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"Adrenaline Burnout Update"
Release date August 22, 2018
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The update added a new mechanic to the Adrenaline Meter known as Adrenaline Burnout, and resprited several Buffs, items, and projectiles.



  • Renamed the Profaned Crag Lore item to Brimstone Crag.
  • Added the line "If you hit max adrenaline and don't use it within 5 seconds your adrenaline damage will drop gradually." to Revengeance's tooltip.


  • Adrenaline now has a burnout mechanic that causes the player to gradually lose adrenaline damage if they do not activate it after 5 seconds.



  • Fixed a sheeting error on Aerospec Helm.
  • Fixed a bug with map drawing after Calamity's world expansion.
  • Fixed a bug with large worlds being unable to load.