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Revengeance Indicator.png
The Revengeance Mode icon as seen in the Difficulty Indicator UI.

"Do you enjoy going through hell?"

Revengeance Mode is a new gamemode introduced in the Calamity Mod, serving as an increased difficulty level to Expert Mode. It is activated by selecting it through the Difficulty Indicator. The Difficulty Indicator is locked during boss battles, and hovering your cursor over it will state, "You cannot change the rules now!" It is further succeeded in difficulty by Death Mode.

General Changes

  • Adds two new mechanics into the game, Rage Meter and Adrenaline Meter.
  • Enemy spawn rates are boosted by 17.65%.
  • Life regen scales from 50% effectiveness at full HP to 100% effectiveness at 1 HP.
  • Immunity frames are capped at 2 seconds.
  • Hallowed armor's Holy Protection set bonus lasts 6 seconds instead of 30.
  • Bosses will also drop Master Mode-exclusive items.

Enemy Changes

Boss AI Changes

This is a list of all boss fight changes caused by Revengeance Mode. The names of vanilla bosses are italicized.


Map Icon King Slime.png King Slime

Teleports more frequently and takes less time to teleport. Contact damage increased by 25%. Moves and jumps faster. Moves faster and jumps higher depending on how high the player is. Spawns all kinds of slimes when damaged. Summons a Crown Jewel under 50% life, which hover above the player and fires Ruby Bolts, Ruby Bolt damage is 55% of King Slime contact damage.

Desert Scourge map.png Desert Scourge

HP increased to 4,800.

Spawns with two smaller Desert Scourges, but only the main worm needs to be defeated to count as a boss defeat. Can perform the burrowing attack from the start of the fight. Occasionally shoots sand blasts at the player.

Map Icon Eye of Cthulhu (first form).png Eye of Cthulhu

HP increased to 4,758.

Charges more often in phase 1. Enters phase 2 at 75% HP. Charges more quickly and more randomly in phase 2. Contact damage increased to 40 in phase 1, and to 48 in Phase 2. Gains much more contact damage in the end of phase 2. Servants of Cthulhu no longer drop hearts. Has 4 sub-phases during phase 2 to which it changes at 65%, 55%, and 40% HP respectively. During sub-phase 1 it does 3 normal dashes. During sub-phase 2 it does 3 normal dashes and then 2-4 rapid chain dashes. During sub-phase 3 it does 5 rapid chain dashes. During sub-phase 4 it does 4-6 rapid chain dashes and then a long lined up horizontal dash which vomits Servants of Cthulhu.

Crabulon map.png Crabulon

HP increased to 6,400.

Moves and jumps faster. Crab Shrooms drift quicker and fall faster. Summons a horizontal wall of evenly-spaced mushrooms above itself that fall downwards after the third jump in its jump cycle. When below 66% HP, changes its jump and Crab Shroom wall pattern, and Crab Shroom walls are slightly tilted.

Map Icon Eater of Worlds.png Eater of Worlds

Segment HP increased to 294. Total HP increased to 23,226.

Segment count increased to 79. No longer spawns coiled up. Head segments can retain the velocity of the head or body segment that was just killed. Vile Spits are no longer always shot, and instead begin firing when there are 71 segments remaining. Head segments begin firing Cursed Flames when there are 59 segments remaining. Slightly more defensive to piercing damage. Head segments deal 23% more contact damage, whereas other segments do 25% more. Moves faster and fires Cursed Flames and Vile Spits far more often the less segments that are alive. Now enrages when leaving the Corruption instead of fleeing, causing it to continuously fly towards the player more aggressively. Less aggressive when in the Underground Corruption.

Map Icon Brain of Cthulhu.png Brain of Cthulhu

HP increased to 2,856. Creeper HP increased to 220. Total HP increased to 8,356.

Summons 25 Creepers. The Brain has 22% more contact damage and Creepers have 25% more. The Brain has a small amount of pierce resistance. When 6 or fewer Creepers are remaining, they become immune to knockback. The Brain moves faster and teleports more often as its Creepers die in phase 1, and has increased knockback resistance in phase 2. When the Brain reaches 70% HP, it will occasionally fly quickly in a large loop and then dashing straight towards the player before teleports. Circling dashes occur before every teleport when below 50% HP. Minimap icon disappears when below 20% HP. Now enrages when leaving the Crimson instead of fleeing, causing the Brain and its Creepers to move much faster. Now less aggressive when in the Underground Crimson.

Hive Mind map.png The Hive Mind

Total HP increased to 16,320.

Moves much faster in phase 2 and takes less time to teleport, but can no longer summon enemies when reeling back. Circling lunges can be used from the start of phase 2 and occur after every teleport. When below 66% health, every other circling lunge is replaced with a new attack, where the Hive Mind appears below the player and flies in a semicircle, spawning several enemies as it moves - The Hive Mind can summon Dark Hearts among these enemies. When below 33% health, either attack has a chance to be replaced with an attack where the Hive Mind appears above the player and then dashes horizontally, creating many short-lived shade clouds in its wake. The same attack is never performed twice in a row.

Perforator Hive map.png The Perforators

Total HP increased to 22,800.

The Perforator Hive shoots more projectiles and hovers at the player's height in an attempt to ram them. The Hive will not ram if a Perforator is alive, but will gain slightly increased acceleration. The Perforators have more segments, shoot projectiles more often and the projectiles travel faster.

Map Icon Queen Bee.png Queen Bee

HP increased to 5,712.

Spawns Bees much faster and also sometimes spawns Large Bees. Shoots stingers much faster but no longer shoots them in a cone of spread while stationary, instead traveling linearly towards the player and shooting directly at them. Enrages while on the Surface; shoots stingers rapidly and charges much faster.

Map Icon Skeletron.png Skeletron

Head HP decreased to 6,600. Hand HP decreased to 1,404.

Hands attack more often and more aggressively. Head defense is increased by 250 per hand, and homing projectiles and summons cannot home in on the head while any hands are alive. Homing skulls inflict Weak. Slowly gains more speed while spinning. Head has 25% more contact damage. After both hands are killed, Skeletron occasionally teleports, firing a spread of 3 bolts from the location the head teleports to. Increased attack frequency as health lowers. Respawns both hands at 33% of Head HP. Skeletron Head spins and teleports at a slower pace while hands are revived.

Slime God Core map.png The Slime God

Total HP increased to 23,360.

The Ebonian and Crimulan Slime Gods shoot orbs more often. The Slime God Core moves faster. When the Core enters phase 2, it will teleport near the player every 6 seconds and circle while firing abyss orbs towards them.

Map Icon Wall of Flesh.png Wall of Flesh

HP increased to 21,504.

Moves faster. Laser bursts are capped at 3 shots, and deal more damage. When it reaches 50% HP it starts using even stronger red Death Lasers. Hungry II health increased to 117 and Leech health increased to 100. Both deal slightly more damage. Shoots out a demon scythe when it releasing a Leech. Charges rapidly towards the player if they move too far away or if neither eye has line of sight with them for a few seconds, afterwards firing a barrage of lasers for 6 seconds from both eyes that can pass through tiles, aim ahead of the player, and start off slow before accelerating.


Cryogen map.png Cryogen

HP increased to 57,600.

Faster projectile speed. Enters phase 6 at 25% HP. Transitions faster and gains a new phase under 10% HP. Unlike other phases, it doesn't change its appearance. In the new phase, Cryogen hovers above the player. The ice bombs are no longer fired out every 10 seconds, but 2 waves are released during this attack, then it rapidly charges the player 3 times before repeating the pattern.

Map Icon The Destroyer.png The Destroyer

HP increased to 150,000.

Can fly like a Wyvern and has 99% damage reduction for 10 seconds after spawning. Body segments are larger, and gain a defense boost which increases as its health gets lower, up to a maximum of 10. Lasers move slowly when initially shot then accelerate. Speed of the Destroyer and the lasers fired increase as health lowers. Lasers are no longer fired in a random spread, and are instead fired in a stream starting from the head and ending at the tail. The fire rate of the lasers staggers the more time passes. Red lasers inflict On Fire! for 4 seconds. When below 85% HP, it can additionally fire green lasers which inflict Cursed Inferno for 2 seconds. When below 70% HP, it can fire blue lasers which inflict Electrified for 1 second. Probe-less parts have 10 less defense. Probes no longer drop hearts. The Destroyer gains increased aggression the lower its health, eventually being able to charge similarly to a Wyvern below 50% health. Its segments containing probes change to a purple color during this phase. The Destroyer switches to its Wyvern phase more often as its health lowers. When below 25% HP, it gains the ability to divebomb the player.

The Destroyer enrages during the day. It moves faster and more aggressively, only fires blue lasers which accelerate faster, and its body segments take reduced damage, leaving only the head and tail vulnerable.

Aquatic Scourge map.png Aquatic Scourge

HP increased to 147,200.

Every 11 seconds, the Aquatic Scourge performs a circle around a certain point at its path for 2 seconds before charging the player. While spinning, it fires three barrages of three sand blasts at the player. The Aquatic Scourge moves faster and vomited sand blasts and teeth travel at a greater velocity.

Twin Mask.png The Twins

Spazmatism HP increased to 46,800, Retinazer HP increased to 39,600. Total HP increased to 86,400.

Both Twins enter phase 2 at 70% health. Contact damage increased by 25% and Cursed Flames damage increased by 25%. Both Twins must be in phase 2 at the same time otherwise the other Twin will take almost no damage.

Retinazer shoots lasers faster and lasers are more accurate in phase 1. Laser damage increased by 16%. Retinazer's Death Laser does 20% more damage and its Rapid Fire Laser deals 30% more damage. Enters phase 3 at 25% HP, or if Spazmatism is defeated first. In phase 3 it gains the ability to perform 2 long dashes after its normal laser attacks. Retinazer's first dash will release several homing darts that inflict 124 damage. If Spazmatism is defeated first, its laser attacks become much faster and it will dash 4 times, releasing homing darts on the first and last dashes.

Spazmatism shoots Cursed Flames faster in phase 1. Spazmatism breathes Shadowflame Breath instead of Cursed Flames in phase 2, which inflicts the Shadowflame debuff, and has 16% more damage than the Cursed Flames. Enters phase 3 at 25% HP, or if Retinazer is defeated first. In phase 3 Spazmatism performs the flamethrower attack for less time, stops to hover below the player and fire semi-homing Shadowflame Fireballs, then charges four times. If Retinazer is defeated first, the flamethrower attack no longer occurs, and Spazmatism performs five charges, with the last one traveling farther than the others. When dashing, contact damage is increased by 10%.

The Twins enrage during the day, where they move more aggressively, charge further, fire projectiles faster, and projectiles move faster. Spazmatism's flamethrower has a longer range in this state.

Brimstone Elemental map.png Brimstone Elemental

HP increased to 78,720.

Summons a Brimling after each teleport in phase 1, which shoots brimstone hellfireballs at the player. A maximum of 2 can exist at once. Movement speed during Phase 1 is increased. When below 50% HP, she will only teleport once during Phase 1 and gains a new phase where she fires a laser from her eye. The ray is telegraphed by a line. The ray doesn't aim at where the player is, rather where they will be by the time the ray fires. The whole ray appears instantly upon being fired but does not move after being fired, and it remains for 1 second. It then releases two rows of Brimstone Darts perpendicular to it, which move slowly before accelerating. This will repeat one more time. She slows to a stop upon firing the first ray.

Map Icon Skeletron Prime.png Skeletron Prime

HP increased to 50,400 (80,625 including limbs).

The Head gains 8 defense per limb alive. Speed while spinning is increased, also increases as it loses more health. Head does not perform the spin attack while any limbs are alive. Prime Laser no longer shoots in a cone of spread; it alternates between firing single lasers and laser circles. Prime Cannon fires rockets instead of bombs; it alternates between firing single rockets and three rockets at once. Prime Laser and Prime Cannon alternate attacks. Prime Saw and Prime Vice are more aggressive. As limbs are killed, the remaining limbs gain increased speed and fire rate. When Prime Laser is killed, the Head begins to fire laser circles. When Prime Cannon is killed, the Head begins to fire rockets. When all limbs are killed, it spins in circles near the player before every spin attack after the first, shooting Cursed Skulls. When the Head reaches 50% health, all limbs still alive are instantly destroyed, and the head itself is able to fire circles of lasers while spinning. When the Head reaches 25% health, every other spin attack is replaced with a barrage of homing Martian Missiles, the Cursed Skull attack only occurs before Martian Missile attacks, and the spin attack duration is reduced by 2 seconds. Upon enraging when it turns to day, the head will heal to 300 life if is currently below that, and it fires Cursed Skulls similarly to the Dungeon Guardian.

Calamitas map.png Calamitas

Total HP increased to 72,000.

Fires hellfireballs and lasers quicker. Calamitas and the brothers attack and shoot more aggressively. When Calamitas is below 70% HP, she charges at the player twice following her fireball and laser attacks while no brothers are alive. Charges are slightly predictive.

Map Icon Plantera (first form).png Plantera

HP increased to 126,000.

Fires seeds that deal 25% more damage and are significantly faster in phase 1. Deals 15% more contact damage during phase 2. Regains the ability to shoot Thorns Balls when under 25% HP, only 3 can exist at one time. Summons tentacles at periodic amounts of health, with larger bursts of tentacles spawned at 75%, 50%, and 20% HP. The tentacles deal more damage. The more tentacles that are alive, the higher her defense is. Fires seeds, moves faster to catch up to the player and belches lingering spore clouds that spread out over time when all tentacles are dead. Hook and projectiles spread decrease as health decreases. Hooks no longer spawn tentacles. Becomes more aggressive the less active tiles there are around her. If enraged during the day, she will regain health over time. If enraged during the night, she gains a massive defense boost.

Leviathan map.png Leviathan and Anahita

Anahita HP increased to 66,560, Leviathan HP increased to 116,096 (182,656 total).

The Leviathan shoots faster.

Astrum Aureus map.png Astrum Aureus

HP increased to 188,160 (376,320 post-Moon Lord).

Uses all attacks regardless of health; it only shoots one wave of astral flame crystals above 50% HP. Astrum Aureus spawns Aureus Spawns after astral flame crystal attacks, they are initially passive, but will become homing bombs if enough damage is dealt to them. A maximum of 2 can exist at once. After Moon Lord has been defeated, its health and projectile damage are buffed.

Map Icon Golem.png Golem

Head HP increased to 36,000. Body HP increased to 54,000. Total HP increased to 111,000.

Shoots eye lasers and fireballs faster. Head is invulnerable until fists are destroyed, and can shoot eye lasers at all times when vulnerable. All parts deal 25% more damage. The head, body, and fists inflict the Broken Armor debuff for 3 seconds. The body fires bursts of lasers in phase 2. The head is now vulnerable in phase 2 with 28,050 HP, changes its movement pattern and starts firing explosive fireballs when the body is under 44% HP. The freed head cannot inflict contact damage. When the head is dead, the body will jump more aggressively and higher and releases 3 fireballs from each of its sides upon hitting the ground.

Plaguebringer Goliath map.png The Plaguebringer Goliath

HP increased to 170,400.

Moves faster, can perform diagonal dashes below 80% HP, missiles travel faster and spawns more projectiles. Can spawn more Plague Chargers at once.

Map Icon Duke Fishron.png Duke Fishron

HP increased to 177,450.

Gains 10% damage reduction while transitioning between phases. Transitions to phase 2 at 70% HP and phase 3 at 40% HP. Contact in all phases and almost all attacks damage increased by 25%, Sharknado damage increased by 50%, and Cthulhunado's damage increased by 12.5%. Vastly increased defense. Significantly faster charges. Spawns 3 Sharknadoes in phase 1, in a different pattern. Sharkron health increased to 750. Spawns a bunch of Sharkrons as well as bubbles when spinning in Phase 2. Size of Cthulhunado and its Sharkrons increased. Spawns Cthulhunados during Phase 3, about every 10 seconds. Below 20% health, gains a new dash pattern, charging 3 times, teleporting, and then 4 times before repeating the cycle, and stops spawning Cthulhunados. Can cycle through the normal attack pattern while enraged, instead of only charging. While enraged, the delay between charges is much shorter, the bubble attack in phase 1 lasts much shorter, and the phase 2 spin attack spawns much more bubbles and Sharkrons.

Ravager map.png Ravager

Total HP increased to 206,805 (827,220 post-Providence).

Drill missiles track the player more accurately and much faster. Fires more projectiles. Jumps more often, and Flame Pillars shoot projectiles faster.

Map Icon Lunatic Cultist.png Lunatic Cultist

HP increased to 80,250.

Lunatic Cultist, its clones, and Ancient Dooms deal no contact damage. Time window to defeat the illusions decreases as the Cultist's health decreases. Homing weapons ignore Lunatic Cultist while it is performing the ritual. Clones no longer disappear. Any projectile that tracks the player can make sharper turns, and are faster. While the Lunatic Cultist is alive, the player takes 15% more damage from all sources. Lightning is slightly predictive and inflicts the Electrified debuff for 3 seconds. Ice Mists home in towards the player, and inflict the Frozen debuff for 2 seconds and the Chilled debuff for 3 seconds. When below 70% HP, fires 2 Ice Mists at once. Ancient Light attack can always be used. Ancient Lights are much faster, are indestructible, and inflict the Holy Flames debuff for 3 seconds. When below 55% HP, three bursts of Ancient Lights are fired instead of two. Ancient Doom projectiles and Shadow Fireballs inflict the Shadowflame debuff for 2 seconds. Ancient Doom attack can always be used. Ancient Dooms fire 8 projectiles in the cardinal and ordinal directions which are faster. When below 55% HP, Ancient Dooms will circle the player before exploding into 4 projectiles in the cardinal directions.

Astrum Deus map.png Astrum Deus

Total HP increased to 1,152,000.

Increased movement speed. Inflicts Extreme Gravity for the entire fight.

Map Icon Moon Lord.png Moon Lord

Total HP increased to 336,600. Hands HP increased to 45,000 each (90,000 both), Head HP increased to 81,000, Core HP increased to 165,600.

Speed increased, except when the head eye is open. All of Moon Lord's attacks inflict Nightwither. Teleports more frequently based on distance from the player. The Phantasmal Deathray sweeps faster in the first phase, and passes through tiles between it and the player in the second phase. The eyes inside Moon Lord aren't destroyed when defeated, but they instead spawn a True Eye of Cthulhu and continue attacking. After defeating an eye, its attacks will spawn less projectiles that move slower. True Eyes of Cthulhu stick closer to each other and their attacks are synced. True Eyes of Cthulhu no longer use their deathray attack. Phantasmal Sphere attacks are slightly more spread out and initially move slowly, accelerating over time. Phantasmal Eyes home on the player for a while and don't travel downwards all the time. While the Moon Lord's Core is revealed, the player takes 10% more damage from all sources. Clots heal for 1250 HP instead of 1000.

Post-Moon Lord

Guardian Defender map.png Profaned Guardians

Total HP increased to 273,000.

The main Guardian is faster, and it deals much more damage after the other two have been killed.

Dragonfolly map.png The Dragonfolly

HP increased to 365,184.

Enters phase 2 at 75% HP and phase 3 at 25% HP.

Providence map.png Providence, the Profaned Goddess

HP increased to 600,000.

The Healer Guardian heals every 1 seconds. During her Holy Ray phase, she fires two Holy Rays instead of one, which converge inward towards each other, leaving a small gap in between. Providence's movement and firing methods during the Blast, Molten, and Bomb phases are modified. Providence continuously increases in speed when flying in the same direction, up to a maximum of roughly double speed, but will go back to normal speed when she changes direction.

Storm Weaver map.png Storm Weaver

Moves faster. Lightning inflicts the Electrified debuff for 3 seconds. During Phase 2, it can charge directly at the player after a telegraph where it changes to a blue color, additionally summoning lightning from above.

Ceaseless Void map.png Ceaseless Void

HP increased to 123,648.

Dark Energy swarms are increased in numbers and are more aggressive. At 50% HP more Dark Energies are spawned; however, they are invincible and rotate around the point they were spawned. During the laser portal attack, the Ceaseless Void additionally summons a set of four invincible Dark Energy projectiles, which orbit around the spot they're spawned from, the size of the orbit varies between each of the projectiles, and they will disappear shortly after being spawned. If below 50% HP or enraged, the attack is replaced by an even ring of 12 invincible Dark Energy projectiles.

Signus map.png Signus, Envoy of the Devourer

HP increased to 570,240.

Performs 2 attacks per phase. Moves faster and shoots projectiles more often. Being close to Signus will cause the screen to get darker. After teleporting, Signus summons two Cosmic Mines, which chase the player and blow up if the player is close to them after a short period of time.

Polterghast map.png Polterghast

HP increased to 672,000.

Moves faster in all phases, spawns more Phantom Spirits, has more damage reduction, and enters phase 3 at 50% HP. Phantoms shoot more often. Spawns Happy Phantom Spirits at 33% HP, and moves much faster at 10% HP.

The Old Duke map.png The Old Duke

HP increased to 950,400.

Enters phase 2 at 70% HP and phase 3 at 35% HP. Switches between its attacks faster and has increased movement speed. Charges are faster in velocity and occur more frequently.

Devourer of Gods map.png The Devourer of Gods

Total HP increased to 1,706,400.

In Phase 1, spawns a Cosmic Guardian after reaching 90% HP and two more after reaching 68% HP. The Cosmic Guardians can't hurt the player and the player can't hurt it for 3 seconds. Increased godslayer fireball fire rate in phase 2, the fire rate is dramatically increased again at 10% HP. If the player strays too far away from it, it will create a portal near the player before teleporting there and charging at them.

Yharon map.png Jungle Dragon, Yharon

HP increased to 2,499,840.

Teleports and charges closer to the player. Yharon's enrage is reduced to 555 blocks high from the spawning position and the Arena Infernadoes spawn 187.5 blocks away from the spawn position. Enters subphases 2 and 5 at 80% HP, and subphases 3 and 6 at 50% HP. Gains a new 7th subphase, which it enters at 20% HP. In this subphase, Yharon teleports, performs two fast charges, then teleports and performs a bullet hell attack before repeating the cycle.

Ares map.png Exo Mechs

Total HP increased to 6,624,000.

Ares is guaranteed to swap its arms after performing the Exo Overload Beams attack. Further increased projectile velocity of all four weapons. Tesla Cannon, Plasma Cannon, and Gauss Nuke become even more predictive. Tesla Spheres connect from an even further distance. Gauss Nuke tracks the player more closely. Exo Overload Beams are telegraphed for less time.

Artemis and Apollo are capable of swapping locations between phases and charges. Artemis gains the ability to align to the left or right of the player when performing the Exothermal Beam attack, and rotates the beam more. Both Artemis and Apollo have faster attacks, more predictiveness, and take less time to perform special attacks. Apollo's rockets have greater homing speed and stronger anti-clump push.

Thanatos moves faster, slows down at a closer distance to the player, can have more segments open at once, takes less damage from open segments, and fires lasers with greater predictiveness. It can fly upwards while performing the burrowing attack. Increased the number of lasers resulting from the Gamma Disintegration Beam.

Supreme Calamitas map.png Supreme Calamitas

HP increased to 1,840,000.

Massively increased speed and moves more aggressively. Spawns 4 Brimstone Monsters during bullet hell 4.

Unique Items


Item Obtained from Effect
EctoheartEctoheart Polterghast Permanent power-up
Increases Adrenaline damage by 15% and damage reduction from full Adrenaline by 5%
Electrolyte Gel PackElectrolyte Gel Pack The Slime God Permanent power-up
Increases Adrenaline damage by 15% and damage reduction from full Adrenaline by 5%
Infernal BloodInfernal Blood Ravager Permanent power-up
Increases the Rage Mode duration by 1 second
Mushroom Plasma RootMushroom Plasma Root Crabulon Permanent power-up
Increases the Rage Mode duration by 1 second
Red Lightning ContainerRed Lightning Container The Dragonfolly Permanent power-up
Increases the Rage Mode duration by 1 second
Starlight Fuel CellStarlight Fuel Cell Astrum Aureus Permanent power-up
Increases Adrenaline damage by 15% and damage reduction from full Adrenaline by 5%


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Item Obtained from Pet
Charred RelicCharred Relic Brimstone Elemental Brimling (Pet)
Fox DriveFox Drive Jungle Dragon, Yharon Fox Pet


  • "Revengeance is active." (When activated)
  • "Revengeance is not active." (When deactivated)


  • Revengeance Mode is a replacement for previous difficulty modes added by the Calamity Mod, which were known as Prepare to Die and Prepare to Cry.
  • The name of this mode is a reference to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
  • Several Revengeance Mode features were present in previous versions of the mod that have since been removed or changed:
    • Talking to the Nurse during a boss battle would summon a giant meteor (similar to the ones fired by The Leviathan) onto the player, instantly killing them and nearby NPCs.
    • Meteorites would not be mineable and the Reaver Shark couldn't be swung until defeating the Brain of Cthulhu or Eater of Worlds.
    • Soft caps on damage and crit chance were present, both of which have been removed, and a DR soft cap, which has been made global to all modes.
    • All attacks labelled as summon will deal less damage if the player is holding a weapon belonging to a different class. This nerf scaled with progression. This change is now global to all modes and no longer scales.
  • Prior to the update, Revengeance Mode would affect bosses from the Thorium Mod. This was an option in the config called "RevengeanceAndDeathThoriumBossBuff".
  • Prior to update, Revengeance Mode could be activated or deactivated upon using the Blood Fountain of Revengeance.

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