Mythril Knife

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Mythril Knife
  • Mythril Knife.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Damage80 Rogue
Knockback1.75 (Very Weak)
Critical chance4%
Use time9 Very Fast
TooltipStealth strikes are coated in deadly toxins, inflicting irradiated, poison, and acid venom
Inflicts DebuffAcid VenomAcid Venom
100% chance

Debuff duration8 seconds (Stealth strikes)
Debuff tooltipLosing life
Inflicts DebuffIrradiatedIrradiated
100% chance

Debuff duration8 seconds (Stealth strikes)
Debuff tooltipYour skin is burning off
Inflicts DebuffPoisonedPoisoned
100% chance

Debuff duration8 seconds (Stealth strikes)
Debuff tooltipSlowly losing life
RarityRarity Level: 4
Sell 2 Silver Coin.png 20 Copper Coin.png
Research99 required

Mythril Knives are craftable Hardmode daggers made from Mythril Bars. They fire a knife which travels a short distance before being affected by gravity.

Performing a stealth strike with Mythril Knives will cause the knife to inflict Acid Venom, Irradiated, and Poisoned debuffs for 8 seconds. On enemies, these combined debuffs cause the target to lose 42 health per second, 74 health per second accounting for Irradiated's boost to sickness debuffs.

The Mythril Knife cannot be reforged, and therefore cannot have modifiers.



Crafting Station
Mythril AnvilMythril Anvil
Orichalcum AnvilOrichalcum Anvil
Mythril BarMythril Bar1
Mythril KnifeMythril Knife150


  • It is the only one of the six Hardmode ore rogue weapons to not have a piercing ability.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Removed redundancy from its tooltip.
    • Buffed damage from 40 to 80.
    • Increased the stealth strike's debuff durations of Irradiated, Acid Venom, and Poisoned from 1, 2, and 5 seconds respectively to 8 seconds for all debuffs.
    • Recipe now yields 150 instead of 100.
    • Can no longer be recovered after being thrown.
    • Resprited.
  • Now inflicts Acid Venom for 2 seconds, Irradiated for 1 second, and Poisoned for 5 seconds instead of Cursed Inferno, God Slayer Inferno, and Irradiated for 5 seconds.
  • Stealth strike no longer inflicts Armor Crunch or Acid Venom on hit.
    • Buffed damage from 32 to 40.
    • Resprited.
  • Buffed damage from 25 to 32, use time from 10 to 9, and knockback from 1.5 to 1.75.
  • 1.1.5: Fixed it not dealing throwing damage.
  • 1.1: Introduced.