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"Devourer of Gods additions"
Release date June 13, 2016
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The update reworked The Devourer of Gods and introduced multiple buffs, nerfs, and resprites.


  • All ores can no longer be destroyed by explosives.
  • All ores are now affected by the Spelunker Potion and items with similar effects.
  • Nebulous Core now has a tooltip describing its effects.
  • Deathwind can no longer pierce.
  • Buffed Greatbow of Turmoil damage from 42 to 49.
  • Buffed Nettleline Greatbow damage from 46 to 52.
  • All bosses now have map icons.
  • Desert Scourge changes:
    • Speed lowered.
    • Now cuts explosive damage in half.
  • The Devourer of Gods changes:
    • Projectiles now only fire based on the Devourer of Gods' health.
    • Speed increased.
    • Projectiles can now inflict Distorted while under 25% health.
    • Now fires lightning portals, similar to the ones spawned from the Lunatic Cultist.



  • Nebulous Core no longer stacks to 999.
  • Calamitas no longer has a chance to clone herself at daytime.