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EnvironmentGlowing Mushroom biome
Damage0 (Passive)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 40 / 64 Expert Mode / 80 Revengeance Mode / 88 Death Mode / 120 Master Mode (Contact)
32 / 48 Expert Mode / 60 Revengeance Mode / 68 Death Mode / 90 Master Mode (Mushroom)
Max Life3,350 / 5,360 Expert Mode / 6,400 Revengeance Mode / 8,040 Master Mode / 9,600 Revengeance Mode Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Grants buffMushyMushy
Buff durationInfinite (while passive)
Buff tooltipIncreased defense and life regen
Immune toPearl AuraConfused
Coins 10 Gold Coin.png
Crabulon map.png
Map Icon

Crabulon Trophy.png "A crab and its mushrooms, a love story." Crabulon Trophy.png

Crabulon is a Pre-Hardmode boss. It has the appearance of a giant, gray, fungus-covered crab, with several glowing mushrooms attached to it.


Crabulon is summoned by using the Decapodita Sprout in a Glowing Mushroom biome.


When spawned, Crabulon will be passive towards the player, completely still and dealing no contact damage. While Crabulon is passive, the player is granted the Mushy buff, increasing defense by 5 and life regen by 1. It will become hostile if the player attacks it.

Once hostile, Crabulon will begin walking around and jumping at the player, all while firing a series of mushroom projectiles. It also starts summoning small Crab Shroom minions, which slowly float downward while drifting towards the player.

Crabulon enrages outside of the Glowing Mushroom biome and on the Surface, increasing its running speed. The enrage is even more effective if both conditions are met.


  • Every 5.375 seconds while idling, launches one Mushroom ShotMushroom Shot at the player, which is affected by gravity.
  • After 6 seconds of idling, repeatedly slam its claws around. While in this animation, Crabulon jumps towards the player three times each with a five-second delay.
  • When 5% of its health is lost, the resulting hit launches 2 / 2-3 Expert Mode / 3 Death Mode Crab ShroomCrab Shrooms upwards.
    • Crab Shrooms drift back and forth around the player, and have a constant falling acceleration.

In Expert Mode

  • Gains the ability to leap through solid tiles.
  • When below 66% health:
    • The number of Mushroom Shots increases from one to three
    • Fires Mushroom Shots 33.33% faster
    • Increases horizontal and projectile speed
    • Reduces the delay between jumps by 80%
    • Jumps four times instead of three
  • When below 33% health:
    • The number of Mushroom Shots increases from three to six
    • Fires Mushroom Shots 40% faster
    • Increases horizontal and projectile speed
    • Reduces the delay between jumps by 40%

In Revengeance Mode

  • A wall of 20 evenly-spaced Mushroom ShotFalling Mushrooms is summoned 56.25 tiles above Crabulon on every final jump it makes in each sequence.
    • Mushroom walls are slightly tilted below 66% health. The direction of the tilt corresponds to the direction of the player relative to the boss.
  • Crabulon's jumps scale in height based on vertical distance to the player and attempts to intercept them if they are moving.
  • Each jump varies in length and delay.
    • The first jump is normal in length and delay.
    • The second jump is higher and slightly shorter delay.
    • The third jump is lower and very short delay.
    • The fourth jump is lower but longer and extremely short delay.
  • Crab Shrooms have a 25% higher terminal fall speed.

In Death Mode

  • Idles for less time the lower its health, up to two seconds less.
  • Moves faster, and even faster as its health decreases.

On the For the worthy seed

  • Defense increased to 24.
  • Moves faster.
  • Is 50% larger.
  • Mushroom walls are summoned more frequently and are faster.
  • Crab Shrooms have their health increased to 50 / 100 Expert Mode.


Crab Shroom
Crab Shroom.png
TypeFlying Enemy
EnvironmentGlowing Mushroom biome
Damage25 / 50 Expert Mode / 62 Revengeance Mode / 70 Death Mode / 75 Master Mode
Max Life25 / 50 Expert Mode / 75 Master Mode
KB Resist25% / 32.5% Expert Mode / 40% Master Mode
Immune toConfused


  • If Crabulon is stuck and cannot get to the player, it can swim through blocks, similarly to the Mourning Wood and Everscream.


For more elaborate strategies on defeating Crabulon, including weapon and arena recommendations, see Guide:Crabulon strategies.
  • Stay underground when summoning the boss, as going to the surface will cause Crabulon to enrage, even if the player is in the Glowing Mushroom biome.
  • The player should try to stay above Crabulon, as its stomp attacks deal great amounts of damage. However, be wary of Crabulon's other attacks like its exploding mushrooms and Crab Shrooms.
    • Avoid staying directly above Crabulon as many projectiles come from it and go upwards.
  • Although Crabulon can be fought as the first boss, be careful as the boss can easily overwhelm an unprepared player.
  • In Revengeance and Death Mode, move slowly during Crabulon's falling mushroom wall attack in order to easily dodge them.
    • This attack always happens on Crabulon's 3rd jump.


  • Crabulon's theme is [email protected]+!0N, which was composed by the artist DM DOKURO.
    • When [email protected]+!0N is played through a vectorscope, portions of the song create shapes that resemble mushrooms.
    • The theme's name reads "Infestation".
    • If the Calamity Music add-on mod is disabled, Boss 4 will play instead.
  • Crabulon can be fought before any boss is defeated, as its summoning item only require Glowing Mushrooms.
  • In previous versions of the mod, Crabulon's stomp attack was able to destroy non-glowing mushroom biome blocks.
  • Crabulon is often referred to as "The Perfect One" in the player base in reference to its former lore where it was given the title.
  • If the Boss Checklist Mod is installed, its unique despawn message will be "The mycelium crab has lost interest."

BestiaryBestiary entries

  • Crabulon: "In the bulbous growths of the fungal caverns it is not uncommon to find molted shells.They are far too large for any of the usual decapods of the mushrooms."
  • Crab Shroom: "Mushrooms that grow only on Crabulon’s shell, feasting off the nutrients in the husk. By jolting its body, it flings these off in defense."