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Map icon
Damage69 / 102 Master Mode
Max Life2,500,000 / 3,750,000 Master Mode
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffNO UNO U
100% chance

Debuff durationInfinite (On spawn)
22 seconds (Contact)
Debuff tooltipEquips disabled
Immune toAll debuffs except:
EnragedShellfish ClapsSpiteKami Flu

THE LORDE is a post-Moon Lord joke hidden boss exclusive to Get fixed boi worlds. It is to be considered one of, if not the most difficult boss in the Calamity Mod.


It is summoned by using NO, which is dropped by Bohldohrs in the Jungle Temple after Supreme Witch, Calamitas and the Exo Mechs have been defeated. THE LORDE alternatively has a 1 in 42 chance of spawning upon killing a Bohldohr regardless of progression.


Every single frame, its AI has a chance to change into another AI. All of the possible AIs it can change into are vanilla AIs. This also means that it can potentially spawn other enemies like boss minions or even despawn due to how the AI works. Straying too far away from THE LORDE will cause it to enrage, constantly spinning and charging at the player aggressively.

While THE LORDE is alive, taking damage from any source inflicts the NO U debuff on the player, which completely disables the player's armor and accessories.

When THE LORDE's health falls to or below 1% of its maximum health, it stops taking damage from any attacks and begins constantly emitting 8 Exo Overload Beams from XF-09 Ares's "blender" attack. The immunity disappears after 100 seconds, rendering it vulnerable again.

Upon death, THE LORDE's sprite except for its eyes quickly turns into black and magenta squares, which then shrinks down to just its eyes. Afterwards, its Googly Eyeeyes pop outwards in random directions, and the boss' loot drops.


  • Mounts are disabled while the boss is alive.
    • The Journey Mode Godmode setting is always disabled, even when enabled.
  • Attempting to use the Rod of Harmony while THE LORDE is still alive inflicts the NO U debuff for one hour, thus it is not recommended to use it throughout the fight.
  • Enemies spawned by THE LORDE, such as Golem's head and fists, Skeletron Prime's limbs, or Plantera's tentacles, persist until THE LORDE switches to a different AI.
  • If THE LORDE uses Duke Fishron or Plantera AI, it will enter the enraged state of that boss unless the player is in the correct biome.
  • If the player attempts to instantly kill or do incredibly high damage to THE LORDE, such as by using another mod's butcher function or an incredibly powerful weapon, THE LORDE will squint and trigger the old response from The Devourer of Gods' butcher protection, which is now removed.
  • Taking damage from any source inflicts NO U on the player for a very small amount of time, but direct contact with THE LORDE inflicts it for much longer.
  • If the player has the Suspicious Looking NO U equipped, THE LORDE will emit Exo Overload Beams for as long as the player has it equipped.


  • Any direct hit from THE LORDE effectively guarantees death by stripping the player of all defense and mobility. Players should always stay at a distance from the boss and prioritize dodging its dash attacks at all costs.
  • Try not to stack up too many damage increases as dealing massive amounts of damage in one hit may cause THE LORDE's anti-butcher to make it absorb the hit.
  • THE LORDE can use Nebula Floater AI, causing it to teleport around the player whenever struck. Since it can teleport directly into the player if they were moving or abruptly kill them out of a teleport by switching to an AI such as Plantera or Queen Bee, they should stop attacking and wait out the phase until THE LORDE uses a different AI.
  • A good strategy to defeat THE LORDE is to exit its range to provoke its enraged state and then circle a particular point. THE LORDE will constantly home in on the player in a wide loop, trying to ram them. This strategy is similar to one that can be used to defeat the Dungeon Guardian.


  • THE LORDE does not have a dedicated battle theme, instead it uses the battle theme from another boss depending on the AI chosen.
    • When THE LORDE's AI uses an entity that doesn't have its boss theme, it falls back to the Moon Lord's theme.
  • THE LORDE was originally just a joke, but Fabsol/MountainDrew, the creator of the mod, decided to add it to the game as a secret boss for fun.
  • THE LORDE has the most health of any enemy in the game.
  • Its sprite is a heavily pixelated artistic rendition of Yharim, an important figure in the Calamity Mod's lore, with googly eyes.
    • Its name is a misspelling of "The Lord", which was a title Yharim used to be referred to as.
  • THE LORDE is a parody of "extremely difficult" bosses that draw their difficulty from poorly implemented gimmicks or lazy design.
  • The developers posted a changelog saying LORDE was removed, but it only got its name changed to "SELF-INSERT BOSS UNCREATIVE AS FUCK BABY RAGE K U LOL BAI".
    • Later, it was "removed" again but only had its name changed back to the original one.
    • Upon reimplementation, the changelogs claimed to have "Readded something horrible."
  • THE LORDE, its debuff and its summoning item are all references to the well-known "no u" meme.
  • The Normal mode NO U duration of 22 is internally 1337 frames (roughly 22.2833 seconds) in reference to the Leet meme.
  • THE LORDE drops Delicious Meat in reference to the item's memetic presence within the Calamity community, originating from excessive vandalism of the unofficial Calamity Mod Fandom Wiki.
    • An infamous edit from said wiki involved adding π2/6 (roughly 1.64) Delicious Meat to the Aerialite Bar's recipe, which is reflected in THE LORDE's maximum Delicious Meat drop count, which is the value multiplied by 100.
    • The lower bound of 22 is a number often joked about around the Terraria modding community for various reasons.
  • The black and magenta squares THE LORDE gets covered in upon death are based on missing textures from Minecraft.
  • The Suspicious Looking NO U has a drop chance of 1 in 27, a reference to the first episode of the fanmade webseries, Calamity Paint debuting on the 27th of December.
    • THE LORDE's death sound is directly taken from the episode.
    • THE LORDE's second death within the series consisted of it being turned into black and magenta squares similar to its actual death animation.
  • Unlike other bosses, THE LORDE does not have a despawn message when the Boss Checklist Mod is installed.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Now grants 1 hour of NO U when using Rod of Harmony while it is alive in the Get fixed boi seed.
    • Nerfed health from 50,000,000 / 100,000,000 Expert Mode to 25,000,000 / 50,000,000 Expert Mode.
    • Increased X velocity.
    • Altered most of the times it takes for it to switch AI.
    • Increased the distance the player has to be from it for it to start enraging.
    • Now takes 0 damage from attacks which would deal over 0.4% of it's max health instead of 0.2%.
    • Now becomes near invincible upon reaching 1% health for a minute before becoming vulnerable again.
    • Now inflicts NO U constantly if summoned before defeating Supreme Calamitas.
    • Decreased despawn distance.