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The Space layer features 3 new enemies, including a mini boss. Numerous Planetoids spawn in this layer, containing an abundance of ore, Life Crystals, and other loot. The Storm Weaver boss is summoned and fought in this layer.


CharactersUnique Drops

In Hardmode:

Shockstorm ShuttleShockstorm Shuttle

In Hardmode while it is raining:

Cloud ElementalCloud Elemental(Miniboss)


Storm WeaverStorm Weaver
From Harpies after the
Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated:
Sky GlazeSky Glaze

From Sunskater and Harpies while in Hardmode,
Wyverns, Shockstorm Shuttles,
and Cloud Elementals:

Essence of SunlightEssence of Sunlight

From Shockstorm Shuttles after Golem has been defeated:

Martian Conduit PlatingMartian Conduit Plating

From Cloud Elementals:

Eye of the StormEye of the Storm
Storm SaberStorm Saber
From Fishing in Hardmode:
Fish of FlightFish of Flight
Sunbeam FishSunbeam Fish

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