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  • Starmada.png
Stack digit 1.png
Damage135 Ranged
Knockback15 (Insane)
Critical chance4%
Use time27 Slow
TooltipFires a barrage of stars and plasma blasts
66% chance to save ammo
RarityRarity Level: 14
Sell 40 Gold Coin.png
Research1 required
The Starmada's several projectile types. Note how the Plasma bursts can damage enemies behind tiles with its explosion.

The Starmada is a craftable post-Moon Lord ranged weapon, the direct upgrade to the Starfleet, and the final upgrade of the Star Cannon. It automatically fires a barrage of five random star-related projectiles. These projectiles do not pierce and have randomly varying movement speeds, even amongst others of the same type, although the plasma blasts are always the fastest. The Starmada initially fires rather slowly, but fires faster the longer the player uses the weapon. Upon reaching around 10 seconds of sustained fire, a ring of particles is emitted from the player to indicate that they've reached the maximum fire-rate. It uses Fallen Stars as ammo and has a 66% chance to not consume them.

Its best modifier is Unreal.

Projectile Types

Type Description
Fallen Star (projectile) Fallen Star Does not travel through tiles.
Starfury (projectile) Starfury Star Passes through tiles but has a very short lifespan.
Astral Star Astral Star Passes through tiles.
Plasma Blast Plasma Blast Creates a massive explosion on impact.
Galactica Comet Galactica Comet Passes through tiles and forms a small explosion on hit.




  • Repeatedly killing Astrum Deus is an efficient and relatively easy way of obtaining fallen stars for this weapon.


  • Its name is a portmanteau of star and armada, referring to the Starmada's ability to fire large amounts of stars quickly.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Increased sell price from 28 Gold Coin to 40 Gold Coin.
  • No longer uses a custom variant of the Fallen Star projectile.
    • Now has a 66.67% chance to not consume ammo.
    • No longer consumes one additional ammo when initially used.
    • No longer inflicts Holy Flames or Astral Infection.
    • No longer uses Aquashard Shotgun in its recipe.
  • Decreased sell price from 36 Gold Coin to 28 Gold Coin.
  • Now uses Aquashard Shotgun in its recipe.
    • Nerfed damage from 222 to 135.
    • Now uses 8 Cosmilite Bars and 8 Darksun Fragments in its recipe instead of 5 Cosmilite Bars and 1 Ascendant Spirit Essence.
    • Now requires a Cosmic Anvil to craft instead of a Draedon's Forge.
    • Now uses 5 Cosmilite Bars and 1 Ascendant Spirit Essence in its recipe instead of 10 Cosmilite Bars.
    • Now requires a Draedon's Forge to craft instead of an Ancient Manipulator.
    • Nerfed damage from 308 to 222.
    • Resprited Fallen Star projectiles.
  • Now uses Star Sputter in its recipe.
    • Resprited Astral Star projectiles.
    • Fixed Astral Star projectiles using the wrong dust types.
    • Fixed held sprite being duplicated by Elemental Quiver.