Slab Crab

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Slab Crab
Slab Crab.png Slab Crab (disguised).png
Damage20 / 40 Expert Mode / 54 Master Mode (Moving)
0 (Disguised)
Max Life300 / 600 Expert Mode / 675 Master Mode
Defense10 (Moving)
999998 (Disguised)
KB Resist0% (Moving)
100% (Disguised)
Immune toConfusedCrush DepthRiptide (debuff)
BannerSlab Crab BannerSlab Crab Banner

The Slab Crab is an enemy that spawns in the 1st layer of the Abyss. Similarly to Baby Flak Crab and its adult counterpart, it disguises itself as a rock and is immune to damage while disguised. If the player gets too close to one or break the blocks below it, it will reveal itself and run and jump towards the player, dealing contact damage. Once the player exits its range, it disguises itself again after 3 seconds.


  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Slab Crab: "Despite its shell being as hard as rock, the Slab Crab hides at the most pacific zone of the Abyss; for it cannot withstand the acidic water above, nor the fearsome predators below. Whereas it would normally be prey that only the strongest could dine on, in this habitat, it manages to barely evade natural selection."
  • The Slab Crab in its defensive state has exactly 1 less defense than Flak Crabs, signifying the increased strength of Flak Crabs.


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