Abyss Gravel

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Abyss Gravel is a block that comprises the first two layers of the Abyss biome. It spawns naturally upon world generation and constantly leaks water. It can be mined with a Nightmare Pickaxe or a Deathbringer Pickaxe. When Abyss Gravel is first mined, it will leave a full tile of water in its place, similar to how mining Hellstone leaves behind lava.



Crafting Station
Work BenchWork Bench
Abyss Gravel WallAbyss Gravel Wall4
Abyss GravelAbyss Gravel1

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  • Abyss Gravel has a hit point of 500% pickaxe power, 2.5 times as much as Ebonstone Blocks, and equal to Chlorophyte Ore.
    • As such, it takes eight hits to break with a Nightmare Pickaxe, and five hits to break with a Molten Pickaxe.
  • Abyss Gravel is immune to explosives.


  • Its name was initially proposed as "Vanadite".


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Changed map color from #000000 ● to #191C36 ●.
  • Increased pickaxe requirement from 64% to 65%.
  • Name no longer shows up when hovered over on the map.
    • Introduced the item.
    • Can now be mined and collected.
  • No longer generates Water in The Underworld.