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Aggro, short for aggression, is an invisible statistic that determines the distance at which enemies will begin to attack the player.

All enemies target the player based on criteria set in their AI. Most will constantly try for a target, while others may only target if the player is in water, for example.

Armor and other items that "increase/decrease enemy targeting" cause enemies to consider a player to be closer or farther away than they actually are. Certain accessories, armor, and other sources in the Calamity Mod affect Aggro.

Source Aggro change
Rogue stealth -3 per point of stealth
Colossal SquidColossal Squid -750 (while being eaten)
Eclipse MirrorEclipse Mirror -700 (also reduces Abyss detection)
Abyssal MirrorAbyssal Mirror -450 (also reduces Abyss detection)
Reaver armorReaver armor -200 (Reaver Headgear, also reduces Abyss detection)
Mirage MirrorMirage Mirror -200
Victide armorVictide armor +200 (Victide Helm)
Aerospec armorAerospec armor +300 (Aerospec Helm)
Statigel armorStatigel armor +400 (Statigel Helm)
Daedalus armorDaedalus armor +500 (Daedalus Helm)
Reaver armorReaver armor +600 (Reaver Helm)
Hydrothermic armorHydrothermic armor +700 (Hydrothermic Helm)
Tarragon armorTarragon armor +800 (Tarragon Helm)
Bloodflare armorBloodflare armor +900 (Bloodflare Ram Mask)
God Slayer armorGod Slayer armor +1000 (God Slayer Horned Greathelm)
Elysian AegisElysian Aegis With guard activated, aggro is quickly increased to a cap of +1,100
Asgardian AegisAsgardian Aegis With guard activated, aggro is quickly increased to a cap of +1,100
Auric Tesla armorAuric Tesla armor +1,200 (Auric Tesla Royal Helm)


  • Aggro reductions of -750 (or more) nearly guarantee the player will not be targeted.
  • Enemies in the Abyss have their own unique detection radius system, independent of Aggro, which can be affected by items such as Anechoic Coating and Abyssal Diving Suit as well as the Luminous Corvina enemy.
    • Despite this, being eaten by Colossal Squid decreases Aggro rather than the Abyss creatures' unique detection radii.