Anarchy Blade

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Anarchy Blade
  • Anarchy Blade.png
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TypeWeaponCrafting material
Damage150 True melee
Knockback7.5 (Very Strong)
Critical chance4%
Use time18 Average
TooltipThe lower your life the more damage this blade does
Your hits will generate a large explosion
While below 50% life your hits have a chance to instantly kill regular enemies
Inflicts DebuffBrimstone FlamesBrimstone Flames
100% chance

Debuff duration5 seconds
Debuff tooltipIncinerating both body and mind
RarityRarity Level: 8
Sell 12 Gold Coin.png
Research1 required

The Anarchy Blade is a craftable Hardmode broadsword that autoswings. Striking an enemy will release red particles and inflict the Brimstone Flames debuff. 10% of the user's missing health is added to the base damage of this sword. If the user is below 50% health, every swing has a 20% chance to instantly kill any non-boss enemy.

Its best modifier is Legendary.



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  • This weapon was originally designed to be a reference to the Devil's Sunrise sword from the Epic Battle Fantasy game series. A separate, direct Devil's Sunrise sword has since been added to the mod as a Patreon item.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Explosions no longer set global immunity frames to 6 and now properly use ID-static immunity frames.
    • Now uses a Breaker Blade in its recipe instead of a Broken Hero Sword.
    • Decreased sell price from 16 Gold Coin to 12 Gold Coin.
    • Resprited.
  • Moved Broken Hero Sword to the top of the recipe.
    • Buffed damage from 110 to 150.
    • Explosions now deal 50% less damage if they critically hit.
    • Now grants enemies ID-static immunity frames instead of local immunity frames.
  • Fixed health scaling not incorporating boosts to all damage.
    • Fixed explosion not benefitting from increased all-class damage.
    • Swing now functions in PvP.
  • On hit effects now don't affect enemies from a specific assigned list instead of just automatically not affecting bosses.
    • On hit explosions now scale with melee damage instead of being multiplied by 0.75.
    • Can no longer instantly kill certain enemies.
  • Fixed it not benefitting from any modifiers which boost damage.
    • Buffed damage from 90 to 100, and use time from 21 to 19.
    • Damage boost now scales with the player's melee stats.