Mirror of Kalandra

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Mirror of Kalandra
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Damage317 Summon
Knockback4 (Weak)
Mana cost10
Use time30 Very Slow
TooltipSummons five ancient weapons to annihilate your enemies
There can only be one of each individual weapon
Atziri's Disfavor brutally cleaves through enemies
Starforge rips through foes and occasionally induces cosmic explosions
Paradoxica teleports to enemies and blitzes through them at high speed
Wind Ripper unleashes a single high-speed, powerful arrow at enemies
Hope Shredder shoots arrows that split into three and pierce enemies twice
'Ultimate, Immeasurable, Indescribable'
Grants BuffMirror of Kalandra (buff)Mirror of Kalandra
Buff tooltipFive ancient weapons will annihilate your enemies
RarityRarity Level: 14
Sell 40 Gold Coin.png
Research1 required

The Mirror of Kalandra is a craftable post-Moon Lord summon weapon. When used, it summons the following weapons respectively: Atziri's Disfavor, Starforge, Paradoxica, Wind Ripper, and Hope Shredder. There can only be one of each weapon active at a time, each consuming one minion slot.

Its best modifier is Ruthless. The Mythical modifier provides the widest array of stat bonuses, but these primarily affect the initial summon rather than the resulting minion. Additionally, minions cannot deal critical hits. The only lasting advantage a Mythical Mirror of Kalandra has over a Ruthless one is knockback.

Minion Types

Type Description
Atziri's Disfavor Atziri's Disfavor Idles high above the player. Swings around the target.
Starforge Starforge Idles to upper left of the player, passively releasing purple dusts and clouds. Swings around the target with an explosive purple blast on hit every 4 seconds. The blast deals 225% of the weapon's damage and covers a large radius.
Paradoxica Paradoxica Idles to the upper right of the player, passively releasing shine particles. Teleports to the target once found, then repeatedly charges back and forth. It attacks 50% slower than other minions.
Wind Ripper Wind Ripper Idles to the left of the player. Fires Wind Ripper Arrowwind-trailing arrows every 0.58 seconds.
Hope Shredder Hope Shredder Idles to the right of the player. Fires Hope Shredder Arrowarrows every 0.93 seconds, each of which splits into three Hope Shredder Split Arrowsmaller arrows on hit. Each smaller arrow pierces up to two enemies and deals 33% of the weapon's damage.



Crafting Station
Magic MirrorMagic Mirror1
Cosmilite BarCosmilite Bar10
Divine GeodeDivine Geode10
Mirror of KalandraMirror of Kalandra1




These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Nerfed damage from 380 to 317.
    • Starforge now grants 23 local immunity frames instead of 15; blasts now spawn every 4 seconds instead of 3, and deal 225% base damage instead of 300%.
    • Paradoxica now grants 18 effective local immunity frames instead of 7.5, and it now attacks 50% slower.
    • Nerfed Wind Ripper's arrow velocity from 35 to 5, but it now has 9 extra updates. Nerfed Hope Shredder's arrow velocity from 35 to 5, but it now has 9 extra updates.
    • Increased sell price from 28 Gold Coin to 40 Gold Coin.
  • Fixed Hope Shredder and Wind Ripper minion's predictiveness being much stronger than intended.
  • Split arrows now deal 33% base damage instead of 303.03%.
  • Fixed bows not consuming minion slots, projectiles not inflicting local immunity frames properly, and arrows skipping over targets with smaller hitboxes.