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TypeFlying Enemy
EnvironmentAstral InfectionSurface
Damage45 / 90 Expert Mode / 135 Master Mode (pre-Astrum Aureus)
75 / 150 Expert Mode / 225 Master Mode (post-Astrum Aureus)
Max Life230 / 460 Expert Mode / 690 Master Mode (pre-Astrum Aureus)
350 / 700 Expert Mode / 1050 Master Mode (post-Astrum Aureus)
Defense15 (pre-Astrum Aureus)
25 (post-Astrum Aureus)
KB Resist50% / 55% Expert Mode / 60% Master Mode (pre-Astrum Aureus)
60% / 64% Expert Mode / 68% Master Mode (post-Astrum Aureus)
Inflicts debuffAstral Infection (debuff)Astral Infection
100% chance

Debuff duration0.75 seconds
Debuff tooltipYour flesh is melting off
Immune toAstral Infection (debuff)ConfusedPoisoned
BannerNova BannerNova Banner
Cold Bestiary Cold.png-
Water Bestiary Water.png-
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.pngResistant
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.png-
Heat Bestiary Heat.pngVulnerable

The Nova is a Hardmode enemy which spawns on the Surface Astral Infection biome. Initially, it loosely hovers near the player. If it maintains a line of sight on the player for long enough, it starts pulsating and stops in place, then begins to accelerate in a straight line until it collides with the player or any surface, exploding on contact.



  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Nova: "Warped yet simple creatures created from but stardust and mana, containing a volatile nucleus within. They feel that they must defend the infection despite lacking proper means of even defending themselves, and so all they can do to ward off intruders is overcharge their nucleus, causing themselves to combust."
  • This enemy is named after a nova (Latin for "new", as in "new star"); a strong and rapid increase in the brightness of a star.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Now has 25% less health and 10% less damage in Master Mode.
    • No longer deals contact damage if its not moving fast enough.
  • Decreased Astral Infection duration from 1 second to 0.75.
  • Decreased Astral Infection duration from 2 seconds to 1.
    • Now has a different loot pool based on if it explodes or not:
      • If it explodes, it can drop Glorious End at a 14.29% chance.
      • If it doesn't explode, it drops 2-3 / 3-4 Expert Mode Stardust and has a 14.29% to drop Stellar Cannon after defeating Astrum Aureus.
  • Now vulnerable to heat debuffs, but resistant to sickness debuffs.
  • Moves 50% faster and has a higher chance to perform a charge in Death Mode.
  • Fixed its death sound not playing.
  • Now inflicts Astral Infection for 2 seconds on contact.
    • Now gains increased stats, equivalent to old stat values, after defeating Astrum Aureus.
    • Now drops Stellar Cannon after defeating Astrum Aureus instead of Astrum Deus.
    • Nerfed health from 350 / 700 Expert Mode to 230 / 460 Expert Mode, contact damage from 75 / 150 Expert Mode to 45 / 90 Expert Mode, defense from 25 to 15, and knockback resistance from 60% to 50%.
    • Explosion now inherits contact damage values instead of having a fixed damage value of 100.
    • Increased delay between when its hit sound can play.
    • Increased minimum coin drop amount from 11 Silver Coin to 20 Silver Coin.
    • Increased volume of hit and death sounds.
    • Fixed all sounds not playing properly.