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Difficulty refers to how challenging the gameplay is. There are two additional options to difficulty within the Calamity Mod, both of which increase the difficulty of the game. These difficulties are available from a separate UI element available when a player has entered a world, and are compatible with the base difficulties in Terraria.

Revengeance Mode is the intended first time experience, though this isn't a requirement for playing the mod - players should use whichever will result in them enjoying their time the most. However, players should bear in mind that Revengeance Mode's difficulty assumes they have completed the vanilla game at least once.

Difficulty Indicator

The Difficulty Indicator is a UI element that is located below the map style selector and to the left of the player's health meter while the player opens their inventory. It holds a rune slot which can be interacted to change difficulty of the world, if the player is in Expert Mode or above, and no bosses are alive.

Clicking on the "Where's Malice?" icon enables Death Mode.

Icon Description
Difficulty IndicatorCurrently Selected Click to select a difficulty mode
Locked IndicatorLocked Higher difficulty modes can only be toggled in Expert Mode or above (When in Journey or Classic Mode)
You cannot change the rules now! (When a boss is alive)
Normal IndicatorNone The classic Terraria experience, with no Calamity difficulty changes
Revengeance IndicatorRevengeance The intended Calamity experience!
Hold the 'Shift' key for more information
Enables the Adrenaline mechanic. You gain Adrenaline while fighting bosses. Getting hit drops Adrenaline back to 0
    When Adrenaline is maxed, press Adrenaline Mode for a large damage boost
Enables the Rage mechanic. You gain Rage when in proximity of enemies or by using certain items
    When Rage is maxed, press Rage Mode for a temporary damage boost
Most foes have higher stats and deal more damage
Bosses have new AI mechanics, new phases, and will drop Master Mode loot. Enemies spawn more frequently
This mode is more difficult than Expert. Be sure to prepare for the challenge
Death IndicatorDeath A tougher challenge for the more experienced, or for those that want a step up from Revengeance Mode
Hold the 'Shift' key for more information
All foes will pose a much larger threat with aggressive AI and increased damage
Bosses have substantially harder AI changes. Enemies are even more numerous and can easily overwhelm you
Debuffs are especially lethal and the Abyss is significantly more dangerous
Vigilance and tenacity are crucial to survival
Malice Removed IndicatorWhere's Malice? Malice Mode has been removed from the mod, but its AI changes will live on in Boss Rush
We sincerely apologize for the disappointment if you were planning on a playthrough
Hold the 'Shift' key for more information
Malice originally came about from an idea to make obtaining Legendary items less RNG-based
It was meant to allow the player to enrage specific bosses, giving them new phases or attacks, to guarantee the drop
However, this was watered down to what Malice was on release, being a difficulty which affected all bosses, and included RIV(Rare Item Variants)

At the time, Malice was received poorly by a lot of players due to the bosses being overtuned to the point of being unfair, while locking items behind them
      ...No tester had beaten the Exo Mechs on Malice Mode when it released
The explanation was that it was meant to be a "refight" mode, but that was never the real intention

Malice-exclusive drops were eventually removed, as we did not want players to feel obligated to play a poorly balanced difficulty
Over time, Malice was balanced to be less unfair, but we realized that with the exclusive drops gone, it was not worth the effort
This is why we came down to deleting Malice, so that dev time and effort may be spent elsewhere, notably Death Mode

We acknowledge that some players liked Malice because Death isn't challenging enough for their tastes
If you want more difficulty, try the Infernum Addon, Master Mode, higher Boss HP Config, or for amusement, For The Worthy

Main Difficulties

Difficulty Description
Classic mode icon.png Classic Mostly identical to vanilla, with many vanilla changes, including Expert-exclusive items being able to be dropped in Classic Mode.
Cannot enable Revengeance and Death Modes.
Expert mode icon.png Expert Mostly identical to vanilla, with some additional vanilla changes to the difficulty that are configurable.
Revengeance Indicator.png Revengeance The intended Calamity experience, introducing new mechanics, boss AI, and other assorted changes.
Death Indicator.png Death A more difficult challenge for those looking to prove themselves. Not recommended for a first playthrough.

Additional Difficulties

Not intended as distinct difficulty options but still fully accessible and freely usable by players seeking an augmented experience.

Difficulty Description
Journey mode icon.png Journey Allows for the research and duplication of items and enabling powers usually inaccessible to the player.
Can activate Expert and Master Modes through the difficulty slider.
Scaling the slider to Expert Mode or higher unlocks the difficulty indicator.
For the worthy For the worthy Can be combined with any other difficulty mode for a significantly more challenging experience.
Master mode icon.png Master Further increases the difficulty of any core mode, though isn't supported as one itself.
Revengeance Indicator.png Master mode icon.png Revengeance + Master
Death Indicator.png Master mode icon.png Death + Master