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This page details our plans for describing the Calamity Mod's version history on the Wiki. As this is a complex process due to us needing to essentially begin from scratch, we created a step-by-step plan to ensure everything is documented fully and properly.

We are currently working through part 3. If you would like to help out, please read the instructions below before editing, so we can keep the process as clean and systematic as possible.

We are currently documenting: All versions have been documented, except for a few outlier changelogs in certain versions.

The Plan

Part 1: Version Pages

The first step is to create pages explaining the changes made for each version of the mod. This goes for both the main mod as well as the music mod. A list of all currently made version pages can be found here and a navbox containing all versions both with and without pages can be found here.

This step is now complete.

Part 2: Setting up

The next step involves setting up the templates and modules needed to create History subpages (accessible through tabs at the top of pages) for each page. We decided to create subpages, instead of just using sections, because many NPCs and items in the mod have undergone lots of changes which would result in History sections taking up large chunks of space on the page - perhaps even more than the rest of the article's content.

During this step we will also create the Version history page, which will summarise each main version of the main and music mods and is linked to from the navbox present on each version's page.

This step is now complete.

Part 3: History subpages

In this final step, we create the subpages and add each version's changes. This will be done going chronologically forward from version 1.0 all the way until the present. Each version will need every one of its changes adding to their respective subpages before we move onto the next, to ensure that we do not miss changes when adding them. A patch sandbox page will be available that will list all currently undocumented changes for the version currently being worked on. Once a change is added to all required History pages, the editor should remove it from the sandbox page. Once we move on to documenting the next version, the current documented version above should be updated.

Adding a change

To ensure everbody understands exactly how we expect this to work, here is a checklist for each history change.

  • If there isn't a history page, one should be created following the History:PageName convention. PageName should match exactly with the name of the entity in question.
  • If a history page has just been created, {{vh}} should be added to the bottom of the main article. This should be placed after any notes, tips or trivia, but before any gear templates or master templates.
  • The change should be added to the history page using {{history}}. See below for how to write history entries correctly.
  • Once a change has been added to all relevant history pages, it should be deleted from the patch sandbox.

Writing a history entry

Here are some guidelines to ensure consistency across multiple history pages.

  • If the entity was added in that version, the change text should just be 'Introduced.' and if the entity was removed, it should just be 'Removed.'.
  • If the entity was renamed in that version, the change text should be 'Renamed from original name to new name.'.
  • Try to keep the wording as close as possible to how it is on the version page, but remove any mention of the article in question as we assume that readers will know which page they are on.
    • The change 'The Devourer of Gods now takes 1% damage from the Fishbone Boomerang' would be written as 'Now takes 1% damage from the Fishbone Boomerang' on The Devourer of Gods' history page. No entry would be made on the Fishbone Boomerang's page.
    • The change 'Buffed Azathoth's damage from 1 to 10,000' would be written as 'Buffed damage from 1 to 10,000' on Azathoth's history page.
  • If there is only one change to an entity in a given version, it should be formatted like {{history|version|change}}.
  • If there are multiple changes to an entity in a given version, each change should be on a different line in the same template call, using double asterisks '**'.
  • For history sections on pages that do not correspond to a specific entity, such as Vanilla changes or Alternative crafting ingredients, nocat=y should be used: {{history|version|change|nocat=y}}.
  • If the sentence for a change contains the word 'and', it should probably be multiple changes instead.
  • Changes to an item's recipe should only be documented on that item's history page, and not on the history pages of its ingredients.
  • Changes should be ordered in reverse-chronological order, i.e. the most recent changes should be at the top of the list.
    • Changes within a version have no strict ordering.
  • No links should be created on history pages, with a few exceptions (mainly reserved for links to the Music page). This is to keep the history pages clean and easy to read.