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Get fixed boi is a secret world seed. It combines many of the features of the other secret world seeds. The Calamity Mod adds several new features, such as boss and item changes, to the seed.

The following seeds can be used to generate a Get fixed boi world (case-insensitive):

get fixed boi • getfixedboi

Exclusive Content

XB-∞ Hekate

Supreme Alchemist, Cirrus


  • Using the NO (obtained from Bohldohrs after defeating both Supreme Witch, Calamitas and the Exo Mechs) or rarely from directly killing Bohldohrs at any point in the game, will summon THE LORDE. Defeating THE LORDE rewards the player with the Suspicious Looking NO U, a light pet.

Item Changes

Enemy Changes

Miniboss Changes

Giant Clam

  • Renamed to Clamitas in Pre-Hardmode, and Supreme Clamitas in Hardmode.
  • Passively creates bullet hells made of pearls in the same style as the Calamitas Clone's.
    • In Hardmode, occasional accelerating pearls are additionally spawned.

Earth Elemental

  • Screams at the player when noticed.

Cloud Elemental

  • Now wears a hat.

Cragmaw Mire

  • Upon latching onto a player, a floating piece of text appears on them saying "Vibe Check!".

Great Sand Shark

  • Colored silver with orange afterimages.
  • Becomes vulnerable to heat, resistant to sickness, and neutral to cold and water debuffs.
  • Spawns Fusion Feeders instead of Sand Sharks.
  • Shoots Fusion Feeder meteors instead of sand blasts.
  • Every 2 seconds, it shoots down a spread of 5 Astral Flame Crystals from the sky.

Armored Digger

  • Renamed to "Mechanized Serpent".
  • Spawns in the Hallow or Underworld after defeating the Moon Lord.
  • Upon being killed, the Armored Digger's body segments have a chance to attach to a random hostile NPC.
  • Fires Providence's crystal shards instead of scraps.
  • Body segments are colored either pink or orange.
  • Drops 3-6 Unholy Essence and has a 10% chance to drop the Sanctified Spark.


  • Is twice as large.

Colossal Squid

  • Spawns three smaller Colossal Squids upon noticing the player.
    • The smaller squids have 20% of the main squid's max health, and will not spawn any further squids.

Reaper Shark

  • Grows legs and takes on colors based on Pyre Mantle blocks.
  • Shoots out demon scythes backwards when charging.

Eidolon Wyrm

  • Plays Sunskater squeaks instead of its usual roars.


  • Explodes into a circle of 50 sulphuric acid mists and bubbles upon death.

Nuclear Terror

  • Upon reaching 10% health, the Nuclear Terror will go invincible and stop in place, charging. After 4 seconds have passed, it will fire a gargantuan laser directly horizontally in the direction it's facing which slowly rotates upwards.
    • This attack only occurs once.

Boss Changes

Desert Scourge

  • Head segment is four times larger than its body segments.
  • Colored a dark blue.
  • Desert Nuisance heads are two times larger than their body segments.
  • Desert Nuisances are colored orange.
  • Upon entering the Abyss, Ocean, or Sunken Sea it turns into the Aquatic Scourge.
  • Fires a slower shotgun blast of water behind its sand shotgun blast.
  • Whenever a projectile damages a body segment, there is a 5% chance a stream of water will be reflected back.
    • This does not affect the damage of or despawn the original projectile.


  • Stomps create Glowing Mushrooms on patches of Mushroom Grass.
  • Gains a cycling rainbow color.
  • Gains two purely visual clones on each side of it.
  • Crab Shrooms gain 4 purely visual clones that rapidly teleport around the actual Crab Shroom.
  • Falling Crab Shrooms spawn Crabs upon collision if less than 20 Crabs exist.
  • Spawns 10-22 Crabs upon death.

The Hive Mind

  • Initially spawns 50 Hive Blobs.
  • Hive Blobs relocate 10x more often, have 1.5x acceleration, and 4x max speed.
  • Hive Blobs in phase 1 can orbit 4x as far from the Hive Mind.
  • Hive Blobs in phase 2 will turn into phase 1 AI Hive Blobs when killed.
    • The phase 1 AI Hive Blobs will not turn into additional Hive Blobs once killed again.
  • Can spawn a Hive Tumor if less than 3 are present, which can turn into further Hive Minds if killed.
    • The Hive Tumors spawn the Hive Mind's usual minions every 2 seconds while alive.

The Perforators

  • The small Perforator will attempt to latch onto the hive every 5 seconds and start healing it.
    • The Perforator will detach or stop attempting to latch on after 5 seconds.
  • Every segment of the medium Perforator leaves behind an Ichor blob and shoots 3 ichor shots in random directions when killed.
  • Every 10 seconds, the large Perforator will trigger two sets of laser walls, similar to The Devourer of Gods. These laser walls have 1 second of delay in between them and do not have telegraphs.

Queen Bee

  • Above 50% health, she is colored red, summons Hellbats instead of Bees, and fires Mourning Wood's flaming wood which deal 50 / 100 Expert Mode damage instead of stingers.
  • Below 50% health, she is colored green, summons Plague Chargers, and fires plague stingers which deal 50 / 100 Expert Mode damage.

The Slime God

  • The core stops emitting dust and afterimages and grows eyes.
  • The core inflicts Distorted.
  • The first Ebonian or Crimulan Paladin killed splits into three more paladins instead of two.
    • The other paladin will split into 2 as per usual.
  • Upon being killed, there's a 20% chance for any slime spawn to explode into a radial burst of 10 unstable globs.
  • Flying Corrupt Slime Spawns additionally summon a Shade Nimbus upon death.
  • Spiked Crimson Slime Spawns fire 12 projectiles instead of 5, and fire the Perforator Hive's ichor shots and blood geysers instead of their usual spikes.


  • Renamed to Pyrogen and colored red with a constant stream of purely visual flames erupting from it.
  • Shoots Brimstone Barrages instead of ice blasts and ice rain, and Brimstone Fireblasts instead of ice bombs.
  • Inflicts Brimstone Flames and Vulnerability Hex instead of Frostburn and Chilled.
  • Becomes resistant to heat debuffs and vulnerable to cold and water debuffs.
  • Always plays its derping out message upon entering phase 5.
  • Has brimstone dust instead of ice dust and has changed sounds.
  • Spawns Red Devils instead of Ice Golems while on both Revengeance Mode and Master Mode.

Aquatic Scourge

  • Shortened down to 25 segments.
  • Always immune to slowing debuffs instead of only while spinning.
  • Any player further than 50 blocks from its head will enable the Sulphurous Sea's poison meter.
    • This meter cannot be mitigated and increments 4-12 times as fast depending on the player's distance, reaching maximum poisoning rate if over 100 blocks away.
  • Can fire teeth from any of its toothed segments.
  • Can always release Sand Poison Clouds even while spinning when above 50% health.
  • Once it enters its spin attack, it will never stop spinning.
  • Always barfs Acid Mists and release Toxic Clouds while spinning.
    • The attack rate of mists remain at 30 projectiles per second and does not scale with health or difficulty.
    • Acid Mists last for 4 seconds instead of 10.
    • The amount of clouds released is randomized in each barrage from 7-11 above 25% health to 4-8 when below.

Brimstone Elemental

  • The Brimstone Elemental cycles through different elemental colors as her health decreases, changing per each 20% health lost.
    • From 80-100% health, she remains normal.
    • From 60-80% health, she gains a sand-brown aura and leaves behind tornadoes on teleports.
    • From 40-60% health, she gains a cactus-green aura and additionally heals upon teleporting.
      • This healing can revert her back to her previous modes.
    • From 20-40% health, she gains a cloud-gray aura and summons Angry Nimbii instead of Brimlings.
    • Below 20% health, she gains a water-blue aura and stops spawning tornadoes. Her dart spreads are replaced with icicle spears, her blasts are replaced with ice mists, and her Hellblasts are replaced with music notes.
  • Teleports leave behind a cross shape of laser beams.
  • Laser beam attack forms a stretched 'x' shape.
  • Brimstone Darts and Hellblasts inflict Vulnerability Hex.
  • Darts spawned from her laser beams are spaced twice as far apart.
  • Brimlings are 30% smaller.

Calamitas Clone

  • Spawns an arena similarly to Supreme Witch, Calamitas when summoned through the Eye of Desolation.
  • Colored cornflower blue.
  • Bullet hell Brimstone Fireblasts are replaced with Brimstone Gigablasts.
  • Brimstone Darts and Hellblasts inflict Vulnerability Hex.
  • The brothers' projectiles are swapped.

Leviathan and Anahita

  • The Leviathan is spawned first, and instantly summons Anahita above her at 50% health.
  • The Leviathan's sounds are higher pitched, and Anahita's sounds are lower pitched.
  • Anahita is 4x bigger and The Leviathan is 61% smaller.
  • Anahita hovers closer to the player.
  • The Leviathan shoots giant Boulders instead of meteors.
    • These boulders are able to deal damage to The Leviathan.
  • The Leviathan charges a significantly longer distance to compensate for her reduced size.
  • Aquatic Aberrations explode into 1-4 Detonating Bubbles upon death.

Astrum Aureus

  • Is 50% larger.
  • Between 60-70% health and below 10% health, Astrum Aureus will turn yellow with purple lights and gain provoked Mimic behavior. Every 3 seconds during this state, Astrum Aureus will attack then invert its color.
    • While yellow with purple lights, Astrum Aureus fires an uneven blast of Astral Lasers.
    • While purple with yellow lights, Astrum Aureus fires a circular spread of 6 / 8 Expert Mode / 10 Revengeance Mode / 12 Death Mode Astral Flame Crystals.
      • During Boss Rush this is increased to 14.
  • On each stomp, Aureus causes the screen to shake violently, accompanied by an explosion sound, while shooting 6 / 8 Expert Mode / 10 Revengeance Mode / 12 Death Mode Astral Lasers or Astral Flame Crystals in a circular pattern.
    • During Boss Rush this is increased to 14.
  • Aureus Spawns inflict God Slayer Inferno.

The Plaguebringer Goliath

  • Contact damage, Plague Mines, Plague Rockets, and missiles additionally inflict Sulphuric Poisoning, Poisoned, and Venom.
  • Stingers are replaced with missiles.
  • Missiles explode into 10 poisonous clouds.
  • Plague Mine and Plague Rocket explosions are 5 blocks wider.
  • Barrages have a 10% chance to be replaced with a single Gauss Nuke.
  • If a Gauss Nuke is not fired, there is a 50% chance that every missile will be replaced with a peanut rocket.


  • Head no longer comes free after being killed.
  • Every 5 seconds, it will spawn a pattern of floating heads which fire beams after a short delay. Patterns include the following:
    • A single head that can spawn towards any corner of the player which sweeps while firing a blue beam that can only be dodged by not moving.
    • Two heads on the bottom right of the player and two heads on the top left, boxing in the player with a square pattern of lasers.
    • Four heads that appear for each corner of the player, creating an X shape. The lasers for this attack are twice as large.
    • A sequence of 3 heads over 3 seconds which fire horizontally. The lasers for this attack are four times as large.
    • During phase 2, 4 heads can spawn towards each cardinal direction from the player, creating a cross pattern. The lasers for this attack are four times as large.
    • During phase 2, 15 heads will rapidly spawn over 5 sections from random directions, directly aimed at the player.
  • Upon reaching 20% health, heads will start rapidly spawning orbiting the player. This lasts indefinitely until the fight ends and all other laser attacks stop occurring.

Astrum Deus

  • Splits into 10 worms upon entering phase 2.
  • Each worm in phase 2 is 4 / 5 Expert Mode / 6 Death Mode segments long.
  • Emits a large amount of dust upon death.
  • Health is reduced by 33% in Death Mode.
  • Coin drops are reduced by 50%.

Profaned Guardians

  • All the Profaned Guardians' flames are colored turquoise-blue.
  • Every 5 seconds, the Guardian Healer stops in place, fires 6 rounds of 10 stars in a circular pattern, then increases both of the other guardian's max healths by 7500 along with fully healing them.
  • The Guardian Defender will always try to keep itself between the Guardian Commander and the player.
  • The Guardian Defender despawns all non-minion projectiles that touch it, but takes additional damage based on how many times said projectile would have pierced.


  • Dragonfolly and its Draconic Swarmers are both renamed to "Bumblebirb".
  • Screeches are higher pitched and cause 3 red lightning bolts to rain downwards near Dragonfolly.
    • This is increased to 5 in phase 3.
  • Draconic Swarmers no longer infinitely accelerate, but now cause 5 red lightning bolts to rain downwards near them upon death.

Providence, the Profaned Goddess

  • Cycles through different colors every second, with each color causing her to inflict a different debuff:
  • Additionally inflicts Vaporfied.
  • Moves at full speed during cocoon phases, with an increased Holy Inferno radius to compensate.
  • Guardians spawn regardless of time of day.
  • Crystal never despawns and will fire with her daytime form's firerate after it would have usually despawned.
  • Projectiles have negative healing, ignoring defense and immunity frames.
  • The offense guardian increases her damage by 200% instead of 125%.

Storm Weaver

  • Segment length increased to 180 - the current amount of NPCs active
    • For example, if not a single NPC is alive, Storm Weaver will grow to 180 segments, and if 40 NPCs are alive, Storm Weaver will grow to 140 segments.

Ceaseless Void

  • All NPCs and projectiles gain the Midnight Rainbow Dye's shader while the boss is active.
  • Hit sounds are randomly pitched.
  • Dark Energies inflict Obstructed for half a second instead of Distorted for a full second.

Signus, Envoy of the Devourer

  • Signus will slowly charge up stealth over time. After 5 seconds, Signus will stop in place with a sound to signify his stealth has been sufficiently charged. Afterwards, his next attack will be buffed and stealth will be set back to 0. All buffed attacks are as follows:
    • Spawns double the amount of Cosmic Mines or Cosmic Lanterns.
    • Shoots four additional scythes which deal double damage in a random spread.
    • Charges always leave behind Essence Dust.
  • Cosmic Lantern count reduced to it's non-for the worthy value of 10.
  • Cosmic Lanterns have a 10% chance to be replaced with a Cosmic Mine.
  • Essence Dust trails move in random directions after spawning.
  • Has blue teeth.


  • Disables music.
  • Phantoms are instantly spawned at the start of the fight and are invincible.
  • Charges infinitely upon reaching low health in Phase 3.
  • If the in-game time reaches 3 AM, Polterghast will turn red and start spewing out purely visual blood in a "blood frenzy". Once Polterghast has entered this state, it will remain in it for the duration of the fight. During this, the following effects occur:
    • Charge velocity and acceleration are doubled.
    • Charge distance is tripled.
    • Charge amount is doubled.
  • Every few seconds, Polterghast will emit a random low pitched noise from another enemy in the mod.
    • During phase 1 a noise occurs every 10 seconds.
    • During phase 2, it is reduced to 9 seconds.
    • During phase 3, it is reduced to 7 seconds.
    • During phase 3's last-ditch attacks, it is reduced to 5 seconds.
    • While in a blood frenzy, a noise occurs every second.
  • Always sends its April Fools status message to chat upon first defeat.

The Old Duke

  • Renamed to "The Boomer Duke".
  • Whenever The Old Duke gets exhausted, it will emit a heavy, screen-shaking fart along with spewing out gassy clouds backwards.
  • Spins twice as fast.
  • Vortices are twice as large and have a doubled pull force.
  • Tooth Balls additionally spawn 2 damaging gores upon death.
  • Contact damage inflicts Feral Bite.

The Devourer of Gods

  • Shortened down to 1 body segment (3 including his head and tail).
  • Hit sounds are pitched up by 30%.
  • Lasers no longer have telegraphs.
  • Summons 35 fake portals before teleporting.
    • The maximum distance that the true portal will spawn is heavily reduced.
  • All segments take 4000% damage from Lacerator.

Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth

  • After 5 seconds of existing, Flarenadoes and Infernado segments start slowly jittering apart.
  • Bullet Hell Vortices now deal damage and chase the player.
  • Border Infernadoes spawn 93.75 tiles away from the spawning position, making them farther spaced than in just the for the worthy seed, but more compact than in Boss Rush.
  • Heals back to full health upon reaching phase 2 for the first time.
  • Additionally explodes into four bullet hell vortices upon death.

Exo Mechs

  • Draedon gains a Pulse Rifle and fires a laser at the player every second while any Exo Mech is present.
  • Draedon hovers closer to the player.
  • Upon entering their berserk phase, each Exo Mech will continually repeat its berserk attack until defeated.
  • The restriction preventing the Exo Twins from doing both of their berserk attacks at once is lifted, meaning that they will both continuously use their berserk attacks at the same time.
  • Apollo's plasma bolts during its berserk dash are removed.
  • The safe radius for Thanatos' Gamma Disintegration Ray is doubled.

Supreme Witch, Calamitas

  • After killing all 10 Brimstone Hearts, Sepulcher does not automatically die and has to be killed in order to progress through the fight.
    • The damage reduction on Sepulcher's head will drop down to 40% and its tail's drops down 50% once the hearts have been killed.
    • Its projectile fire rate will also double while vulnerable.
  • Projectiles are swapped:
    • Brimstone Hellblasts are replaced with Brimstone Skulls.
    • Brimstone Gigablasts are replaced with Brimstone Fireblasts.
    • Brimstone Fireblasts are replaced with Brimstone Gigablasts.
    • Brimstone Skulls are replaced with Brimstone Hellblasts.
  • The brothers fire radial bursts of Brimstone Hellblasts instead of Darts.
  • Cataclysm's fire is tinted blue.
  • Brimstone Monsters push away from each other slightly more.

Primordial Wyrm

  • Renamed to Jared.
  • Defense increased to 999, and damage reduction increased to 90%.
  • Having the Chaos State debuff will always spawn the Primordial Wyrm regardless of biome.

Boss Drops

Every boss (except Deerclops) gain new drops within the get fixed boi seed, with many drops allowing players to obtain items that would normally be obtained later in progression while others are straight up jokes. A full list goes as follows:

  • Boss item
    King SlimeKing Slime Aureus CellAureus Cell(45-55)
    Desert ScourgeDesert Scourge Sand Shark Tooth NecklaceSand Shark Tooth Necklace
    Eye of CthulhuEye of Cthulhu Optic StaffOptic Staff
    CrabulonCrabulon Odd MushroomOdd Mushroom(1-9999)
    Eater of WorldsEater of Worlds Light DiscLight Disc
    Brain of CthulhuBrain of Cthulhu Occult Skull CrownOccult Skull Crown
    The Hive MindThe Hive Mind Warrior EmblemWarrior Emblem
    Ranger EmblemRanger Emblem
    Sorcerer EmblemSorcerer Emblem
    Summoner EmblemSummoner Emblem
    Rogue EmblemRouge Emblem
    The PerforatorsThe Perforators BloodfinBloodfin(1-9999)
    Queen BeeQueen Bee Lavaproof Bug NetLavaproof Bug Net
    Alchemical FlaskAlchemical Flask
    SkeletronSkeletron FlamethrowerFlamethrower
    The Slime GodThe Slime God Gelatin CrystalGelatin Crystal
    Wall of FleshWall of Flesh Eye of MagnusEye of Magnus
    Flesh Block WallFlesh Block Wall
    Queen SlimeQueen Slime Bottomless Shimmer BucketBottomless Shimmer Bucket
    Aquatic ScourgeAquatic Scourge Supreme Bait Tackle Box Fishing StationSupreme Bait Tackle Box Fishing Station
    The TwinsThe Twins The Eye of CthulhuThe Eye of Cthulhu
    The DestroyerThe Destroyer BloodwormBloodworm
    Skeletron PrimeSkeletron Prime Bone WingsBone Wings
    CryogenCryogen Bloodflare CoreBloodflare Core
    Brimstone ElementalBrimstone Elemental Heart of the ElementsHeart of the Elements
    Calamitas CloneCalamitas Clone Ashes of AnnihilationAshes of Annihilation(6-9)
    PlanteraPlantera Life FruitLife Fruit(1-9999)
    Astrum AureusAstrum Aureus Crab BannerCrab Banner(1-9999)
    Asteroid StaffAsteroid Staff
    Leviathan and AnahitaLeviathan and Anahita Bouncy BoulderBouncy Boulder(1-9999)
    Greedy RingGreedy Ring
    GolemGolem Night Owl PotionNight Owl Potion(1-9999)
    Shine PotionShine Potion(1-9999)
    Hunter PotionHunter Potion(1-9999)
    Dangersense PotionDangersense Potion(1-9999)
    Spelunker PotionSpelunker Potion(1-9999)
    Potion of OmnisciencePotion of Omniscience(1-9999)
    Duke FishronDuke Fishron Old DieOld Die
    Fish BowlFish Bowl
    Fish Costume FinskirtFish Costume Finskirt
    Fish Costume MaskFish Costume Mask
    Fish Costume ShirtFish Costume Shirt
    Fisherman's Pocket GuideFisherman's Pocket Guide
    Fisher of SoulsFisher of Souls
    Fish FinderFish Finder
    Fish HookFish Hook
    Fishing BobberFishing Bobber
    Fishing PotionFishing Potion(1-9999)
    Fish StatueFish Statue(1-9999)
    Fishbone BoomerangFishbone Boomerang
    Fish of EleumFish of Eleum(1-9999)
    Fish of FlightFish of Flight(1-9999)
    Fish of LightFish of Light(1-9999)
    Fish of NightFish of Night(1-9999)
    The Plaguebringer GoliathThe Plaguebringer Goliath Bottomless Honey BucketBottomless Honey Bucket
    Empress of LightEmpress of Light Fabsol's VodkaFabsol's Vodka(1-9999)
    RavagerRavager SkullSkull
    Ancient Bone DustAncient Bone Dust(1-9999)
    Lunatic CultistLunatic Cultist Luminite BrickLuminite Brick(1-9999)
    Astrum DeusAstrum Deus WormWorm(1-9999)
    Can Of WormsCan Of Worms(1-9999)
    Gummy WormGummy Worm(1-9999)
    Truffle WormTruffle Worm(1-9999)
    Enchanted NightcrawlerEnchanted Nightcrawler(1-9999)
    Moon LordMoon Lord Calamari's LamentCalamari's Lament
    Profaned GuardiansProfaned Guardians Chicken NuggetChicken Nugget(1-9999)
    Divine GeodeDivine Geode(25-30)
    DragonfollyBumblebirb Omega Healing PotionOmega Healing Potion(50-100)
    Providence, the Profaned GoddessProvidence, the Profaned Goddess Ascendant Spirit EssenceAscendant Spirit Essence(1-99)
    Blasphemous DonutBlasphemous Donut(1117-2201)
    Storm WeaverStorm Weaver Elemental GauntletElemental Gauntlet
    Elemental QuiverElemental Quiver
    Ceaseless VoidCeaseless Void Eclipse MirrorEclipse Mirror
    Signus, Envoy of the DevourerSignus, Envoy of the Devourer NanotechNanotech
    Ethereal TalismanEthereal Talisman
    PolterghastPolterghast Cell PhoneCell Phone
    The Old DukeThe Old Duke Shattered CommunityShattered Community
    The Devourer of GodsThe Devourer of Gods The WandThe Wand
    (10% chance)

    Purple TorchPurple Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Yellow TorchYellow Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Green TorchGreen Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Red TorchRed Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    White TorchWhite Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Orange TorchOrange Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Pink TorchPink Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Rainbow TorchRainbow Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Ice TorchIce Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Bone TorchBone Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Ultrabright TorchUltrabright Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Demon TorchDemon Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Cursed TorchCursed Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Ichor TorchIchor Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Desert TorchDesert Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Coral TorchCoral Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Corrupt TorchCorrupt Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Crimson TorchCrimson Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Hallowed TorchHallowed Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Jungle TorchJungle Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Mushroom TorchMushroom Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Aether TorchAether Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Abyss TorchAbyss Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Algal Prism TorchAlgal Prism Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Astral TorchAstral Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Gloom TorchGloom Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Navy Prism TorchNavy Prism Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Refractive Prism TorchRefractive Prism Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)

    Sulphurous TorchSulphurous Torch(1-9999)
    (10% chance)
    Yharon, Dragon of RebirthYharon, Dragon of Rebirth Blessed Phoenix EggBlessed Phoenix Egg
    Exo MechsExo Mechs Broken Water FilterBroken Water Filter
    Supreme Witch, CalamitasSupreme Witch, Calamitas Slurper PoleSlurper Pole
  • Sprite Changes

    Get fixed boi makes changes to some sprites by either changing their colors or replacing them with new sprites entirely.

  • Other

    • Bouncy Boulders have a 5% chance per frame to have their speed multiplied by a random value between 0.9 and 1.25.
    • The Brimstone Witch's hellblasts inflict Vulnerability Hex.
    • The player's death noise is replaced by Leon's death sound from Resident Evil 4.
    • The Dungeon generates with 4x more Spikes.
    • The Drunk Princess always slaps the player when talked to.
    • Talking to the Nurse causes a giant Leviathan meteor to fall from the sky and kill her, dealing 19,998 / 39,996 Expert Mode / 59,994 Master Mode damage.
    • All instances of the word "rogue" in item tooltips are replaced with "rouge".
    • All Shrines receive changes:
      • All Shrines except Surface Shrine have their normal potions replaced with Red Potions.
      • Corruption, Crimson, Desert, and Mushroom Shrines no longer contain Healing Potions.
      • Corruption Shrine now contains either Stress Pills, Laudanum, or Heart of Darkness, and a Gas Trap.
      • Crimson Shrine now contains 2-3 Bloody Marys and a Gas Trap.
      • Desert Shrine now contains Spelunker's Amulet, and additionally contains either a Wedge Golf Club, a Worn Wedge Golf Club, or a Gas Trap.
      • Granite and Marble Shrines now generate in the opposite biome and have a chance to contain a Gas Trap instead of 7-15 Granite or Marble Blocks.
      • Ice Shrine now contains Eggnog instead of Healing Potions, contains 200-349 Delicious Meat, and now has a chance to contain a Gas Trap instead of a Marshmallow.
      • Mushroom Shrine now contains 2-3 Odd Mushrooms and a Gas Trap. Decreased amount of Mushroom Torches from 100-110 to 50-60, and Gold Coins from 20-24 to 4-6.
      • Surface Shrine now contains Sake instead of its normal potion, and Restoration Potions instead of Lesser Healing Potions. It also does not have a shaft.
    • The rare April Fools status message that mentions THE LORDE approaching is instead replaced by a status message mentioning "La Ruga" approaching.
    • The water in the Sulphurous Sea is Yellow Sulphurous Sea Water.png yellow.
    • All trap and explosion projectiles gain an extra update, making them twice as fast.


    • There are several references to older versions of the mod:
      • Desert Scourge having an abnormally large head.
      • Slime God inflicting Distorted.
      • Aureus Spawns inflicting God Slayer Inferno.
      • Astrum Deus splitting into ten.
      • Dragonfolly and its Draconic Swarmers being renamed to "Bumblebirb".
      • Providence's projectiles all inflicting negative healing is based on when her cocoon stars dealt negative healing.
      • Yharon regenerating all of his health upon entering phase 2.
      • The recoloring of the Sulphurous Sea water.
      • Maulers exploding into projectiles upon death.
      • The Nurse summoning a high-damaging meteor upon being talked to.
      • SHPC's damage scaling with progression uses the exact same damage multipliers the weapon had as of
        • SHPC is the only old legendary weapon that has this scaling due to being dedicated to one of the developer's friends who had attempted a playthrough only using the SHPC, only for legendary scaling to be removed in the middle of their playthrough, after which they then proceeded to place on a Weapon Rack and unintentionally corrupt their world due to bugs with Weapon Racks in older versions of the game.
      • Yharim's Crystal dropping Dynamite.
    • The Spikecrag Staff gaining a post-Providence buff is an homage to one of the developer's friends, who would have requested post-Providence Spikecrag Staff upgrade if they had donated for a Patreon item.
    • The Atlantis gaining a post-Devourer of Gods buff is an homage to CongratsIsTrash, one of the mod's developers and whom the "CIT" in its tooltip refers to, who has stated that Atlantis is his favorite weapon in the mod. Its base damage of 348 is a reference to the number of attempts he took to no-hit Devourer of Gods using Atlantis in an older version of the mod.
    • Aero Slimes being renamed to YuH is a reference to one of the mod's developers, who uses an Aero Slime as a profile picture on Discord and was responsible for a large amount of the seed's changes.
    • The "La Ruga" in the April Fools status message is a reference to a Reddit post about the mod's future regarding the development team and displaying the "La Ruga" in a dark forest setting.
    • Orthoceras leaving behind trails of Rancor mist is a reference to the Calamity's Vanities' mod's demonization of the Orthocera enemy.
    • Renegade Warlocks exploding into 20x more gore is a reference to an old, identically functioning bug.
    • Trilobites directly deflecting shooting spikes at players is a reference to their original concept art.
    • Plaguebringers growing twice as large is a reference to how The Plaguebringer Goliath's sprite had previously resembled a double sized Plaguebringer.
    • The Armored Digger has identical drops and spawn conditions that the Ungodly Serpent had prior to its removal.
      • Said enemy was removed due to bugs which caused its segments to randomly attach to other enemies, which is also referenced.
    • The Nuclear Terror firing a gigantic deathray is a reference to the Nuclear Throne boss from the game Nuclear Throne, which is the game which originally inspired the miniboss.
      • If the player is killed by the deathray, it will be referred to as "G-FUEL BEAM", in reference to the G Fuel energy drink.
    • King Slime drops Aureus Cells as a reference to the Astrageldon Slime, a removed slime boss that had dropped Astral Jelly which was reworked into Aureus Cells.
    • Desert Scourge being dyed dark blue is a reference to his hydrated appearance from the webseries, Calamity Paint.
      • Additionally, Signus' blue eyes reference the series' main antagonist, who is represented by two blue eyes and was planned to have possessed Signus before the series was put on hiatus.
    • The Slime God gaining eyes is directly lifted from an identical edit of the sprite which made the boss look like it was doing a "pogchamp" face.
    • Cryogen being converted to "Pyrogen" is a reference to a boss of the same name in the defunct Earth Mod.
    • Brimstone Elemental's color cycling is based on the five elementals summoned by the Heart of the Elements.
    • The Calamitas Clone gaining a blue pupil is based on Sans from Undertale.
    • Astrum Aureus' Mimic phases reference the Astrageldon Slime, who had been replaced by Astrum Aureus.
      • The purple and yellow cycling is based on the Astral Infection's old colors.
      • The circular projectile patterns use the exact same projectile counts per difficulty mode as Astrageldon from the Catalyst addon.
    • The Plaguebringer Goliath shooting peanut rockets is a reference to how her acronym, "PBG", is often compared to the YouTuber, PeanutButterGamer.
    • Ravager's and Supreme Alchemist, Cirrus' laser attacks are directly copied from Sans' Gaster Blasters from Undertale.
      • Additionally, Ravager dropping Hotdogs is a reference to how Sans owns a hotdog stand.
    • The Profaned Guardians dropping Chicken Nuggets is a reference to how the community compared their previous sprites to chicken nuggets.
    • Providence dropping 1117-2201 Blasphemous Donuts is a reference to the versions of the mod where the Profaned Guardians were introduced as well as the version they had their latest rework, 1.1.7 and respectively.
    • Polterghast entering a blood frenzy mode when the ingame clock hits 3 AM is a reference to 3AM challenges, which typically involve YouTubers creating skits where they perform actions at 3AM only for it to horribly go wrong.
      • The most common variant of this skit has YouTubers calling characters with phones, referenced by Polterghast's Cell Phone drop.
    • The Old Duke dropping the Shattered Community is a reference to the boss' general divisiveness within the mod's userbase.
    • The Devourer of Gods taking extreme damage from Lacerator is based on old versions of the mod where the Lacerator was bugged and dealt unintendedly high amounts of damage to worm bosses.
    • The Devourer of Gods dropping every torch in the game is meant to imply that he had eaten The Torch God.
    • Yharon dropping a Blessed Phoenix Egg is a reference to how he is the Dragon of Rebirth.
    • The Primordial Wyrm gaining the name "Jared" is a reference to a nickname that the YouTuber, Hectique gave to a glitched Primordial Wyrm that had peacefully followed him back to his home.
    • All instances of the word "rogue" are replaced with "rouge" due to it being a common misspelling within the community.
    • The Ogscule that the Terminus becomes is an inside joke within the community.

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