Aero Slime

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Aero Slime
Aero Slime.png
TypeSlimeFlying Enemy
Damage18 / 36 Expert Mode / 54 Master Mode
Max Life50 / 100 Expert Mode / 150 Master Mode
KB Resist100%
BannerAero Slime BannerAero Slime Banner
Cold Bestiary Cold.png-
Water Bestiary Water.png-
Sickness Bestiary Sickness.pngResistant
Electricity Bestiary Electricity.png-
Heat Bestiary Heat.pngVulnerable

The Aero Slime is a Pre-Hardmode slime that spawns in Space after The Hive Mind or The Perforators have been defeated. It exists to drop Aerialite Ore, so that the player cannot use up all the ore available to them. Unlike other ore slimes, it can fly around freely.

Like most other slimes, the Aero Slime will be passive towards any player with the Royal Gel accessory equipped.


  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Aero Slime: "Previously mundane slimes that have absorbed trace amounts of draconic essence from the outpour of energy caused by the re-enchantment of Aerialite. They now soar the skies with their newly sprouted wings, reaching heights few of their gelatinous kind ever have."
  • The Aero Slime's sprite uses a recolored and slightly modified version of the Skyline Wings for part of its wing animation.
  • In the Get fixed boi seed, its name changes to YuH, which is a reference to one of the Calamity Mod developers.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Now has 25% less health and 10% less damage in Master Mode.
    • Nerfed knockback resistance from 100% to 20%.
  • Fixed it having an incorrect bestiary offset.
  • Now spawns in space instead of Caverns.
  • Now vulnerable to heat debuffs, but resistant to sickness debuffs.
    • Nerfed defense from 10 to 6.
    • Now pacified by Royal Gel.
  • Decreased minimum coin drop amount from 3 Silver Coin to 1 Silver Coin.
    • Now spawns after defeating The Hive Mind or The Perforators instead of Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu.
    • Nerfed health from 70 / 140 Expert Mode to 50 / 100 Expert Mode, and damage from 25 / 50 Expert Mode to 18 / 36 Expert Mode.
  • Nerfed health from 120 / 180 Expert Mode to 70 / 140 Expert Mode, and damage from 45 / 67 Expert Mode to 25 / 50 Expert Mode.