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"Rare Variants, Lore, and Shrines"
Release date May 26, 2019
Music Mod version (music)
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The update added a new set of items known as Rare item variants that drop rarely from certain bosses and enemies. The update also added new and unique items to all of the mod's Shrines that had previously used vanilla items. The update is also notable for reworking Jungle Dragon, Yharon's second phase, and adding Lore items for most of the bosses that didn't have any, and giving said lore items functional effects.







Buffs and Debuffs


  • Added Boss Health Percentage Boost, Boss Rush Accessory Curse, Boss Rush Health Curse, Boss Rush Dash Curse, Boss Rush Xeroc Curse, and Boss Rush Immunity Frame Curse Configuration options.
  • Added Piggy.



  • Lore items now drop for all players in multiplayer.
  • Boss Rush now disables Wings during certain fights.

Astrum Aureus

  • Buffed health from 63,750 / 102,000 Expert Mode / 130,080 Revengeance Mode / 201,760 Death Mode to 80,000 / 128,000 Expert Mode / 163,200 Revengeance Mode / 252,800 Death Mode, and damage reduction from 10% to 15%.

Astrum Deus

  • Mines now don't hurt the player for 1.67 seconds upon spawning, and they now pierce through players.
  • Body segments now take 66% damage from Atlantis and Terra Flameburster.
  • Flying Astrum Deus Probe now uses astral hit sounds instead of NPCHit4.

Brimstone Elemental

  • Buffed post-Providence defense from 20 to 120.
  • Brimling now has a slightly longer delay after teleporting before it can fire.


  • Phase 2 now spawns Life Seekers gradually during her Soul Seeker phase instead of spawning a horde of Life Seekers when reaching 45% health.
  • Split lasers can now briefly pass through tiles.
  • Soul Seeker is no longer immune to Cursed Inferno.


  • Buffed health from 1800 / 2880 Expert Mode / 4224 Revengeance Mode to 3000 / 4800 Expert Mode / 6400 Revengeance Mode.


Desert Scourge

  • Now drops Scourge of the Desert in all difficulty modes instead of Revengeance Mode and higher.
  • Desert Scourge and its smaller scourges are now immune to Exo Freeze.

The Destroyer

  • Revengeance Mode lasers can no longer go through blocks.

The Devourer of Gods

  • Buffed phase 2's health from 850,000 / 1,320,000 Expert Mode / 1,500,000 Revengeance Mode / 2,448,000 Death Mode to 1,650,000 / 2,640,000 Expert Mode / 3,000,000 Revengeance Mode / 4,896,000 Death Mode, and Boss Rush health from 4,600,000 / 7,360,000 Expert Mode / 8,000,000 Death Mode to 9,200,000 / 14,720,000 Expert Mode / 16,000,000 Death Mode.
  • Head and tail now take 25% damage from all hits instead of 12.5%.
  • Phase 1's body now multiplies damage taken by 0.075 instead of 0.08.
  • Phase 2's body now multiplies damage taken by 0.045 / 0.03 Death Mode instead of 0.015 / 0.01 Death Mode.
  • Phase 2's body no longer takes 10% damage from any damage that would normally be under 5001.
  • Phase 2's tail no longer takes 20% damage from any damage that would normally be under 50,001.
  • Both phases' body segments no longer specifically resist Stardust Dragon Staff's Stardust Dragon, Sulphuric Acid Cannon's mist, and all non-minion piercing projectiles.
  • Head now has an immunity frame cooldown slot of 1.
  • Body and tail now have an immunity frame cooldown slot of 0 instead of 1.
  • Cosmic Guardian changes:
    • Body now takes 50% damage from all sources instead of 66%.
    • Head now has an immunity frame cooldown slot of 1.
    • No longer has immunity to any damage that would take over 50% of its health.

Duke Fishron

  • Sharknadoes and Cthulhunadoes now don't hurt the player for a bit upon spawning.

Jungle Dragon, Yharon

  • Nerfed fireball Detonating Flame health from 15,000 / 30,000 Expert Mode to 10,000 / 20,000 Expert Mode.
  • Nerfed melee Detonating Flame health from 20,000 / 40,000 Expert Mode to 13,000 / 26,000 Expert Mode.
  • Reworked phase 2:
    • No longer spawns an Angery Flame.
    • Now spawns more Detonating Flames instead of Bumblebirbs.
    • Fireballs now last thrice as long, but can no longer damage the player for a short period after spawning.
    • Phase 2 is now more oriented around Yharon progressively gaining the ability to perform fast charges and the ability to teleport throughout his subphases.
    • Yharon now deals 25% more contact damage in subphase 8.
  • Changed health thresholds for second phase's subphases:
    • Subphase 6 now begins at 75% / 85% Expert Mode / 95% Revengeance Mode health instead of 66%.
    • Subphase 7 now begins at 50% / 60% Expert Mode / 70% Revengeance Mode health instead of 33%.
    • Subphase 8 now begins at 5% / 10% Expert Mode / 15% Revengeance Mode health instead of 4%.
  • Infernadoes are now smaller, but last for twice as long.
  • The Devourer of Gods and Providence, the Profaned Goddess are no longer required to be defeated in order to fight Yharon's second phase.

Lunatic Cultist

Moon Lord

  • Now teleports more frequently based on player distance in Revengeance Mode.
  • No longer fires bolts from empty eye sockets in Revengeance Mode.
  • Can now drop Celestial Onion in Normal Mode instead of only Expert Mode and higher.

The Perforators

  • Buffed The Perforator Hive's health from 2500 / 4000 Expert Mode / 5750 Revengeance Mode / 8049 Death Mode to 3750 / 6000 Expert Mode / 8640 Revengeance Mode / 12,160 Death Mode, and Boss Rush health from 1,800,000 / 2,880,000 Expert Mode / 3,200,000 Death Mode to 2,700,000 / 4,320,000 Expert Mode / 4,800,000 Death Mode.
  • Nerfed the small Perforator's health from 2000 / 2800 Expert Mode to 1250 / 1750 Expert Mode, and Boss Rush health from 600,000 / 840,000 Expert Mode / 1,120,000 Death Mode to 500,000 / 700,000 Expert Mode / 840,000 Death Mode.
  • Nerfed the medium Perforator's health from 3000 / 4200 Expert Mode to 2000 / 2800 Expert Mode, and Boss Rush health from 900,000 / 1,260,000 Expert Mode / 1,540,000 Death Mode to 700,000 / 980,000 Expert Mode / 1,260,000 Death Mode.
  • Nerfed the large Perforator's health from 3500 / 4900 Expert Mode to 2500 / 3500 Expert Mode, and Boss Rush health from 1,200,000 / 1,680,000 Expert Mode / 2,100,000 Death Mode to 800,000 / 1,120,000 Expert Mode / 1,400,000 Death Mode.


  • Decreased first phase's speed.
  • Phantom shots now despawn quicker but are faster.

Providence, the Profaned Goddess

  • Now heals more quickly the more guardians there are alive.
  • Molten Blobs are now larger.

Signus, Envoy of the Devourer

  • Buffed contact damage from 150 / 240 Expert Mode to 175 / 280 Expert Mode.
  • Buffed Cosmic Lantern's health from 100 / 200 Expert Mode to 110 / 220 Expert Mode, but they can no longer hit the player while transparent.

Storm Weaver

  • Now immune to Cursed Inferno.
  • Now enrages when brought out of space.

Supreme Calamitas

  • Now looks at the player and loses contact damage during brother phase.
  • No longer forces all damage taken to be at least 300.
  • Gigablasts and Fireblasts now pass through tiles briefly.
  • Sepulcher now deletes any projectiles that touch it.
  • Soul Seekers are no longer immune to Cursed Inferno.
  • Brothers changes:
    • Buffed both brothers' healths from 600,000 / 1,200,000 Expert Mode / 1,400,000 Revengeance Mode / 1,000,000 Death Mode to 1,200,000 / 2,400,000 Expert Mode / 2,800,000 Revengeance Mode / 2,000,000 Death Mode.
    • When one brother is defeated, the other will now enrage and gain a new attack where he creates an explosion of Brimstone Barrages.
    • Now have much smoother movement.
    • Now take 50% damage from Yharon's Kindle Staff's Sons of Yharon, and 33% damage from Apotheosis.
    • Now have an anti-butcher where they take 0 damage from any damage that would take over 50% of their health.
    • Now have specialized resistance to Ichor and Cursed Inferno.
    • Increased distances from the player.


  • Changed some damage reduction values:
    • Clam now drops 8-12 Navystone.
    • Cloud Elemental now gains increased stats after defeating Providence.
    • Increased Cryon's chance to drop an Essence of Eleum from 33% to 50%.
    • Dune Splicer can now drop Terra-cotta with a 6.67% / 10% Expert Mode chance after defeating Plantera.
    • Earth Elemental, Impious Immolator, and Scorn Eater are no longer immune to Cursed Inferno.
    • Eidolist can no longer spawn in layer 4 of the Abyss.
    • The adult Eidolon Wyrm now has an immunity frame cooldown slot of 1.
    • Giant Clam changes:
      • Can no longer despawn if the player is at least somewhat close to it.
      • Now immune to all debuffs except for Ichor and Cursed Inferno.
      • Shell rims now glow when closed.
      • Now drops 25-35 Navystone.
    • Increased Gulper Eel's aggro range.
    • Increased Ice Clasper's chance to drop an Essence of Eleum from 50% to 100%.
    • Ice Golem is now more aggressive in Revengeance Mode and drops Essence of Eleum.
    • Irradiated Slime changes:
      • Nerfed health from 3000 / 6000 Expert Mode to 300 / 600 Expert Mode, and damage from 500 / 1000 Expert Mode to 50 / 100 Expert Mode.
      • Decreased minimum coin drop count from 30 Silver Coin to 5 Silver Coin.
      • Now spawns at any point in the game instead of only after defeating Moon Lord.
      • Now produces light.
      • Now has gores.
    • Lihzahrd now transforms into phase 2 at 90% health in Revengeance Mode.
    • Martian Saucer no longer counts as a boss.
    • Mimic, Present Mimic, Sand Elemental, Reaper, and Wraith no longer take any knockback in Revengeance Mode.
    • Increased the spawn rate for Stormlion.
    • Tomb Crawler now has 40% less health in pre-Hardmode, and can now drop Burnt Sienna with a 6.67% / 10% Expert Mode chance.



    • Spears and flails now count as true melee damage.
    • Nerfed Absolute Zero's damage from 51 to 42, but projectile now deals 100% base damage instead of 33.33%.
    • Abyss Blade changes:
      • Buffed damage from 100 to 110, but nerfed shot speed from 19 to 9.
      • Orbs now last 0.5 seconds instead of 5, and explode on death.
      • Added that it fires water orbs to its tooltip.
    • Aether's Whisper's tooltip no longer mentions that its beam deals more damage with range.
    • Buffed Alluvion's damage from 45 to 90, but water spouts now grant enemies 30 local immunity frames instead of 5.
    • Anarchy Blade's on hit explosions now scale with melee damage instead of being multiplied by 0.75, and it can no longer instantly kill certain enemies.
    • Nerfed Axe of Purity's knockback from 7.5 to 5, it now fires Purification Powder when swung, and it now uses 20 Purification Powder in its recipe.
    • Bloody Rupture's orbs now pierce twice instead of once, and last 3 seconds instead of 3.33.
    • Brackish Flask's poisonous seawater now lasts shorter and produces less dust.
    • Buffed Brimlash Buster's random damage boost from 360 to 378, and normal damage from 120 to 126.
    • Burnt Sienna can no longer be crafted.
    • Buffed Cascade's damage from 27 to 36.
    • Caustic Edge now has a more descriptive tooltip, and it now inflicts Venom for 4 seconds.
    • Nerfed Chaotrix's damage from 150 to 110.
    • Coral Spout's corals now pierce 4 times instead of infinitely.
    • Elemental Disk now produces less dust.
    • Exoblade no longer uses Terra-cotta in its recipe.
    • Fulguration Halberd changes:
      • Buffed knockback from 4.5 to 5.
      • Now has a right click mode where it thrusts itself as a spear.
      • Now inflicts Burning Blood for 5 seconds.
    • Glacial Crusher changes:
      • Nerfed knockback from 6.5 to 5, and shot speed from 12 to 3.
      • True melee hits now deal 3x damage and knockback to enemies inflicted with Glacial State, and 2x damage and knockback to enemies immune to it.
      • Icebergs now pierce once instead of twice, inflict Glacial State longer and deal more damage to enemies depending on how far its traveled.
      • Icebergs now deal 2x damage to enemies immune to Glacial State.
    • Nerfed Inferna Cutter's knockback from 7.75 to 7, it now fires sparks when swung, and it now creates explosions on critical hits.
    • Leeching Dagger's orbs now pierce twice instead of once, and last 3 seconds instead of 3.33.
    • Light God's Brilliance now produces significantly more dust.
    • Magna Cannon's projectiles now grow slower, and have a smaller maximum size.
    • Buffed Mariana's damage from 75 to 90, and it now causes enemies to explode into water orbs on death instead of shooting water orbs.
    • Monsoon's water spouts now grant enemies 30 local immunity frames instead of 5.
    • Oblivion's lasers now deal 25% base damage instead of 50%.
    • Buffed Quagmire's damage from 43 to 52.
    • Nerfed Redtide Sword's damage from 23 to 20, but it now fires whirlpool projectiles.
    • Buffed Shimmerspark's damage from 32 to 36.
    • Terra-cotta can no longer be crafted, and explosions now trigger on enemy hits instead of enemy kills.
    • Nerfed Terra Blade's damage from 158 to 127.
    • Nerfed Terra Edge's damage from 152 to 112.
    • Nerfed Terra Lance's damage from 100 to 88.
    • Buffed Terra Ray's damage from 70 to 75.
    • Nerfed Terra Shiv's damage from 140 to 125.
    • Each Terror Blade beam can now only explode on enemies once.
    • Nerfed True Ark of the Ancients' damage from 85 to 60.
    • Buffed True Biome Blade's damage from 94 to 160.
    • True melee True Caustic Edge hits now inflict Poisoned for 10 seconds and now inflict Venom for 5 seconds instead of 3.
    • Critical hits with Waraxe now inflict War Cleave.
    • Critical hits with Warblade now inflict War Cleave.
    • Nerfed Wind Blade's damage from 29 to 27, and it now fires tornadoes that suck in enemies.
    • Buffed Xeroc Pitchfork's damage from 180 to 360, but it now deals 50% less damage each time it pierces.


    • The Abyss' bleeding effect now becomes more potent in each layer.
    • Changed Afflicted's description from "Rage is power" to "Empowered by otherworldly spirits".
    • Buffed the Archmage's health from 250 to 20,000, and nerfed knockback resistance from 50% to 20%.
    • The Arms Dealer no longer sells Explosive Shotgun Shell, Grenade Shell, and Magnum Round.
    • Burning Blood can now be inflicted on enemies.
    • Chaotic Ore, Charred Ore, Cryonic Ore, Perennial Ore, and Uelibloom Ore now always show up on the Metal Detector instead of not showing up until Hardmode.
    • Buffed the Drunk Princess' health from 250 to 20,000.
    • The Drunk Princess now mentions three names in her donor quote, and added the names, "Luis Arguello", "Alexander Davis", "BakaQing", "Laura Coonrod", "Xaphlactus", "MajinBagel", "Bendy", "Rando Calrissian", "Tails the Fox 92", "Bread", "Minty Candy", "Preston Card", "MovingTarget_086", "Shiro", "Chip", "Taylor Riverpaw", "ShotgunAngel", "Sandblast", "ThomasThePencil", "Aero (Aero#4599)", "GlitchOut", "Daawnz", "CrabBar", "Yatagarasu", "Jarod Isaac Gordon", "Zombieh", "MingWhy", and "Random Weeb" to her possible names mentioned.
    • Eutrophic Sand Wall now produces Water.
    • Increased Exodium Cluster's value on the Metal Detector.
    • Changed some enemy damage multipliers:
      • Post-Moon Lord Dungeon enemies now gain a flat 150 contact damage instead of 2.5x damage.
      • Post-Moon Lord Blood Moons now increase enemy contact damage by a flat 100 instead of 2x.
      • Post-Devourer of Gods Pumpkin and Frost Moons now increase enemy contact damage by a flat 200 instead of 2.5x.
      • Post-Yharon phase 1 Solar Eclipses now increase enemy contact damage by a flat 250 instead of 3.5x.
    • Enemies now spawn near towns by default in Expert Mode.
    • Added the name "Ben Shapiro" for the Guide.
    • Decreased multiplayer boss scaling values.
    • Mushy no longer specifies how much defense it gives.
    • Calamity ores are no longer blocked from generating in the center of the world.
    • Buffed the Sea King's health from 250 to 7500, defense from 15 to 25, and nerfed knockback resistance from 50% to 45%.
    • The Sea King and Stylist now have new quotes if the Drunk Princess is present.
    • Replaced most Shrine items:
      • Surface Shrine now has Trinket of Chi instead of Tiger Climbing Gear.
      • Desert Shrine now has Luxor's Gift instead of Sun Stone.
      • Snow Shrine now has Tundra Leash instead of Magic Cuffs.
      • Marble Shrine now has Gladiator's Locket instead of Cross Necklace.
      • Granite Shrine now has Unstable Prism instead of Star Cloak.
      • Mushroom Shrine now has Fungal Symbiote instead of Papyrus Scarab.
      • Corruption Shrine now has Corruption Effigy instead of Putrid Scent.
      • Crimson Shrine now has Crimson Effigy instead of Flesh Knuckles.
      • Cavern Shrine now has Onyx Excavator Key instead of Lava Waders.
    • Silva Invulnerability now cancels out if the player drops below 400 max health.
    • Enemies with under 2000 health no longer gain 15% increased health and 25% increased damage while its Raining at the Sulphurous Sea.
    • The Sunken Sea now generates before the Jungle Temple.
    • Town NPCs are no longer immune to Lovestruck and Stinky.




    • Removed Angery Flame and Yharon's Bumblebirb variant.
    • Removed Crimsaber.