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High above even the sky islands upheaved long ago lies a fascinating geological phenomenon.

Low Orbit Study Log

Planetoids are structures added by the Calamity Mod that are created in the Space layer during world generation. They are floating spheres of blocks with varying sizes and materials, often containing valuable loot. There are 6 different types of planetoids: the Main Planetoid, Life Crystal Planetoids, Ore Planetoids, Jungle Planetoids, Beehive Planetoids, and Mushroom Planetoids.

After defeating the Moon Lord, a few new planetoids made entirely of Exodium Clusters and Luminite will generate, with two distinct variants; one with the middle filled with Luminite with a crust of Exodium Clusters and/or a planetoid with Exodium Clusters making up most of the planetoid with sections filled with Luminite along with small outcrops of Exodium Clusters on the surface.

Most planetoids are generated within the middle 3rd of the map. They become increasingly less common as the map spans towards the outer edges.

On the For the worthy seed, all Stone Blocks on every Planetoid except for Life Crystal Planetoids are replaced with a checker pattern of Spikes and Wooden Spikes and liquids are replaced with Lava.

Main Planetoid

The Main Planetoid will always be located around the center of the map. It is the largest of the planetoids, and the size of the planetoid scales with the map size. At the center, there is a unique Space Bio-center Lab, containing the schematic used to craft the second tier of Draedon's arsenal and decrypt the third schematic.

Main Planetoid.png

Life Crystal Planetoids

Life Crystal Planetoids are the smallest and most common of the planetoids and are made of stone that is covered in a random type of moss. They will always contain a Life Crystal encased in either Platinum Brick or Gold Brick and will typically contain a cluster of Amethyst or Topaz; however, there is a small chance that a gem cluster will not be generated. On the For the worthy seed, the bricks are replaced with Hellstone Bricks.

Ore Planetoids

Ore Planetoids are large planetoids containing streaks of a Pre-Hardmode Ore. The ore will always be the counterpart to one of the Pre-Hardmode ores generated in its world (for instance, if the world generated with Copper, a planetoid would contain Tin). On the For the worthy seed, ores are replaced with smaller veins of Hardmode ores such as Cobalt Ore. They occasionally have a campfire and a tent on top of them or a pyramid-like structure (comparable to an Enchanted Sword Shrine) constructed of Stone Slabs with Shadewood Lamps on either side.

Jungle Planetoids

Jungle Planetoids are average sized planetoids made of mud and Jungle grass. They always contain a pool of water in the center with an accompanying Water Chest, and can generate with Jungle Trees on top of them.

Beehive Planetoids

Beehive Planetoids are very similar to Jungle Planetoids, as they are both made of mud and Jungle grass and are around the same size. The Beehive Planetoid, however, will contain a Bee Hive with some honey and a Honey Chest. Like Jungle Planetoids, Jungle Trees can generate on top of Beehive Planetoids.

Mushroom Planetoids

Mushroom Planetoids are uncommon, average sized planetoids composed of mud and Mushroom grass.

Mushroom Planetoid.png



  • Because the main planetoid is always close to the center of the map, the player can easily find and reach it at the start of the game by building a line of ropes up from their spawn point. This allows them to acquire a large amount of herbs for brewing potions in the early game, including fireblossom, which would otherwise require reaching the Underworld.
  • Like with Floating Islands, Gravitation Potions are an extremely useful asset in locating Planetoids.
  • Having a Mushroom Planetoid in your world is also very useful, as it allows Crabulon to be fought before finding the Glowing Mushroom biome underground and allows the Truffle to be acquired easily.


  • A concept theme for the Planetoids has been made by DM DOKURO, known as Blessing of the Moon, but it is not intended to be a part of the mod.
  • A small Planetoid is depicted in the Space's Draedon's Log.
  • The Cinderplate in the center of the Main Planetoid is based off of the core of the Earth.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Increased the horizontal area of the world in which Planetoids can spawn.
    • Increased how many Luminite Planetoids are generated, but they are now smaller.
    • Grass Planetoids no longer generate with Silver Ore, Tungsten Ore, Gold Ore, or Platinum Ore. This also applies to its for the worthy counterparts, Mythril Ore, Orichalcum Ore, Adamantite Ore, or Titanium Ore. Increased the amount generated by 46.67% (rounded down for each world size).
    • Life Crystal Planetoids no longer generate with Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, or Diamond. Decreased the amount generated by 53.33% (rounded down for each world size).
    • Increased amount of Luminite Planetoids generated by 1 at a minimum and an additional 180% (rounded down for each world size), and it now has a larger generation range.
    • Mud Planetoids no longer contain Silver Bar, Tungsten Bar, Gold Bar, or Platinum Bar in chest loot. They instead contain Copper Bars, Tin Bars, Iron Bars or Lead Bars. Increased the amount generated by 10% (rounded down for each world size).
    • Fixed Luminite Planetoids not generating properly.
  • Now spawns with random pockets of Lava inside of them on the "For the worthy" world seed.
  • Replaced the Queen Bee larva in Hive Planetoids with a Honey Chest.
  • Fixed Planetoids causing incompatibility with mods and tools that increase world sizes above large.
  • Replaced the Alchemy Table in the Main Planetoid with a Chest containing various Planter Boxes.