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Voidstone is a block that generates in the bottom layer of the Abyss. It requires at least an Adamantite, Titanium, or Shardlight Pickaxe to mine. Enemies found in the lower layers of the Abyss will also drop Voidstone on death. It cannot be destroyed with explosives.



Crafting Station
Work BenchWork Bench
Voidstone WallVoidstone Wall4

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  • Voidstone has a hit point of 1500% pickaxe power, three times as much as Abyss Gravel and Chlorophyte Ore, the second most durable blocks.
    • As such, it takes nine hits to break with an Adamantite Pickaxe, and eight hits to break with a Pickaxe Axe.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Disabled custom tile merging behavior to prevent performance issues.
  • Increased pickaxe resistance from 10 to 15.
    • Can now merge with Dirt and Stone Blocks.
    • Can now be used to place ambient objects with the Rubblemaker.
    • Added new mining sounds.
    • Resprited it and tile.
  • Changed map color from #0A0A0A ● to #0F0F0F ●.
  • Can no longer be blown up by explosives.
  • Decreased pickaxe power requirement from 190% to 180%.
  • Increased pickaxe power requirement from 189% to 190%.
  • Fixed some tile drawing errors with placed item on certain lighting modes.
  • Fixed it growing Lumenyl incorrectly.
  • Now grows Lumenyl after defeating Calamitas or Plantera.