Fusion Feeder

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Fusion Feeder
Fusion Feeder.png
EnvironmentAstral InfectionDesert
Damage45 / 90 Expert Mode / 135 Master Mode (pre-Astrum Aureus)
65 / 130 Expert Mode / 195 Master Mode (post-Astrum Aureus)
90 / 180 Expert Mode / 270 Master Mode (Meteor pre-Astrum Aureus)
110 / 220 Expert Mode / 330 Master Mode (Meteor post-Astrum Aureus)
Max Life400 / 800 Expert Mode / 1200 Master Mode (pre-Astrum Aureus)
600 / 1200 Expert Mode / 1800 Master Mode (post-Astrum Aureus)
Defense12 (pre-Astrum Aureus)
22 (post-Astrum Aureus)
KB Resist20% / 28% Expert Mode / 36% Master Mode (pre-Astrum Aureus)
30% / 37% Expert Mode / 44% Master Mode (post-Astrum Aureus)
Inflicts debuffAstral Infection (debuff)Astral Infection
100% chance

Debuff duration1.25 seconds
Debuff tooltipYour flesh is melting off
Immune toAstral Infection (debuff)ConfusedPoisoned
BannerFusion Feeder BannerFusion Feeder Banner
Cold Bestiary Cold.png-
Water Bestiary Water.png-
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.pngResistant
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.png-
Heat Bestiary Heat.pngVulnerable

The Fusion Feeder is a Hardmode enemy which spawns in the Desert Astral Infection biome. It is the Astral variant of Sand Shark, although unlike Sand Sharks it is unable to swim freely through blocks nor lunge at the player through them. Instead, it crawls along the tops of blocks or submerges shallowly, about 1 block deep, to approach the player. It is able to swim and lunge at the player if it is within a body of water. While lunging towards the player, it fires an Astral MeteorAstral Meteor which is aimed towards the player.



  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Fusion Feeder: "Bloated with mana, the immense amount of magical power has dulled the instincts of these former sand sharks, their movements now slow and sluggish. Their need for food has been permanently sated, and they now thirst only for distant stars."


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Now has 25% less health and 10% less damage in Master Mode.
    • Nerfed meteor damage pre-Astrum Aureus from 45 / 90 Expert Mode / 135 Master Mode to 45 / 70 Expert Mode / 90 Master Mode, and post-Astrum Aureus from 55 / 110 Expert Mode / 165 Master Mode to 55 / 80 Expert Mode / 102 Master Mode.
    • No longer deals contact damage while not lunging.
  • Decreased Astral Infection duration on contact from 1.5 seconds to 1.25, and from meteors from 1 second to 0.75.
  • Decreased Astral Infection duration on contact from 2 seconds to 1.5, and from meteors from 2 seconds to 1.
  • Now vulnerable to heat debuffs, but resistant to sickness debuffs.
  • Fixed its death sound not playing.
  • Now inflicts Astral Infection for 2 seconds.
    • Now gains increased stats, equivalent to old stat values, after defeating Astrum Aureus.
    • Nerfed health from 600 / 1200 Expert Mode to 400 / 800 Expert Mode, damage from 64 / 128 Expert Mode to 45 / 90 Expert Mode, defense from 22 to 12, and knockback resistance from 30% to 20%.
    • Increased delay between when its hit sound can play.
    • Increased minimum coin drop amount from 9 Silver Coin to 20 Silver Coin.
    • Increased volume of hit and death sounds.
    • Fixed all sounds not playing properly.