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Sea King Bandit Drunk Princess Archmage Brimstone Witch

The Calamity Mod adds five friendly NPCs to provide the player with a multitude of weapons and buffs in progression. These NPCs only move to the player's house once their requirements are met.



NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Sea King Sea King The player has defeated the Giant Clam. Sells a set of water-themed weapons and gear, provides helpful information, and grants the Amidias' Blessing buff. n/a Snap Clam
Bandit Bandit The player has defeated Skeletron and has at least 1 Platinum Coin in their inventory. Sells a variety of rogue weapons and equipment and has the ability to partially refund the player for their Goblin Tinkerer Reforge purchases. n/a Cinquedea


NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Drunk Princess Drunk Princess The player has Fabsol's Vodka in their inventory in Hardmode. Sells several alcoholic potions and candles which grant unique buffs and tallies the player's deaths. n/a Light Ray
Archmage Archmage Cryogen has been defeated. Sells a set of ice-themed weapons and gear. n/a Dark Ice

Post-Moon Lord

NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Brimstone Witch Brimstone Witch Supreme Witch, Calamitas has been defeated. Allows the player to enchant their weapons at a high cost, giving the weapons new abilities but with drawbacks. n/a Brimstone Hellblasts

Living preferences

The Princess is liked by all NPCs, and therefore is not put in every column for the sake of less clutter.

NPC Biome preference Neighbor preference
Likes/Loves Dislikes/Hates Loves Likes Dislikes Hates
Sea King Sea King Likes OceanOcean Dislikes DesertDesert None PiratePirate DemolitionistDemolitionist AnglerAngler
Bandit Bandit Likes DesertDesert Dislikes JungleJungle None Goblin TinkererGoblin Tinkerer DryadDryad None
Drunk Princess Drunk Princess Loves The HallowThe Hallow
Likes OceanOcean
Dislikes DesertDesert
Hates UndergroundUnderground
Party GirlParty Girl
Tax CollectorTax Collector
Goblin TinkererGoblin Tinkerer
Archmage Archmage Likes SnowSnow Dislikes DesertDesert None WizardWizard CyborgCyborg None
Brimstone Witch Brimstone Witch Likes ForestForest Dislikes Brimstone CragBrimstone Crag None ClothierClothier Party GirlParty Girl None

Vanilla Changes

Nurse Price Scaling

In Revengeance Mode, the price of the Nurse's healing scales with progression in the game. The price for healing will also be multiplied by 5 if any bosses are alive. In Death Mode, the Nurse will completely refuse to heal the player if a boss is currently alive.

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Reforge System Rework

If the Remove Reforge RNG configuration option is enabled, the Goblin Tinkerer's reforge system will be entirely reworked:

  • All modifiers are grouped into categories that consist of 6 tiers, categories are determined by weapon damage type and ability to receive certain modifiers over others.
  • Each time the player reforges an item, the tier gets higher until tier 6 is reached. Reforging an item past the max tier will give the max tier modifier forever.
    • Rolling an item to tier 0 will grant a random modifier that weapon can receive.
  • Modifiers get progressively more powerful the higher the tier. Rolling an item to tier 6 will always grant the best modifier possible for its category (For example, if the Crystalline is currently at tier 5, its next reforge would grant it the Flawless modifier).
  • Weapons can no longer receive negative modifiers when reforging.
  • If an accessory has the highest tier modifier it can obtain, only the highest tier modifier can be rolled if that item is reforged (For example, if the Coin of Deceit currently has the Silent modifier, its next reforge has the potential to roll the Lucky modifier, but can not roll the Spiked modifier).
  • All weapons can now receive their class type's best modifier except for Flails, Spears, and Yoyos. Weapons that have no knockback cannot gain knockback increasing modifier bonuses. Ranged weapons that have a use time lower than 6 will not receive any speed-adjusting modifier bonuses. Mage weapons that have a mana cost lower than 5 will not receive any mana cost decreasing modifier bonuses.
  • All reforge value costs have been decreased by 50%. This includes all modifiers introduced by the Calamity Mod.
  • A full list of the categories and items associated with them can be found below:
    • Accessories
      • Tier 1: Hard, Jagged, Brisk, Wild, Quiet
      • Tier 2: Guarding, Spiked, Precise, Fleeting, Rash, Cloaked
      • Tier 3: Armored, Angry, Hasty, Intrepid, Arcane, Camouflaged
      • Tiers 4, 5 and 6: Warding, Menacing, Quick, Violent, Lucky, Silent
    • Melee weapons (except Swords)
      • Tier 1: Keen, Forceful, Strong
      • Tier 2: Hurtful, Zealous, Ruthless
      • Tier 3: Demonic, Superior
      • Tier 4, 5 and 6: Godly
    • Melee weapons (Swords)
      • Tier 1: Keen, Nimble, Nasty, Heavy, Light, Strong, Forceful
      • Tier 2: Hurtful, Ruthless, Zealous, Quick, Pointy, Bulky
      • Tier 3: Murderous, Agile, Large, Dangerous, Sharp
      • Tier 4: Massive, Unpleasant Savage, Superior
      • Tier 5: Demonic, Godly, Deadly
      • Tier 6: Legendary (for tools, Light as well in both tiers 1 and 6)
    • Ranged weapons
      • Tier 1: Keen, Nimble, Nasty, Forceful, Strong, Powerful
      • Tier 2: Hurtful, Ruthless, Zealous, Intimidating, Quick
      • Tier 3: Agile, Murderous, Hasty, Staunch, Unpleasant
      • Tier 4: Superior, Demonic, Sighted
      • Tier 5: Godly, Rapid, Deadly (the ranged specific one)
      • Tier 6: Unreal
    • Magic weapons
      • Tier 1: Keen, Nimble, Nasty, Furious, Strong, Forceful
      • Tier 2: Hurtful, Zealous, Quick, Taboo, Manic, Ruthless
      • Tier 3: Agile, Murderous, Adept, Celestial, Unpleasant
      • Tier 4: Superior, Demonic, Mystic
      • Tier 5: Godly, Masterful, Deadly
      • Tier 6: Mythical
    • Summon weapons
      • Tier 1: Nimble, Furious
      • Tier 2: Quick, Taboo, Manic, Forceful, Strong
      • Tier 3: Adept, Celestial, Hurtful,
      • Tier 4: Deadly, Mystic, Superior, Demonic
      • Tier 5: Masterful, Godly
      • Tier 6: Mythical, Ruthless
    • Rogue weapons
      • Tier 1: Keen, Nimble, Nasty, Forceful, Strong, Radical, Pointy
      • Tier 2: Hurtful, Ruthless, Zealous, Quick, Sharp, Glorious
      • Tier 3: Murderous, Agile, Unpleasant, Feathered, Sleek, Hefty
      • Tier 4: Superior, Demonic, Mighty, Serrated
      • Tier 5: Godly, Deadly, Vicious, Lethal
      • Tier 6: Flawless
  • Angler Quest Rework

    The Angler's quest system has been reworked:

    Stat Changes

    • All NPCs from both Calamity and Vanilla, as well as the Eternia Crystal are made immune to every debuff.
    • All NPCs take 2 times as much damage from all projectiles in Normal Mode and 4 times as much in Expert Mode. This is to make them more consistent with the damage the player takes.
    • All NPCs gain additional boosts to damage and defense after defeating certain bosses:
    Boss Defense Damage
    Moon Lord +20 +60%
    Providence, the Profaned Goddess +12 +20%
    Polterghast +12 +20%
    The Devourer of Gods +12 +20%
    Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth +12 +20%
    Exo Mechs +20 +60%
    Supreme Witch, Calamitas +20 +60%

    Other Changes

    • All NPCs will have an NPC Shop Alert Icon.gif exclamation mark icon above them when a new item is sold, which can only be removed by interacting with them. They can also be removed completely via configuration options.
    • When killed, the Angler has a 8.3% chance to drop a Golden Fishing Rod in Hardmode.
      • If the Angler is killed by a Trasher, the Golden Fishing Rod will always be dropped, regardless of if it is Hardmode or not.
    • The Merchant will drop 20-30 Gel, 30-50 Rope, and 10-15 Bombs if named "Morshu".
    • Clentaminator solutions cost 5 Silver Coin, as opposed to the original price of 25 Silver Coin.
    • The Tax Collector's taxes now scale throughout progression:
      • Pre-Plantera: 1 Silver Coin.png 50 Copper Coin.png per NPC up to a maximum of 50 Gold Coin.
      • Post-Plantera: 6 Silver Coin.png per NPC up to a maximum of 2 Platinum Coin.
      • Post-Moon Lord: 1 Gold Coin.png 50 Silver Coin.png per NPC up to a maximum of 5 Platinum Coin.
      • Post-Devourer of Gods: 3 Gold Coin.png per NPC up to a maximum of 10 Platinum Coin.
      • Post-Yharon: 6 Gold Coin.png per NPC up to a maximum of 20 Platinum Coin.

    Items sold

    Some vanilla NPCs have new items sold under certain conditions.

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    Vanilla NPCs will have new additional quotes that can be seen under certain conditions.

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    Princess Happiness quotes

    The Princess has additional happiness dialogue for each NPC in the Calamity Mod.

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    NPC Names

    Vanilla NPCs can have new additional names in honor of certain Patreon donors.

  • New names for the Angler:

    • Bling Bling Boy
    • Dazren
    • Johnny Test

    New names for the Arms Dealer:

    • Barney Calhoun
    • Drifter
    • Finchi
    • Fire
    • Heniek
    • Jeffred
    • Markie
    • Sagi
    • Shark
    • The Cooler Arthur
    • XiaoEn0426

    New names for the Clothier:

    • Joeseph Jostar
    • Storm Havik

    New names for the Cyborg:

    • Sylux

    New names for the Demolitionist:

    • Dorira
    • Fimmy
    • Tavish DeGroot

    New names for the Dryad:

    • Cybil
    • Izuna
    • Jasmine
    • Ruth
    • Rythmi

    New names for the Goblin Tinkerer:

    • Driser
    • Eddie Spaghetti
    • G'tok
    • Gormer
    • Him
    • Katto
    • Neesh
    • TingFlarg
    • Tooshiboots
    • Verth

    New names for the Guide:

    • Alfred Rend
    • Ben Shapiro
    • Cameron
    • Cooler Kevin
    • Danmaku
    • Devin
    • Good Game Design
    • Grylken
    • Lapp
    • Leeman
    • Mihai
    • Necroplasmic
    • Outlaw
    • Streakist
    • Wilbur
    • Woffle

    New names for the Mechanic:

    • Cobalt
    • Curly
    • Daawn
    • Lilly
    • Robin

    New names for the Merchant:

    • Morshu

    New names for the Nurse:

    • Fanny
    • Farsni
    • Mausi

    New names for the Painter:

    • Picasso

    New names for the Party Girl:

    • Arin

    New names for the Pirate:

    • Cap'n Deek
    • Captain Billy Bones
    • Captain J. Crackers
    • Tyler Van Hook

    New names for the Princess:

    • Catalyst
    • everquartz
    • Gwynevere
    • Nyapano
    • Nyavi Aceso
    • Jade

    New names for Santa Claus:

    • Jank

    New names for the Skeleton Merchant:

    • Mr. Bones
    • Papyrus Undertale
    • Sans Undertale

    New names for the Steampunker:

    • Angel
    • Mòrag Ladair
    • Vorbis

    New names for the Stylist:

    • Amber
    • Faith
    • Xsiana

    New names for the Tavernkeep:

    • Brutus
    • Sir Samuel Winchester Jenkins Kester II
    • Sloth
    • Tim Lockwood

    New names for the Tax Collector:

    • Emmett

    New names for the Traveling Merchant:

    • Slap Battles
    • Stan Pines

    New names for the Truffle:

    • Aldrimil

    New names for the Town Cat:

    • Any Town Cat:
      • Katsafaros
      • Lucerne
      • Milo
      • Octo
      • Smoogle
      • The Meowurer of Gods
    • Black:
      • Bear
    • Orange Tabby:
      • Felix
      • Tardo

    New names for the Town Dog:

    • Any Town Dog:
      • Ozymandias
    • Beagle:
      • Kendra
    • Husky:
      • Yoshi
    • Labrador:
      • Riley
    • Pit Bull:
      • Splinter

    New names for the Witch Doctor:

    • Amnesia Wapers
    • Khatunz
    • Mixcoatl
    • Sok'ar
    • Toxin

    New names for the Wizard:

    • Chris Tallballs
    • Habolo
    • Inorim, son of Ivukey
    • Jensen
    • Mage One-Trick
    • Merasmus
    • Nextdoor Psycho
    • Ortho
    • Syethas

    New names for the Zoologist:

    • Fera
    • Kiriku
    • Lacuna
    • Mae Borowski
  • Trivia

    • Some added NPC quotes include references to other media.
      • The Clothier's quote when Moon Lord is alive is a popular quote from the Apollo 13 mission.
      • The Clothier's other quote is a reference to the theme of the show Ghostbusters.
      • The Cyborg's quote is a line from a famous monologue from the 1982 film Blade Runner.
      • The Dye Trader's quote asking if the Archmage knows how to "let it go" is an obvious reference to the popular song "Let It Go".
      • The Guide's quote related to the Astral Infection is a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi's "Disturbance in the Force" quote from the original Star Wars film.
      • The Merchant's quote involving lamps is a reference to the attraction of moths towards lamps as well as the "moth lamp" meme.
      • The Painter's quote when in the Desert references a famous quote from the film Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones.
    • Some patreon-requested NPC names are references to other media.
    • Some of the food items sold by certain NPCs have subluminal meanings:
      • The Dryad sells Grapes due to her vined appearance and real life grapes growing on vines.
      • The Goblin Tinkerer sells Spaghetti in reference to vanilla reforge code being considered as spaghetti code, code that is disorganized and/or hard to maintain.
      • The Witch Doctor sells Fried Eggs due to him being a Lihzahrd which are based on lizards.
      • The Zoologist sells Steak with the implication that she raises animals to cook and eat them.
    • Both the Sea King and the Archmage were both recurring characters in the mod's lore for a long time, even before they were added as Town NPCs.
      • The way that the Archmage drops from Cryogen is a reference to the lore.
    • The internal variable for finding the Merchant's name is called "angelstatue".

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