Moon Lord

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Moon Lord
Moon Lord.png
Max Life187,000 / 280,500 Expert Mode / 336,600 Revengeance Mode / 357,633 Master Mode / 429,165 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (total)
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffMoon BiteMoon Bite
Debuff duration14 seconds / 16 seconds Expert Mode
Debuff tooltipYou are unable to absorb healing effects
Inflicts debuffNightwitherNightwither
100% chance
Debuff duration3 seconds (Phantasmal Bolt & Phantasmal Eye)
6 seconds (Phantasmal Sphere)
10 seconds (Phantasmal Deathray)
Debuff tooltipIncinerated by lunar rays
Immune toConfusedNightwither
If you were looking for Moon Lord on the vanilla wiki, click here.

Moon Lord is a Hardmode boss. Defeating the Moon Lord is required to unlock the final broad group of bosses and content in the Calamity mod.

While in Revengeance Mode and Death Mode, Moon Lord gains several changes to its AI and stats, making it substantially more difficult to fight.


Moon Lord can be spawned by fulfilling either of these conditions:


Moon Lord
Moon Lord's Head.gif
Damage0 (Contact)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 150 / 300 Expert Mode / 380 Revengeance Mode / 420 Death Mode / 450 Master Mode / 570 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Phantasmal Deathray)
60 / 120 Expert Mode / 160 Revengeance Mode / 176 Death Mode / 180 Master Mode / 240 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Phantasmal Bolt)
Max Life45,000 / 67,500 Expert Mode / 81,000 Revengeance Mode / 86,061 Master Mode / 103,275 Revengeance Mode Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Moon Lord's Hand
Moon Lord's Hand.gif
Damage0 (Contact)
This attack will cause defense damage on hit. 100 / 200 Expert Mode / 260 Revengeance Mode / 284 Death Mode / 300 Master Mode / 390 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Phantasmal Sphere)
60 / 120 Expert Mode / 160 Revengeance Mode / 176 Death Mode / 180 Master Mode / 240 Revengeance Mode Master Mode (Phantasmal Eye, Phantasmal Bolt)
Max Life25,000 / 37,500 Expert Mode / 45,000 Revengeance Mode / 47,811 Master Mode / 57,375 Revengeance Mode Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Moon Lord's Core
Moon Lord's Core.gif
Max Life92,000 / 138,000 Expert Mode / 165,600 Revengeance Mode / 175,950 Master Mode / 211,140 Revengeance Mode Master Mode
KB Resist100%


In all modes, True Eyes of Cthulhu no longer deal contact damage.

In Revengeance Mode

Phase 1

Moon Lord spawns a minute after being summoned and immediately begins attacking, cycling through its roster of attacks. It teleports more frequently based on its distance from the player, attempting to stay close at all times.

The Phantasmal Deathray attack sweeps noticeably faster, making it more difficult to avoid. Following the Deathray, the Moon Leech Clots spawned by the Tentacle heal the Moon Lord for 1,250 health each instead of 1,000. Phantasmal Sphere attacks are more spread out and move slowly initially, accelerating over time. Phantasmal Eyes home in for a while longer than normal.

Defeating each of the Moon Lord's eyes does not disable them, and will instead spawn several True Eyes of Cthulhu. The Moon Lord's eyes continue attacking afterward, but at a reduced frequency and with lower velocity projectiles. True Eyes of Cthulhu do not use their deathray attack in Revengeance Mode, and will instead stick together and attack in sync.

Phase 2

After defeating all three of Moon Lord's eyes, its core is exposed. When this happens, players will take 10% more damage from all sources until the Moon Lord is defeated or leaves.

In the second phase, the Phantasmal Deathray will now penetrate blocks, forcing the player to dodge the attack in order to avoid it.

In Death Mode

  • Clots heal for 1,500 instead of 1,250.
  • All projectiles have their velocity increased.
  • Moon Lord and True Eyes of Cthulhu are more aggressive.

On the For the worthy seed

  • Moon Lord's Phantasmal Bolts are predictive.

During the Boss Rush

  • Moon Lord is the first of the Tier 4 bosses to appear, and the final vanilla boss in the Boss Rush.
  • Moon Lord's total health is set to 3,100,000 / 4,650,000 Expert Mode / 7,980,000 Revengeance Mode.
    • The Moon Lord's head is set to 600,000 / 900,000 Expert Mode / 1,080,000 Revengeance Mode health.
    • The Moon Lord's hands are each set to 450,000 / 675,000 Expert Mode / 810,000 Revengeance Mode health.
    • The Moon Lord's core is set to 1,600,000 / 2,400,000 Expert Mode / 5,280,000 Revengeance Mode health.
  • Gains the predictive Phantasmal Bolts from the For the worthy seed.


  • The Moon Lord Core takes 10% damage from the True Biome Blade's Mercurial Tides attunement.


Gearing Up

For a Normal and Expert mode guide to Moon Lord, see Moon Lord strategies on the vanilla wiki.



  • At this point of the game, Angel Treads are a must.
  • The Asgard's Valor can be used to provide a dash.
  • The Blood Pact is an accessory which doubles max health, but causes the player to get critically hit 25% of the time.
  • The Community's decent buffs to all stats are useful here.
  • The Fishron Wings are almost the highest tier wings available at this point.
    • Despite that, the Hadal Mantle can be used because of its vertical mobility.
  • The Celestial Shell should be used by melee players.
  • The player should use their respective emblems to maximize the damage output.
  • The Star-Tainted Generator is useful for summoners.
  • The Vampiric Talisman is almost essential for rogues.



  • The Astral Blade's unique damage mechanic and Astral Infection debuff make it an excellent choice for the first portion of the fight.
  • The Astral Pike is a very powerful when paired with accessories that boost critical hit chance, and inflicts the Astral Infection debuff similar to the Astral Blade.
  • The Briny Baron has a powerful but situational left click attack that can be supplemented by its safer right click function, giving the player the versatility of multiple weapons in one.
  • The Solar Eruption and Daybreak are cost-efficient options. The Solar Eruption has a high DPS and moderate range but suffers from its unpredictable swing pattern. Daybreak is less powerful but can be used from a safer distance with more accuracy.
  • The Grand Guardian is a riskier option as it lacks a ranged projectile, but deals very high true melee damage and can lower Moon Lord's defense.
  • The Microwave is the best yoyo at this stage.


  • The Phantasm is an excellent option with a high DPS, especially when paired with Terra Arrows.
  • The Conference Call is a rare but powerful option that can be obtained during the Lunar Events, best used with Hyperius Bullets.
  • Both of the Scorpio's fire modes deal high damage, though the secondary fire generally lacks the radius to damage multiple Moon Lord body parts at once.
    • The Spectralstorm Cannon's circling projectiles can be used to hit different parts of Moon Lord's body if used properly.
  • The Vortexpopper, when combined with Chlorophyte Bullets, should make the fight fairly straightforward.
  • The Hive's rockets, bees, and Plague debuff do very high damage to the boss.


  • The Astral Staff and Starfall spawn their projectiles at the cursor, making them straightforward options for the fight.
  • Nebula Blaze has homing projectiles and decent damage, but has a high mana cost.
  • The Nano Purge deals high damage once it has reached its full rate of fire.
  • The Swarmer is exceptionally powerful when paired with the Plague Hive.


  • The Godspawn Helix Staff and Stardust Cell Staff have similar damage outputs, differing primarily in their movement mechanics (the Godspawn Helix spawns a probe that orbits the player in proximity, while the Stardust Cell Staff spawns cells that teleport after the player's target.)
    • Though heavily neutered from its vanilla incarnation, the Stardust Dragon Staff is still effective with maximized minion count and damage accessories, as it has a range that far exceeds either aforementioned staff's minions.
  • The Spikecrag Staff is the best sentry available.


  • The Radiant Star is an excellent choice for this boss due to its large area of effect and ability to hit multiple eyes.
  • The Regulus Riot's homing capability and high damage are useful if keeping some distance from the Moon Lord.


  • The Golden Gun is a weapon which deals classless damage.
  • The Lunic Eye can lower damage reduction.
  • The Yanmei's Knife is a melee option which deals classless damage.


  • Though the Moon Lord can be fought at any point in Hardmode (through the use of an Eidolon Tablet and defeating the Lunatic Cultist and proceeding Lunar Events), fighting it before the player has defeated most other Hardmode bosses and acquired proper gear is generally ill advised.
  • As in vanilla, the Moon Lord takes one minute to spawn after he is summoned regardless of the method. This period is invaluable for reaching the player's arena and making other last minute preparations.