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Cosmic Plushie.png
Cosmic Plushie.png
Patreon Donator
This item is dedicated to: Zacky
Thank You
  • Thank You.png
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PlaceableTango Tick1.png
Dimensions6 wide × 4 high
Use time15 Average
TooltipThanks to the entire team, everyone who supported, and those who all play the mod and keep it alive!
The confines of this painting is not enough to fit the entire team
Hold SHIFT to see a list of past and current developers
Map color#78553C ●
RarityRarity Level: 0
Sell 40 Silver Coin.png
Research1 required
Dropped by
Any Boss11%

Thank You is a painting that can be dropped by any boss from vanilla and the Calamity Mod.


  • The Thank You painting contains a list of developers, both past and current, within its tooltip when the ⇧ Left Shift key is pressed. A full list can be found below:
  • Fabsol, the mod's founder and owner, Altix, Angel, apotofkoolaid, AquaSG, Atalya, Ben-TK, Cei, CongratsIsTrash, Cooper, CosmaticMango, CrabBar, Dia, DylanDoe21, enarmoured, Fluffi, HaguriHat, Heart Plus Up!, Hugekraken, Lilac Olligoci, LordMetarex, Memes, Mercutio 'Merkalto' Takle, Mishiro Usui, Moonburn, Mr.Small, Nycro, Ozzatron, Piky, PokerFace, Shade, SharZz, Shayy, Spider Prov, StipulateVenus, Tomat, Triangle, Uncle Danny, Xyk, YuH, Afzofa, AdipemDragon, Akeeli, Aleksh, Alphi, Altalyra, Amadis, AstroKnight, Blast, Blastitle, Blockaroz, Boffin, Bravioli, CDMusic, Chetto, Chill Dude, Cobalion, Daim, DarkTiny, Demik, DM Dokuro, Dominic Karma, Done, Doog, drh, dwshin, Earth, EchoDuck, Ein, ENNWAY, Enreden, Epsilon, Fargowilta, Frous, Gahtao, Gamagamer64, GramOfSalt, Graydee, Grox the Great, Hectique, Huggles, Ian-1KV, IbanPlay, Inanis, JaceDaDorito, Jenosis, jontchua, Khaelis, KnightyKnight, L0st, Leon, Leviathan, Lompl Allimath, MarieArk, Minecat, Mrrp, Nao, Neverglide, Nincity, Niorin, Nitro, NyctoDarkMatter, PaleoStar, Pbtopacio, Phantasmal Deathray, Phupperbat, Pinkie Poss, pixlgray, Poly, Popo, President Waluigi, Puff, Purple Necromancer, RoverdriveX, Runefield, Sargassum, sentri, Shucks, Silver-Lord of Ash, SixteenInMono, Skeletony, Sok, spooktacular, Spoopyro, Svante, Sylvium, Teragat, Terry N. Muse, ThousandFields, TikiWiki, Tinymanx, Trivaxy, Uberransy, Vaikyia, Vladimier, Yatagarasu, Yuyutsu, Zach, Ziggums

  • Trivia

    • From left to right, the bottom row of developers represents Fabsol, UncleDanny, Nitro, Lilac, DM Dokuro, and Mrrp. The middle row represents Pinkie Poss, JaceDaDorito, Sok, Popo, and Cooper. The top row represents RoverdriveX, Phupperbat, Runefield, and LordMetarex.


    These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
      • Updated to reflect developer changes:
        • Added "enamoured" to the current developers list.
        • Moved "DylanDoe21" back to the current developers list.
        • Moved "Done" to the retired developers list.
      • Now highlighted by Spelunker Potion.
      • Updated to reflect developer changes:
        • Moved "Uncle Danny" back to the active developers list.
        • Moved "DylanDoe21" and "Uberransy" to the retired developers list.
    • Added "Angel", "CosmaticMango", and "Dia" to the current developers list.
      • Updated to reflect developer changes:
        • Added "CongratsIsTrash" to the current developers list.
        • Moved "Sylvium" to the former developers list.
    • Added "Fluffi" to the current developers list.
    • Merged the tester tab of the painting into the normal developer tab, and updated the developer list with new developers and moving retired developers to the latter half of the list.
      • Now drops properly from vanilla Treasure Bags.
      • Fixed it dropping directly from Eater of Worlds in difficulties Expert and up, rather than its Treasure Bag.