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For defense mechanics, refer to Defense on the Terraria Wiki

Defense is a player statistic that determines how much damage can be taken per hit. The damage the player takes is reduced by half / three quarters Expert Mode / all Master Mode of their defense value. Defense can be increased by equipping armor and accessories, or temporarily boosted by various buffs.

Some forms of damage are impossible to reduce through defense. Damage from health-draining debuffs like Plague or drowning in water are not reduced by defense. Damage taken from lava, however, can be reduced through defense.

Damage Reduction

Main Article: Damage Reduction

Damage Reduction (DR) is a stat alongside defense that decreases damage that both the player and other NPCs take based on a percentage. The player can boost their damage reduction with certain accessories, although it scales diminishingly as more damage reduction is gained.

Defense Boosts

For defense granted by armor pieces and their set bonuses, see here.


Item Defense Notes
Aquatic Emblem Aquatic Emblem +0 to 50 Gradually builds up when submerged in liquid
Sand Cloak Sand Cloak +2
+6 While in the dust veil
The Community The Community +2 to 10 Depending on bosses killed
Marnite Repulsion Shield Marnite Repulsion Shield +2
Shield of the Ocean Shield of the Ocean +2
+5 When submerged in liquid
Wulfrum Controller Wulfrum Controller +3 For each existing Wulfrum Droid
Corrosive Spine Corrosive Spine +4
Crown Jewel Crown Jewel +4
Frost Barrier Frost Barrier +4
Stress Pills Stress Pills +4
Occult Skull Crown Occult Skull Crown +5
+14 When Weak debuff is active
+15 When Darkness debuff is active
+30 When Armor Crunch, Blackout, or Confused debuff is active
+40 When Ichor debuff is active
+50 When Obstructed debuff is active
+25% When Broken Armor debuff is active
Gladiator's Locket Gladiator's Locket +5
Corrupt Flask Corrupt Flask +6 While in The Corruption
Crimson Flask Crimson Flask +6 While in The Crimson
Infected Jewel Infected Jewel +6
+16 While any debuff is active
+5 For each additional debuff the player has
Bloody Worm Scarf Bloody Worm Scarf +7
Bloody Worm Tooth Bloody Worm Tooth +7
Deep Diver Deep Diver +8
+15 When submerged in liquid
Ornate Shield Ornate Shield +8
Purity (accessory) Purity +8
+20 While any debuff is active
+8 For each additional debuff the player has
Archaic Powder Archaic Powder +10 While in the Underground, Cavern, and The Underworld
The Camper The Camper +10
Dark Sun Ring Dark Sun Ring +10
+10 During a Solar Eclipse
+20 At night
Giant Shell Giant Shell +10
-5 For 5 seconds after taking damage
Regenator Regenator +10
Rover Drive Rover Drive +10 When the protection matrix is active
Shattered Community Shattered Community +10
Shield of the High Ruler Shield of the High Ruler +12
Laudanum Laudanum +14 When Weak debuff is active
+15 When Darkness debuff is active
+30 When Armor Crunch, Blackout, or Confused debuff is active
+40 When Ichor debuff is active
+50 When Obstructed debuff is active
+25% When Broken Armor debuff is active
The Absorber The Absorber +15
Giant Tortoise Shell Giant Tortoise Shell +15
-10 For 5 seconds after taking damage
Profaned Soul Crystal Profaned Soul Crystal +15 At night or when submerged in water or honey
-15 At day or when submerged in lava
Tarragon Wings Tarragon Wings +15 While equipping a full set of Tarragon armor
Asgard's Valor Asgard's Valor +16
+16 When submerged in liquid
Elysian Aegis Elysian Aegis +18
Rampart of Deities Rampart of Deities +18
Frost Flare Frost Flare +20 When below 25% health
Ursa Sergeant Ursa Sergeant +20
Asgardian Aegis Asgardian Aegis +28
+20 When submerged in liquid
The Sponge The Sponge +30 When the barrier is active
Yharim's Gift Yharim's Gift +30
Draedon's Heart Draedon's Heart +48
Bloodflare Core Bloodflare Core Up to -50% When the player is hit depending on amount of damage taken

Buffs and debuffs

Buff/Debuff Defense Notes
Reaver Rage Reaver Rage +5
Tequila (debuff) Tequila +5 During the day
Mushy Mushy +6
Spirit Defense Spirit Defense +6
Hallowed Defense Hallowed Defense +8
Crimson Effigy (buff) Crimson Effigy +10
Moonshine (debuff) Moonshine +10
Phantomic Shield Phantomic Shield +10
Tequila Sunrise (debuff) Tequila Sunrise +10 During the day
Afflicted Afflicted +13
Encased Encased +30
Grax Boost Grax Boost +30
Crumbling Crumbling -10
Irradiated Irradiated -10
Armor Crunch Armor Crunch -15
Vulnerability Hex Vulnerability Hex -20
Wither Wither -20
Grape Beer (debuff) Grape Beer -3%
Bloody Mary (debuff) Bloody Mary -4% During a Blood Moon
Rum (debuff) Rum -5%
Vodka (debuff) Vodka -5%
Whiskey (debuff) Whiskey -5%
Margarita (debuff) Margarita -6%
Star Beam Rye (debuff) Star Beam Rye -6%
White Wine (debuff) White Wine -6%
Caribbean Rum (debuff) Caribbean Rum -10%
Cinnamon Roll (debuff) Cinnamon Roll -10%
Fab Fab -10%
Everclear (debuff) Everclear -30%

Armor Penetration

Armor penetration is a statistic that reduces the defense of the player's targets. For instance, a Purple Slime normally has 6 defense. If the player has 5 Armor penetration and attacks the slime, then the slime will take damage as if it only had 1 defense instead.

Source Armor penetration bonus Condition
Wulfrum Blunderbuss Wulfrum Blunderbuss 3 Always.
Badge of Bravery Badge of Bravery 5 Melee.
Tin armor Tin armor 5 Set bonus.
Marnite Obliterator Marnite Obliterator 5 Always.
Experimental Wulfrum Fusion Array Experimental Wulfrum Fusion Array 10 Always.
Filthy Glove Filthy Glove 8 When performing stealth strikes.
Marnite Deconstructor Marnite Deconstructor 10 Always.
Sand Shark Tooth Necklace Sand Shark Tooth Necklace 10 Always.
Reaper Tooth Necklace Reaper Tooth Necklace 15 Always.
Omega Blue armor Omega Blue armor 15 Set bonus.
Electrician's Glove Electrician's Glove 8 When performing stealth strikes.
Nanotech Nanotech 15 When performing stealth strikes.

Defense Reduction

Several weapons can permanently lower an enemy's defense on hit. These defense reduction effects cannot stack with themselves or each other, unless marked with the + symbol.

Source Defense Reduction
Earth Earth +1
Grand Guardian Grand Guardian +1
Majestic Guard Majestic Guard +1
Apoctolith Apoctolith 15
Anti-materiel Rifle Anti-materiel Rifle 25

Vanilla changes

Various changes have been made to vanilla's defense boosts:

Defensive accessory modifiers now scale with progression:

Modifier Hard Guarding Armored Warding
Vanilla +1 +2 +3 +4
Hardmode +2 +3 +5 +6
Post-Moon Lord +3 +4 +6 +8
Post-Devourer of Gods +4 +6 +8 +10

Some vanilla items have gained the ability to increase defense:

Additionally, Sharpening Station's armor penetration value has been nerfed from 12 to 5.