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Type Debuff
Effects -30 health per second and natural life regen is disabled (if player)
-480 health per second (if enemy)
Tooltip Engulfed by roaring flames

Dragonfire is a debuff inflicted by Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth, The Torch God in Death Mode, Pot of Pain and equipment dropped by Yharon. It causes the player to lose 30 health per second, disables natural life regeneration and causes enemies to lose 480 health per second.

If the player has the Dynamo Stem Cells accessory equipped, they lose 15 health per second instead of 30. If the target is inflicted with Oiled, they will lose 505 health per second instead of 480.

The player can become immune to Dragonfire by equipping the Dragon Scales accessory.


From Player

From Duration Chance
Chicken Cannon Chicken Cannon 5 seconds 100%
Draconic Destruction Draconic Destruction 1.5 seconds (Beams, Split Beams) 100%
Dragon Rage Dragon Rage 3 seconds (Baton, Explosion)
2 seconds (Fireball)
Dragon Scales Dragon Scales 2 seconds (Fireballs)
5 seconds (Infernado)
Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath 7 seconds (Beam)
4 seconds (Fireball)
0.33 seconds (Cartridge)
Drataliornus Drataliornus 2 seconds (Dust) 100%
Phoenix Flame Barrage Phoenix Flame Barrage 3 seconds 100%
Pot of Pain Pot of Pain 33 minutes 100%
The Burning Sky The Burning Sky 3 seconds 100%
The Final Dawn The Final Dawn 5 seconds (Slash, Horizontal Slash)
4 seconds (Thrown, Fireball)
3 seconds (Flame)
The Wand The Wand 4 seconds (Spark) 100%
Wrathwing Wrathwing 5 seconds (Spear) 100%
Yharim's Crystal Yharim's Crystal 3 seconds 100%
Yharim's Gift Yharim's Gift 2 seconds (Exploding dragon dust) 100%
Yharon's Kindle Staff Yharon's Kindle Staff 3 seconds 100%

From NPCs

From Duration Chance
The Torch God The Torch God 5 seconds 11.11% Death Mode
Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth 1 second (All projectiles except Flarenado and Infernado)
1.5 seconds (Flarenado)
2 seconds (Contact)
2.5 seconds (Infernado)

Immune NPCs

  • Trivia

    • Before being reworked in, it was known as Lethal Lava Burn and was able to be inflicted onto the player upon contact with lava, depending on if its respective configuration option was enabled.
    • One of the death messages caused by Dragonfire, "This was a fight <PlayerName> could not win.", is a reference to one of the quotes sang in the Roar of the Jungle Dragon music track.


    These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Buffed damage per second against enemies from 180 to 480.
      • Increased damage against the player from 18 per second to 30.
      • Added new visual effects when inflicted.
    • No longer reduces the player's movement speed.
      • Now deals 180 damage a second to enemies, and causes players to lose 18 health per second.
      • Rewrote its tooltip from "Losing life, reduced movement speed" to "Engulfed by roaring flames".
      • Rewrote the death message.
    • Fixes all instances of "Dragonfire" being written as "Dragon Fire".
    • Renamed from "Dragon Fire" to "Dragonfire".
      • Renamed from "Lethal Lava Burn" to "Dragon Fire".
      • Damage over time can no longer be reduced by lava immunity effects.
      • No longer applied when the player is in contact with lava.
    • Now decreases player movement speed by 15% when inflicted.
    • Added custom death message: "<PlayerName>'s ashes scatter in the wind."
    • Now exclusive to Revengeance Mode and higher.