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For the vanilla Jungle Shrine, see here.

Shrines are structures generated at world creation in certain areas of the world. The Calamity Mod currently adds 9 types of shrines, each generating within a different biome. These include the Surface/Underground, Desert, Snow, Granite Cave, Marble Cave, Corruption, Crimson, Glowing Mushroom biome, and Abyss. Each shrine has a unique visual design and structure, and contains a chest which holds a special item depending on the shrine type, alongside normal chest loot.



Underground Desert

Snow biome

Marble Cave

Marble Shrine.png
Unique Treasures

Granite Cave

Glowing Mushroom biome




Abyss Shrine.png
Unique Treasures


  • The Underground Shrine uses a similar shape as the Enchanted Sword Shrine. Just like the Enchanted Sword Shrine, it will also have a 1-tile wide shaft extending up to the surface, making it easier to find than the other shrines.
  • The Desert Shrine is based on Luxor's Gift, the shrine's main item.
  • The Glowing Mushroom Shrine is based on the Fungal Symbiote, the shrine's main item.
  • The Crimson Shrine is based on one of the large skeletons found within one of the Crimson's backgrounds.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • All Shrines now receive changes in the Get fixed boi seed:
      • All Shrines except Surface Shrine have their normal potions replaced with Red Potions.
      • Corruption, Crimson, Desert, and Mushroom Shrines no longer contain Healing Potions.
      • Corruption Shrine now contains either Stress Pills, Laudanum, or Heart of Darkness, and a Gas Trap.
      • Crimson Shrine now contains 2-3 Bloody Marys and a Gas Trap.
      • Desert Shrine now contains Spelunker's Amulet, and additionally contains either a Wedge Golf Club, a Worn Wedge Golf Club, or a Gas Trap.
      • Granite and Marble Shrines now generate in the opposite biome, and have a chance to contain a Gas Trap instead of 7-15 Granite or Marble Blocks.
      • Ice Shrine now contains Eggnog instead of Healing Potions, contains 200-349 Delicious Meat, and now has a chance to contain a Gas Trap instead of a Marshmallow.
      • Mushroom Shrine now contains 2-3 Odd Mushrooms and a Gas Trap. Decreased amount of Mushroom Torches from 100-110 to 50-60, and Gold Coins from 20-24 to 4-6.
      • Surface Shrine now contains Sake instead of its normal potion, and Restoration Potions instead of Lesser Healing Potions.
    • Fixed Corruption and Crimson shrines failing to generate and increased their placement range.
    • Fixed Mushroom shrines not generating properly in the Get fixed boi seed.
    • Decreased the depth range in which the Corruption Shrine can spawn in.
    • Mushroom Shrine chest now contains Mushroom Torches.
    • The Corruption and The Crimson biome shrines now have a larger generation range.
    • Desert and Glowing Mushroom biome shrines now contain Shine Potions instead of Spelunker Potions.
    • Changed the Surface shrine chest loot:
      • Now contains 12-15 Pink Gel instead of 24-28.
      • Now contains 50-60 Torches instead of 100-110.
      • Now contains 4-6 Gold Coins instead of 20-24.
      • Now contains Lesser Healing Potions instead of Healing Potions.
      • Now contains Recall Potions instead of Teleportation Potions.
    • Surface Shrine no longer generates within the inner 20% of the world horizontally.
    • Fixed the Corruption and Crimson shrines occasionally not generating properly.
    • All Shrines were entirely redesigned.
    • The Abyss Shrine now has a Void Chest instead of a Locked Shadow Chest.
    • The Corruption Shrine now has a Lesion Chest instead of a Shadow Chest.
    • The Desert Shrine now has a Sandstone Chest instead of a Steampunk Chest.
    • Replaced the Cavern Shrine with the Cavern Bio-center Lab, which contains a breakable Onyx Excavator that drops the Onyx Excavator Key.
  • Now have an increased chance to spawn on world generation.
  • The floors can no longer generate sloped.
    • Replaced most Shrine items:
      • Replaced Tiger Climbing Gear in the Surface Shrine with Trinket of Chi.
      • Replaced Sun Stone in the Desert Shrine with Luxor's Gift.
      • Replaced Magic Cuffs in the Snow Shrine with Tundra Leash.
      • Replaced Cross Necklace in the Marble Shrine with Gladiator's Locket.
      • Replaced Star Cloak in the Granite Shrine with Unstable Prism.
      • Replaced Papyrus Scarab in the Mushroom Shrine with Fungal Symbiote.
      • Replaced Putrid Scent in the Corruption Shrine with Corruption Effigy.
      • Replaced Flesh Knuckles in the Crimson Shrine with Crimson Effigy.
      • Replaced Lava Waders in the Cavern Shrine with Onyx Excavator Key.