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Several items in the Calamity Mod can prevent death if the player takes fatal damage while they are equipped. The player is revived back to a certain amount of health, or prevented from dying via other means, and is usually granted additional effects.


Source Health restored Cooldown Additional effect
Permafrost's ConcoctionPermafrost's Concoction 30% of max health 3 minutes
  • Player is frozen for 3 seconds after reviving.
Nebulous CoreNebulous Core 100 90 seconds
  • None
Silva armorSilva armor

Auric Tesla armorAuric Tesla armor(Wire-Hemmed Visage and Space Helmet only)

1 (50% of max health while the player is wearing Silva Wings) 5 minutes[1]
  • Player is unable to die and immune to most debuffs for 8 seconds.
  1. Silva revive cooldown timer is paused if a boss is alive or an event is active.


  • The revives have an order of priority in which they get triggered: Nebulous Core is always triggered first, Silva is triggered only if the former did not and then, Permafrost's Concoction is triggered only if the other options did not.
  • Prior to the update, the God Slayer armor had a revive similar to the Nebulous Core, and all variants of the Auric Tesla armor had Silva armor's revive.