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The Bestiary is an in-game catalog of the various entities in Terraria and the Calamity Mod, including enemies, NPCs, critters, and bosses. It can be viewed by opening the inventory and pressing Use / Attack on the Bestiary icon.png book icon located to the right of the item trash can, at the bottom right of the inventory. The Bestiary displays a description and basic statistics for each entity, including health, damage, defense, and knockback resistance, as well as advanced information like item drop rates. Entries can be sorted and filtered by various criteria, like stats, locations, times, events, etc.

The Calamity Mod adds 195 new entries to the Bestiary to cover most of its enemies. All entries from the Calamity Mod have the Calamity Mod Small IconCalamity Mod filter.


Icon Filter Number of creatures
Bestiary Abyss First Layer of the Abyss 6
Bestiary Abyss Second Layer of the Abyss 9
Bestiary Abyss Third Layer of the Abyss 13
Bestiary Abyss Fourth Layer of the Abyss 6
Bestiary Acid Rain Acid Rain 14
Bestiary Arsenal Lab Arsenal Labs 1
Bestiary Astral Desert Astral Desert Surface 2
Bestiary Astral Surface Astral Surface 11
Bestiary Astral Underground Astral Underground 4
Bestiary Brimstone Crags Brimstone Crag 9
Bestiary Sulphurous Sea Sulphurous Sea 12
Bestiary Sunken Sea Sunken Sea 10


Entity Stars Filters Description
??? 5 Ocean, Rare Creature It seems to call out in an alluring voice, and tugs on comforting memories of the sea you never actually had.
Acid Eel 1 Acid Rain Along its spine runs an undulating dorsal fin which they can put to great use for their streamlined form, as they rush at prey underwater.
Adult Eidolon Wyrm 5 Boss Enemy Traces of them appear even in records going back to before the Golden Age of Dragons… They may very well be a glimpse into the full potential of nature.
Aero Slime 1 Caverns Slimes take on the qualities of their environments and after feasting on aerialite ore, this slime has grown wings.
Amber Crawler 2 Underground Desert A lizard, its back inundated with crystals. These provide protection, but they are easily spooked and can be harvested for the rare gems upon their backs.
Amethyst Crawler 1 Underground A lizard, its back inundated with crystals. These provide protection, but they are easily spooked and can be harvested for the rare gems upon their backs.
Anahita 4 Ocean, Boss Enemy Boasting flawless manipulation of water, this elemental was known for almost limitless strength in her home turf. However, those days are long gone.
Anthozoan Crab 2 Sulphurous Sea A crab that has placed upon its back, a sturdy structure of stone. It is quite strong and displays this extraordinary strength by hurling boulders at those who encroach on its territory.
Aquatic Aberration 2 Ocean All head and stomach, they will gorge and guzzle upon vast schools of fish on their own.
Aquatic Scourge 4 Sulphurous Sea A species of scourge which has had its exoskeleton hardened and tempered by years of diving through sulphuric waters for prey. Its own jaws are now imbued with the venom of those seas.
Aquatic Urchin 1 Sulphurous Sea A relative of its brethren in the far ocean, this one’s spines have been hardened by the sulphuric waters. They drip with the venom they inhabit, so it’s better to not be struck by them.
Archmage 4 Snow His face shows great age, but also great wisdom. The Archmage once stood against the Jungle Tyrant and paid the price. He sells various frosty wares but of course, keeps the most powerful spells to himself.
Aries 2 Astral Surface Biologically, the creature suffers terribly. Its legs do not allow it to rest, constantly hopping across the infected landscape. It does not care as its mind is far gone. It continues this until death.
Armored Digger 4 Caverns These automated mechanical worms used to dig out the caverns so labs could be built. Thankfully, they are long past their once efficient state, and have not received maintenance in decades.
Astral Probe 1 Astral Surface A small animal devoured by the astral infection. The virus retains and shares its experience with itself of devouring other, similar creatures and so, all form identical shells.
Astral Slime 2 Astral Surface It does not show behavior different from any of its gelatinous folk, so this adaptive creature may have been the only one to fight the infection in its own way.
Astralachnea 2 Astral Underground An arachnid taken over by the infection, it has lost its ability to spin webs and hosts a myriad of astral growths on its abdomen.
Astrum Aureus 5 Astral Surface, Nighttime, Boss Enemy A multi-legged mechanical beast, its very existence speaks of the extent of control the astral virus has. Not even machinery can stand against it.
Astrum Deus 5 Astral Surface, Nighttime, Boss Enemy The fragments of the star god’s corpse still hold some of their former power, and even after succumbing to a dark infection, then being torn apart by an upstart worm, they willfully seek to return to the stars.
Atlas 2 Astral Surface In its uncontrolled growth, one appendage wrested nutrients and materials from the other and brought it to the extremes of muscular strength. One blow is enough to pulverize a monolith.
Aurora Spirit 1 Snow The souls of those who passed on in the heart of a blizzard. They now seek out others to freeze to death, to die as they did.
Baby Flak Crab 1 Sulphurous Sea Curiously, these seem to be intelligent enough to imprint a sort of parent figure if captured at a young enough age. They will stick with you forever!
Baby Ghost Bell 1 Sunken Sea Like their adult counterparts, they shimmer gently, and would make great sources of light if the prisms around them didn’t already do so. Maybe if there was a way to bring one with you.
Bandit 2 Desert A kleptomaniac who is a bit of a coward when it comes to face-to-face fights. She’s rather good at getting herself both into and out of dicey situations.
Belching Coral 2 Sulphurous Sea A rare species of coral, one which is able to process and draw nutrients from the waters of the sulphurous sea. During this process, a large amount of volatile gas is formed.
Big Sightseer 2 Astral Surface Within their shells, the virus brews a potent chemical. When the seer approaches a foe, it spits this chemical out of its mandibles, hoping to melt the intruder’s flesh.
Blinded Angler 2 Sunken Sea A species of angler which has lost any distinguishing feature on its head. Using primitive electroreception similar to sharks, it slowly and methodically hunts its prey.
Bloatfish 3 Abyss Layer 4 Heavy, large fish which can easily resist the crushing pressure of the depths and any weapon which might attempt to pierce its tough skin.
Bloodworm 5 Sulphurous Sea A ripe-looking worm large enough to curl around your arm. A fish would have to be either mad enough or wise enough, to go after one of these.
Bloom Slime 2 Caverns With the solar energy released from the profaned goddess’ destruction, uelibloom has sprouted in the jungle’s mud, and in the slimes which inhabit the biome.
Bobbit Worm 3 Abyss Layer 4 An immense threat for those who dare venture into the depths. Nearly imperceptible when they choose to be, and lightning-fast when they attack, their jaws can cut through iron plates over half a foot thick.
Bohldohr 2 The Temple A distant relative to the gem-covered lizards found within the caverns. This species instead covers itself with the smooth bricks of the Temple and curls into a ball for locomotion.
Box Jellyfish 2 Ocean, Abyss Layer 1 These seemingly inept masses of gelatin are anything but harmless. Let even one of their trailing tentacles brush you, and you will be heavily envenomed.
Brimling 2 Brimstone Crag Fragments of the brimstone elemental which made their way into shells of slag, their eyes stare mindlessly into the distance, for targets to burn.
Brimstone Elemental 5 Brimstone Crag, Boss Enemy A fallen goddess, past her prime of faithful worshippers. She feels an intense hatred for any being with enough self awareness to pity her.
Brimstone Witch 4 Surface A most surprising sight to see this powerful foe live along friendly faces. Will history repeat itself or has she finally managed to free herself from the Tyrant’s grasp?
Calamitas 4 Surface, Nighttime, Boss Enemy A mysterious burning form which only appears at night, wreathed in brimstone fire. It has a twisted mind and misplaced pride in its abilities.
Calamity Eye 2 Brimstone Crag Though these enemies are only a little more threatening than a demon eye, some say that they originally burst from the sockets of those who used to inhabit the capital, when their souls were cursed by the red flames.
Cataclysm 3 Surface, Nighttime A shade of itself, the only actions it seems to know are to burn and kill.
Cataclysm (supreme) 4 n/a Despite retaining a humanoid form, it is not capable of any higher thoughts. It only knows violence.
Catastrophe 3 Surface, Nighttime A violent, mindless construct. No good can come from raising the dead.
Catastrophe (supreme) 4 n/a Calamitas’ necromancy is outmatched by no one, but no one can truly bring the departed back from the dead.
Catfish 2 Sulphurous Sea An animal which adapted to the toxic waters quite naturally. It uses its whiskers to find its way, and its prey in the murky depths.
Ceaseless Void 5 The Dungeon, Boss Enemy When the fabric of the universe is meddled with, especially by inexperienced beings, the risk of irreparable damage is very, very high.
Chaotic Puffer 3 Abyss Layer 2, Abyss Layer 3 Anarchistic little devils, they swallow large amounts of water to inflate their bristling bodies. The water within them boils and bursts out in a scalding rush when they are killed.
Charred Slime 2 Brimstone Crag Lava slimes are the only ones that manage to survive in the heat of hell, having replaced their moisture with liquid rock. That said, their mannerisms are the same, and they seek out and devour anything they can.
Clam 4 Sunken Sea Sluggish mollusks filter what they can from the brackish water. Their shells are as hard as stone but contain delicate, succulent flesh.
Cloud Elemental 5 Sky, Rain, Rare Creature Once, outposts were created in the sky, for ease of worship towards the forces that occupied the clouds in order to please them. Now they lay abandoned and their deity angered.
Cnidrion 5 Desert, Rare Creature A confusing beast. They share qualities with many of the other desert creatures, yet seem to be able to store vast amounts of water in their bodies.
Colossal Squid 5 Abyss Layer 3, Abyss Layer 4, Rare Creature With crushing tentacles that stretch out to over twice the length of a grown man, and toxic black ink, these are formidable predators indeed.
Corrupt Slime Spawn 2 The Corruption, The Crimson They rapidly flap their wings, created from membranes of gel and spines of hardened slime. They will incessantly hunt you down.
Cosmic Elemental 1 Caverns A curious construct, and though its origins are unknown, it has been decidedly proven that the core of its body leads to somewhere not of our world.
Cosmic Guardian 4 n/a An interdimensional creation of the Devourer brought from its home dimension to aid it in battle. Nowhere near the strength of its sentinels.
Cosmic Lantern 2 The Underworld These lanterns allow their user to see through any darkness. They are not typically used for combat.
Crab Shroom 1 Underground Mushroom Mushrooms that grow only on Crabulon’s shell, feasting off the nutrients in the husk. By jolting its body, it flings these off in defense.
Crabulon 3 Underground Mushroom, Boss Enemy In the bulbous growths of the fungal caverns it is not uncommon to find molted shells.They are far too large for any of the usual decapods of the mushrooms.
Cragmaw Mire 3 Acid Rain Within its calcified shell which has formed against all logic in the sulphurous sea, a gelatinous body stirs. It is also host to a long grappling creature, which helps it grab prey in exchange for protection.
Crimson Slime Spawn 2 The Corruption, The Crimson Irritant globs of gel, which can rob you of your vision if they get on your eyes. Avoid these at all costs, as they can spell death against the Slime God.
Crimson Slime Spawn (spiked) 2 The Corruption, The Crimson Embedded in these slime’s bodies are shards of crimulan stone, which drip with a toxin meant to impair your vision.
Crimulan Blight Slime 2 The Crimson Seemingly, these are slimes which have been given the blessing of a higher being, They seek out and devour but not for themselves, which is a rarity among slimes.
Cryo Slime 2 Underground Snow When the release of Cryogen’s magic slightly thawed the frozen metal which rested underground, the resulting meltwater formed these. Remnants of the ore still reside within them.
Cryogen 4 Snow, Boss Enemy A prismatic living ice crystal. Though typically glimpsed only through the harsh sleet of blizzards, on the rare days where it is seen during a sunny day, its body gleams a deadly, beautiful blue.
Cryon 2 Snow, Underground Snow Within the octahedron, one can find ancient runes engraved into ice that does not melt. Who could have created these?
Crystal Crawler 2 Underground Hallow A lizard, its back inundated with crystals. These provide protection, but they are easily spooked and can be harvested for the rare gems upon their backs.
Cultist Assassin 2 Brimstone Crag, The Dungeon A devotee, their mind lost to the raging, hating fires of the brimstone flames. None have ever seen under their hood, and none ever should.
Cuttlefish 2 Abyss Layer 1, Abyss Layer 2, Abyss Layer 3 Should you feel something brush your legs in the depths of the abyss, it is likely that this is the culprit, tasting the waters for potential prey.
Dank Creeper 2 The Corruption, Underground Corruption Though their core is the same as a hive blob, their armored shell of shadow scale prevents them from dying quite as easily. They also carry a noxious gas within them.
Dark Energy 3 The Dungeon One of the many rifts created in the fabric of space by the Ceaseless Void. Some say you could even see a glimpse of another world if you gaze into it.
Dark Heart 1 The Corruption, Underground Corruption It pulses with stagnant, stinking waters of corruption, and leaks as it flies overhead. Wherever those drops land, any organic matter nearby slowly corrodes.
A Desert Nuisance 2 Desert The starved spawn of the Desert Scourge. Like piranhas of the desert, they can swarm and tear apart smaller animals within seconds.
Desert Scourge 3 Desert, Boss Enemy If ever before you have peered out into the desert and seen entire dunes rise and fall like the waves of the sea, it is not unlikely that this is the culprit, as it bore through the sands below.
Despair Stone 2 Brimstone Crag A condensed, volatile stone of brimstone slag. It is said that the souls of many, fighting to get out from within, are what cause it to tear across the ground.
Devil Fish 4 Abyss Layer 1, Abyss Layer 2 A sturdy fish, which has spent a long time seething in the Abyss. Males are easily identified by their forward-facing horns, and females by their curled horns.
The Devourer of Gods 5 Boss Enemy Its otherworldly ego is known as well as its overwhelming power across the land, as in battle it boasts constantly. Admittedly it is one of the few able to back up its claims.
Diamond Crawler 2 Caverns A lizard, its back inundated with crystals. These provide protection, but they are easily spooked and can be harvested for the rare gems upon their backs.
Draconic Swarmer 3 Jungle Though these creatures may look adorable, they are a vicious invasive species. If not dealt with quickly, they may drive the nearby fauna to extinction.
Draedon 3 Boss Enemy The esteemed scientist himself. His AI is uploaded into a database, far from harm, and thus destroying his recon bodies achieves nothing.
The Dragonfolly 5 Jungle, Boss Enemy Known across the land for the swarms that have gathered in the jungle, they are nearly feared above all else in it. Although they may not be quite as dangerous as other forces, they have no master.
Drunk Princess 4 The Hallow No one knows where she came from, but no one minds her either. She’s a good person to share a drink with, given you don’t make her mad.
Earth Elemental 5 Caverns, Rare Creature It is civilization’s goal to wrest nature under its control. This is the result of one such conquest, an artificial elemental, run by clockwork gears.
Ebonian Blight Slime 2 The Corruption Seemingly, these are slimes which have been given the blessing of a higher being, They seek out and devour but not for themselves, which is a rarity among slimes.
Eidolist 3 Abyss Layer 3 Highly skilled in the art of spellcasting, these mysterious creatures seem to stand guard like sentinels in watch over something. Approach one close enough and you may be able to make out garbled whispers.
Eidolon Wyrm 5 Abyss Layer 3, Abyss Layer 4, Rare Creature Among any creature ever witnessed, it is these that stray furthest from our understanding. Such grand might, such mystery…
Emerald Crawler 2 Caverns A lizard, its back inundated with crystals. These provide protection, but they are easily spooked and can be harvested for the rare gems upon their backs.
Eutrophic Ray 2 Sunken Sea A stingray that spends much of its time docile on the rocky floors of the sunken sea’s pools. It stores its energy, and when endangered, can release it in short bursts of speed.
Fearless Goldfish Warrior 1 Surface, Rain With its tin hat upon its head and a dagger that gleams as gold as it does, it marches out into the rain, ready for battle.
Flak Crab 2 Acid Rain A normal crab by all means, except for its shell. It has learned to gather the water around it to expel forcefully through its funnel after treatment. It is a dangerous concoction.
Flounder 1 Sulphurous Sea These creatures do not seek out their food, but rather wait for their meals to come to them. Watch your step if you venture down into the sulphurous sea.
Frogfish 2 Ocean Ambush predators that lay in wait for their prey. They are not particularly strong, and if you come across one, are dispatched with ease.
Fusion Feeder 2 Astral Desert Surface A sand shark that has been taken by the astral infection. Unfamiliar with the origins of the virus, its mind is flooded with information gathered throughout the cosmos, and it thirsts for the plasma of distant stars.
Gamma Slime 3 Acid Rain As the toxins in the water of the sulphurous sea worsen, and the clouds which draw from it grow more hazardous, the slimes become ever more potent.
Ghost Bell 2 Sunken Sea Ethereal jellyfish that drift in the still water of the sunken sea. Their bodies are curiously charged with an electric current.
Giant Clam 5 Sunken Sea This oversized clam is large enough to entrap a person or two whole. Thankfully, it has only taken turf in the lowest regions of the sunken sea.
Giant Squid 2 Abyss Layer 2, Abyss Layer 3 A massive squid, having gained its size from the abundance of prey and little competition in its habitat. Its eyes are specially adapted to seeking out prey in the darkness.
Gnasher 2 Sulphurous Sea A turtle that has had its shell encrusted by the filth of the sulphurous sea. For an animal of its size, its jaws have a nearly unmatched biting strength.
Great Sand Shark 5 Desert, Sandstorm, Rare Creature One wonders if there is a limit to the persistence of sharks in their quest to survive. In the very opposite of their usual climate, they have conquered too. It is a miracle that none yet have grown wings.
Guardian Commander 5 The Hallow, The Underworld, Boss Enemy When it turns its burning spear towards anything, its simple mind has a clear goal. To entirely eradicate the enemy.
Guardian Defender 4 The Hallow, The Underworld The body it has formed boasts of a stone shell hallowed and tempered by the flames of the sun. Very little can fully shatter its defense.
Guardian Healer 4 The Hallow, The Underworld Its crystal which is displayed prominently on its body is able to restore damage done to its kin, and it draws that damage into flares which steal your life.
Gulper Eel 4 Abyss Layer 3, Abyss Layer 4 Massive in length and in breadth, this eel resides in the deeper caverns of the abyss. Its jaws have the curious ability to hyperextend and swallow nearly any prey it sets its eyes upon.
Hadarian 2 Astral Desert Surface The membrane of their wings is particularly tough, for material so thin. It has been known to guard them against burns and projectiles as they mercilessly tear at their foes.
Heat Spirit 2 Brimstone Crag A human spirit, its mind lost to the blazing orange fires of its dwelling. It seeks out and attempts to eliminate any source of moisture it can detect entering the hellscape.
Hive 2 Astral Underground These seem to erupt from the caverns of the astral itself. The flesh of their hosts twists into a spiral and countless bodies make up the pulsing flesh of the hive.
Hive Blob 1 The Corruption, Underground Corruption A ball of flesh and rotting matter, it is flung out by the hive mind towards its enemies as fodder, to wear down any who stand in their way.
Hive Cyst 5 The Corruption, Underground Corruption, Rare Creature The blemish of a colonial superorganism, the mass of organic matter pulses like a heart. The growth is the result of the corruption’s beings forming together.
The Hive Mind 4 The Corruption, Underground Corruption, Boss Enemy In the deep trenches of the corruption, infected creatures gather to manifest their own deity. Unlike other cases where smaller beings gather for protection, this is an entirely offensive maneuver.
Hiveling 2 Astral Underground A small creature, one entirely original to the astral infection, save for a tiny core of organic material it takes from the host Hive. They are easily squashed but swarm if endangered.
Ice Clasper 5 Snow, Underground Snow, Rare Creature An enemy which knows no bounds in hunting its prey. In blizzards where visibility is low, they have been known to glaciate and capture travelers. What happens to the victims is unknown.
Impious Immolator 3 The Hallow, The Underworld A burning spirit, with no regard or acknowledgment for its surroundings. Anyone who intrudes upon the Profaned Goddess’ holy grounds will be turned to ash.
Irradiated Slime 2 Acid Rain Encrusted with gunk that evaporates slowly from the sulphurous sea, these slimes actually form in the upper atmosphere’s acidic rain, before falling back to the earth.
Jungle Dragon, Yharon 5 Jungle, Boss Enemy Perhaps… the last of its kind. It could decimate this Jungle in an instant if it wished, however, it seems to take great care in not doing so.
Laserfish 2 Abyss Layer 2, Abyss Layer 3 Its eyes are blinded by bacteria that gather in large sacs on its head. As it swims through the waters, relying on primitive echolocation, the bacteria are able to release concussive blasts to clear its path.
The Leviathan 5 Ocean, Boss Enemy A gargantuan marine reptile that has lurked the ocean depths for almost a millennium. It is unknown if she is the last of her kind, and as despicable as it is, let us pray that she is.
Luminous Corvina 2 Abyss Layer 2 This fish has a peculiar defense mechanism. When a threat such as yourself enters its field of view, it releases a shrill pulse alerting others to not its presence— but yours.
Mantis 2 Astral Surface A nimble mutation of the astral infection, its many legs allow it to quickly traverse nearly any terrain the infection devours. By swinging its front claws at high speeds, it releases harmful blades of energy.
Mantis Shrimp 2 Ocean Should it land a blow with its rounded front claws, it will tear your flesh and shatter your bones. Needless to say, avoid this at all costs.
Mauler 5 Acid Rain Sharks are perhaps one of the most resilient and well-adapted species in our planet’s history. It is no surprise that one of these apex predators has come to thrive in these seas.
Melter 2 Jungle, Underground Jungle Its face is warped and softened by the corrosive effects of the plague nanobots, and it seeks to share that uncomfortable fate with others under both its own will, and the plague’s.
Mirage Jelly 3 Abyss Layer 3 In the encapsulating darkness of the abyss, a drifting purple light that seems to ignore all physical boundaries is likely one of these. Many even doubt their existence and blame it on the rapture of the deep.
Moray Eel 2 Ocean, Abyss Layer 1 Their eyes gleam with hunger, and they inhabit the rocks of underwater structures when at rest, only occasionally roaming the open waters.
Nova 2 Astral Surface The process of forced biological mutation is potent with the astral virus, and the byproducts are volatile. Most creatures discharge this chemical gradually and lose that liability— but a Nova stores it.
Nuclear Terror 4 Acid Rain Perhaps it was once just a simple crab or perhaps there are plenty of others like it, lurking in the depths. Any answer is sure to make you want to never set foot in the sulphurous sea again.
Nuclear Toad 1 Acid Rain When threatened underwater they rapidly inflate and bob to the surface. As a last resort, they forcefully burst themselves. Their selfless goal is the prolonged survival of their kin.
Oarfish 3 Abyss Layer 2, Abyss Layer 3 A peculiar bony fish many have only ever seen as corpses washed up on a beach, but in their natural habitat, their red fins stream behind them, as they drift in the water column.
The Old Duke 5 Sulphurous Sea, Boss Enemy Despite appearing old and decrepit, it clings to life. It does not seem native to the polluted sea, yet it has taken its place as its apex predator.
Orthocera 2 Acid Rain Within the muck of the sulphurous sea, it is not uncommon to find creatures from ages past, their bodies entirely preserved. It seems that not all simply passed away.
Overloaded Soldier 2 Underground Phantoplasm bulges through the corroded armor in the place of rotting flesh, as this creature reanimated by vengeful spirits treks the caverns of the world.
Perennial Slime 2 Caverns Slimes, from their time spent wobbling about the undergrowth, are full of nutrients, which would well support plant life. Many accept these growths and have been seen to carry blossoms.
The Perforators 3 The Crimson, Underground Crimson Each equipped with a deadly mouthpiece, the different ones are suited for different tasks. One to pierce, one to tear, and another, simply to devour.
Perforator Cyst 5 The Crimson, Underground Crimson, Rare Creature A pulsing patch of anarchistic eyes and teeth. It is the culmination of the crimson’s flesh and should be avoided at all costs.
The Perforator Hive 4 The Crimson, Underground Crimson, Boss Enemy Though birthed by the crimson, it is unknown whether they fully serve that creator. The worms of the hive frequently carve huge tunnels in the crimson’s flesh.
Pestilent Slime 2 Jungle, Underground Jungle A slime infested by the nanobots of the plague. With no directive the plague can naturally apply to it, it simply continues its life, corroding anything which approaches.
Phantom Spirit 2 (Normal and Sad)
3 (Angry and Happy)
The Dungeon Spirits which turned upon one another, cannibalizing others in their mindless frustrated frenzies. There is precedent in the past, for spirits which have devoured enough of others, to grow astoundingly in power.
Piggy 2 Surface, Daytime Pigs are greedy little beasts. If they come across anything they could barely fathom as food, they will scarf it down in a blink.
Plague Charger 2 Jungle, Underground Jungle While hornets on their own are known for aggressive defense of their territory, once they have been warped by the plague, their sense of their dominion reaches ever further.
Plaguebringer 3 Jungle, Underground Jungle Queen Bees are reared upon royal honey, raising them into the matriarchs they are. If during the process, their growth is hijacked by the plague, they are left as only a pathetic reminder of what they could have been.
The Plaguebringer Goliath 5 Jungle, Underground Jungle, Boss Enemy Machinery and nanobots have nearly entirely eaten away at the form of this Queen Bee. One wonders if it would simply be more efficient to create one from the ground up.
Plagueshell 2 Jungle, Underground Jungle In truth, once a jungle tortoise has been touched by the plague, its original shell disintegrates, and the thorny shield it now wields is constructed entirely of reinforced nanobots.
Polterghast 5 The Dungeon, Boss Enemy Screaming and crying, a cacophony of spirits in anguish tear through the narrow hallways of the dungeon, searching for more—alive or dead—to add to their numbers.
Prism-Back 2 Sunken Sea Rather slow swimmers, they are one of the few creatures that need to breach. They periodically swim to the upper layer of their habitat to lay their eggs.
Profaned Energy 3 The Hallow, The Underworld A living altar, close to the heart of the Profaned Goddess. From the crystal in its stand, flames lash out into the world, to burn the unfaithful.
Providence, the Profaned Goddess 5 The Hallow, The Underworld, Boss Enemy A deity of stone and fire. Her flame burns for one reason alone— to cleanse the world of its sinful existence, and to purify those who live upon it.
Radiator 1 Acid Rain Like many other sea slugs, it ingests toxins from its environments and displays them along its back in a flashy display. The toxins in the sulphurous sea however, are a bit more potent than others.
Ravager 5 Surface, Boss Enemy Flames roar from what almost appear to be the parapets of a rotting fortress. You will know when it is approaching downwind, from the smell alone.
Reaper Shark 5 Abyss Layer 3, Abyss Layer 4, Rare Creature Evolution is a strange mistress, especially in the depths of the abyss. To some, she grants a straightforward path to life, and to others, she grants arms.
Repair Unit 1 Arsenal Labs Thanks to these little machines, the dusty labs still stand. It appears they're unable to deal with rust, though.
Rimehound 1 Snow, Underground Snow A large and bulky hound, its fur is frosted to the point of forming near-icicles. Being tackled by one is a painful experience.
Rotdog 1 Surface, Nighttime Malicious animals, which attack with tough claws and strong jaws. Any wound from these will bleed heavily. Address the cut quickly.
Ruby Crawler 2 Caverns A lizard, its back inundated with crystals. These provide protection, but they are easily spooked and can be harvested for the rare gems upon their backs.
Sapphire Crawler 1 Underground A lizard, its back inundated with crystals. These provide protection, but they are easily spooked and can be harvested for the rare gems upon their backs.
Scorn Eater 3 The Hallow, The Underworld The brute force of the Profaned Goddess’ creations and devotees. Their jaws are filled to the brim with razor-sharp crystals and scorching holy flames.
Scryllar 2 Brimstone Crag Twisted detritus of those who once came to harvest the remains of the crags. The whispers got to them.
Sea Floaty 1 Sunken Sea Strange but mesmerizing creatures, they hide immediately at the sight of any predator. They do not seem to be fully developed.
Sea King 3 Ocean The Sea King of an ancient civilization long lost to the sands of time— and the desert. He is able to give useful advice on the world around you, having lived for so long. He also used to like clams.
Sea Minnow 1 Sunken Sea While they are at the bottom of the food chain, they also make up eighty percent of the biomass in this sea. They nibble away at corpses that fall from the underground desert above.
Sea Serpent 3 Sunken Sea These eels are largely passive and drift languidly through the still waters of the sunken sea. Should you provoke them, they can be stubborn attackers.
Sea Urchin 1 Ocean A spiny animal that flings itself about in defense of its territory. If they fling themselves onto land—though relatively helpless—they can make their way back to the ocean.
Sepulcher 4 n/a This might just be the vilest undead abomination in this realm. The Sepulcher itself is completely immune to physical damage, and can only be killed by destroying its many suspended organs.
Shockstorm Shuttle 2 Sky Proof of life in the stars, these were likely once weapons of war, now primitive to their original civilization. They continue to scour the cosmos for hospitable planets, which they attack.
Signus, Envoy of the Devourer 5 The Underworld, Boss Enemy A figure draped in dark robes and even darker history. No one knows the true form of this creature, though many rumors have been spread.
Skyfin 1 Acid Rain Their fins are highly adapted to both water and air, and should one of their reckless charges leave them briefly stranded on land, within a few moments, they will take to the air.
The Slime God (core) 3 The Corruption, The Crimson, Boss Enemy This creature could easily be confused for a giant amoeba. It seems to be developing past the limitations of an usual slime, thanks to all the compacted biomass it contains.
The Slime God (large slimes) 2 The Corruption, The Crimson Flanking their creator and serving as its body, these are concentrated, swirling masses of the world’s evils, each utilizing the rot and corrosion to eat away and assimilate those who oppose it.
Small Sightseer 2 Astral Surface Within their shells, the virus brews a potent chemical. When the seer approaches a foe, it spits this chemical out of its mandibles, hoping to melt the intruder’s flesh.
Soul Seeker 3 Surface, Nighttime Guardians were brought together by Calamitas to shield its body from blows. It is possible that they are soul slurpers empowered and enslaved by a different brand of magic than brimstone.
Soul Seeker (supreme) 3 n/a Incomplete, ghoulish skulls, their forms are limited but their devotion boundless. It’s likely each yearns for a soul of their own to be complete, whether it’s given by Calamitas or ripped from the foe they kill.
Soul Slurper 2 Brimstone Crag The remnants of a soul which has feasted, been feasted upon, and torn into the souls of others. No one knows how the cycle begins, but you don’t want to find out yourself.
Stellar Culex 2 Astral Underground Many pincers line the face of this mutation. It will attempt to attach itself to other organic creatures, and lower its mouth to their flesh to feed.
Storm Weaver 5 Sky, Boss Enemy It resides high up in the stratosphere, feasting on wyverns and storm swimmers alike, which give it powerful electrokinesis.
Stormlion 1 Underground Desert What these appear to feed on are the electric storms that brew over deserts. When the skies darken, they reach upwards with their mandibles that act as lightning rods.
Sulphurous Sharkron 3 Sulphurous Sea Rotting, corpselike offspring of the Old Duke. In the Sulphurous Seas, even from birth, their appearances are wizened and decrepit.
Sulphurous Skater 2 Acid Rain From below, the tips of their legs barely penetrate the surface of the water, and it is hard to distinguish their movements from the rain on the water’s surface.
Sunskater 1 Sky Some creatures which skirt the edges of our atmosphere tend to absorb and channel the sun’s rays better than others. At any rate, this is a passive creature that means you no harm. You should return the favor.
Supreme Calamitas 5 Boss Enemy The Brimstone Witch's harsh life can be seen in the magic she casts. Volatile and powerful, yet just barely refined. Her temper is said to be fiery enough to burn down a kingdom.
Topaz Crawler 1 Underground A lizard, its back inundated with crystals. These provide protection, but they are easily spooked and can be harvested for the rare gems upon their backs.
Toxic Minnow 2 Abyss Layer 1, Abyss Layer 2, Abyss Layer 3 It spends much of its time finding the most repulsive and disagreeable vegetation for animals to feast upon. Their bellies glow green as they process the chemicals to use in self-defense.
Trasher 2 Sulphurous Sea A huge alligator adapted to a life of scavenging in the sulphurous sea. They scrape morsels of food from the bottom with their massive jaws. But do not be mistaken. They will also prey on weak and feeble creatures.
Trilobite 2 Acid Rain Their shell is of notable hardness, and it carries the same weight as stone. It speaks of their strength, for them to be able to fling themselves about the way they do.
Twinkler 1 Astral Surface A rare case of the astral infection creating a harmless creature. They flicker rather prettily, and you’re not going to be the only one who thinks so. They make useful bait.
Viperfish 2 Abyss Layer 1, Abyss Layer 2, Abyss Layer 3 A typically docile animal, it spends much of its time meandering about the rocky outcrops of the abyss. When approached it can become quite aggressive.
Viruling 2 Jungle, Underground Jungle Overtaken by the plague, derplings immediately lose their legs, as they are seen as only a hindrance. No longer will they gaily spring about.
Water Leech 1 Acid Rain It can smell the scent of flesh from far distances and will eagerly squirm its way to the source. Once attached to the host, they rapidly intake blood and discharge venom, both of which heavily disadvantage its prey.
Wulfrum Drone 1 Surface, Daytime Rotating their small frames, they swoop at potential intruders into a predefined territory that no longer exists. They wander without purpose.
Wulfrum Gyrator 1 Surface, Daytime An orb of wulfrum metal. How it travels is a mystery, though it likely has something to do with its gyroscopic spinning. They fling their bodies at enemies to attack.
Wulfrum Hovercraft 1 Surface, Daytime Traveling with propulsion that carries them over the ground with ease, they seek out trespassers, though their analysis likely has grown imperceptive with age.
Wulfrum Pylon 1 Surface, Daytime A stationary foe, though its function is far from harmless. Within its influence, other wulfrum creations become notably empowered, the curious energy within them, overflowing.
Wulfrum Rover 1 Surface, Daytime An aged automaton of unknown origins. With an incessant sense of duty and worn frame, they scour the land. Their lamps shine with curious energy.
XF-09 Ares 5 Boss Enemy While it is the most flamboyant of Draedon’s machines, it appears to be lacking some finish, though this trait does not compromise its killing potential whatsoever.
XM-05 Thanatos 5 Boss Enemy Under every armored plate on this machine lies an advanced weapon. This sacrifices the machine’s durability, but it makes it a very effective mass murderer.
XS-01 Artemis 5 Boss Enemy The Exo Twins are the ultimate recon units. Capable of detecting various wavelengths of light unknown to us, nothing can hide.
XS-03 Apollo 5 Boss Enemy Within it, burns chemicals with the fury of Greek fire. Highly refined from the design of the eye-like twins before, it is now capable of outstanding mid-air movement.

Excluded and unachieveable entries

Certain enemies do not have Bestiary entries at all:


  • Unlike most critters, the Piggy and Repair Unit critters need to be killed in order to have their Bestiary entries unlocked.

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