothened and expanded the shore extension.
    • Islands now feature sharper curves.
    • Islands and caves now have significantly rougher terrain, having no defined shape instead of large, connected elliptical chambers.
    • Upper caves can now occasionally have air pockets.
    • Rough two-way tunnels now occasionally cut through the blocks.
    • Reduced the amount of cave outlines generated.
    • Sulphur columns now connect between longer distances and break into fewer gores when broken.
    • Sulphuric bubbles which appear from the water no longer move slower underwater.
    • Sulphurous Vines now grow significantly less often.
    • Water in the biome now fills a meter over 12 seconds which damages the player when it is full, instead of inflicting constant Sulphuric Poisoning.
  • Fixed an out of bounds error involving the world generation.
  • Fixed a rare issue with Scrap piles that caused the game to crash.
    • Fixed a rare issue with vines that caused the game to crash.
    • Fixed Rib background object's sprite sheet error.
    • Added scrap piles to world generation.
    • Player-made biomes now require 300 biome tiles instead of 30.
    • Fixed an issue with stalactites that generate in it would disconnect or cut off.
    • Redesigned to generate more smoothly and make the transition between it and the Abyss cleaner.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Living Trees to be spawned in.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Pumpkins to spawn in.
  • Fixed a bug that caused world generation to be flat.
    • Pots now solely drop Sulphuric Treasure.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented naturally generating Abyss Gravel Walls from being placed.
    • Fixed an issue that caused world generation to attach to sky islands.
    • Introduced naturally-generated Locked Rusty Chests, ambient objects, Microbial Clusters and Sulphurous Vines.
    • Toxic Bubbles no longer appear while a boss is alive.
    • Changed world generation to include islands.
    • Fixed it floating above the surface layer.
  • Pots can now drop Triumph Potions.
  • Water now inflicts Sulphuric Poisoning instead of Poisoned.
    • Water is now turquoise instead of yellow.
    • Resprited background and waters.
  • Enemies with below 2000 health no longer gain 15% increased health and 25% increased damage while it is raining.
  • The water now takes 3x longer to lower the player's life regeneration.
  • Introduced a unique map background.
    • Smoothened generation.
    • Pots now have a custom look when broken.
    • Now uses wasteland as its theme.
    • The tunnel between it and the Abyss is now longer.
    • Fixed a bug where sulphuric bubbles would crash the game if a player touched one and had some form of invincibility from another mod.