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The Calamity Mod adds 13 new Game Control keys that must be manually bound by the player.

Action Wiki Icon Default key Notes
Activate Accessory Parry Activate Accessory Parry N Activates a parry while the Blazing Core or Flame-Licked Shell is equipped.
Adrenaline Mode Adrenaline Mode B Triggers the Adrenaline Mode buff when the Adrenaline Meter is full.
Angelic Alliance Blessing Angelic Alliance Blessing G Activates the Divine Bless buff when the Angelic Alliance is equipped.
Armor Set Bonus Armor Set Bonus Y Triggers bonuses from the armor set worn.
Booster Dash Booster Dash Q Performs a diagonal dash at the cost of player's stealth while the Plagued Fuel Pack or Blunder Booster is equipped.
Dash Double Tap Override Dash Double Tap Override F Allows the player to set a dash to a hotkey instead of double-tapping the left or right keys.
Exo Chair Speed Down Exo Chair Slow Down RightShift Halves the speed of the Exo Box mount when held.
God Slayer Dash God Slayer Dash H Activates the God Slayer dash when the God Slayer armor is equipped.
Gravistar Sabaton Hotkey Gravistar Sabaton Hotkey X Charges up a slam while the Gravistar Sabaton is equipped.
Normality Relocator Normality Relocator Z Teleports the player to the position of the mouse cursor when the Normality Relocator is in the player's inventory.
Rage Mode Rage Mode V Triggers the Rage Mode buff when the Rage Meter is full.
Sand Cloak Effect Sand Cloak Effect C Creates a dust veil around the player at the cost of the player's stealth while the Sand Cloak is equipped.
Spectral Veil Teleport Spectral Veil Teleport Z Teleport to the player's cursor at the cost of the player's stealth while the Spectral Veil is equipped.

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