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The Snow biome and Ice biome feature 5 new enemies and are the required biomes to summon and fight Cryogen. A shrine structure containing the Tundra Leash mount can be found underground within one of the biomes. There is also a unique Ice Bio-center Lab, containing the schematic used to craft the final tier of Draedon's arsenal and the final piece needed to summon Draedon and Exo Mechs.

In Expert Mode, the player's breath will be lost underwater much faster while in this biome; however, the water will no longer inflict Chilled on the player. This effect can be disabled through the Configuration options.


Snow biome
CharactersUnique TreasuresUnique Drops

In Hardmode:

Aurora SpiritAurora Spirit
Ice ClasperIce Clasper

After Cryogen and two mechanical bosses have been defeated:

Cryo SlimeCryo Slime


From Shrines:
Tundra LeashTundra Leash
From Cryo Slimes:
Cryonic OreCryonic Ore

From Cyan Beetles:

Beetle JuiceBeetle Juice

From Ice Claspers:

Ancient Ice ChunkAncient Ice Chunk
Frost BarrierFrost Barrier

From Rimehounds:


From Rimehounds (after defeating Cryogen),
Ice Claspers, Ice Tortoises, Ice Elementals,
Icy Mermen, Aurora Spirits and Cryons:

Essence of EleumEssence of Eleum
From terrain after Cryogen has been defeated:
Cryonic OreCryonic Ore

From Fishing in Hardmode:

Fish of EleumFish of Eleum

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