Alicorn on a Stick

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Not to be confused with Unicorn on a Stick, a similar item dropped from Unicorns.

The Alicorn on a Stick is a post-Moon Lord item dropped by Supreme Alchemist, Cirrus. When selected, it is held stationary in front of the player to give the illusion that they are riding the Alicorn mount. Unlike the Unicorn on a Stick, the Alicorn on a Stick can deal damage to enemies that intersect it while held. More specifically, it will deal damage equal to 0.5% of the enemy's max health for every frame that it contacts the enemy.


  • Striking organic enemies with the Alicorn on a Stick produces visual blood particles, while striking non-organic enemies produces visual sparks.
  • Its damaging function does not work against THE LORDE.



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