Sea Floaty

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Sea Floaty
Sea Floaty.png
EnvironmentSunken Sea
Damage5 / 10 Expert Mode / 15 Master Mode
Max Life50 / 100 Expert Mode / 150 Master Mode
KB Resist50% / 55% Expert Mode / 60% Master Mode
Immune toConfusedEutrophication
BannerSea Floaty BannerSea Floaty Banner

The Sea Floaty is a Pre-Hardmode enemy that spawns in the Sunken Sea. It crawls along the seafloor and never chases the player. Upon being hit, it will swim away from the player by going through tiles and despawn shortly afterwards.


  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Sea Floaty: "Flatworms can be found in many seas and oceans across the world, and are exceptional at fitting through cracks or crevices due to their thin bodies. These particular flatworms only ever inhabited the lower sea, and were left entirely unthreatened by the carnage that annihilated most species’ homes."


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  • Fixed its bestiary entry using the wrong apostrophe.