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Repeaters are a variety of Hardmode bows which possess autofire capability and have the visual appearance of a crossbow.

For a rough estimate of progression order, consider sorting the table by rarity. For some recommendations of items to try at specific tiers of progression - though not necessarily the best - consult the class setups guide.


Name Damage Use Time Knockback Velocity Critical Autoswing Rarity HM ML Sell
Arbalest Arbalest 28 21
12 24% Tango Tick1.png Rarity Level: 5 Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png 4 Gold Coin.png 80 Silver Coin.png
Bladedge Railbow Bladedge Railbow 30 29
16 4% Tango Tick1.png Rarity Level: 7 Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png 9 Gold Coin.png 60 Silver Coin.png
Condemnation Condemnation 2130 23
32 4% Tango Tick1.png Rarity Level: 15 Tango Tick1.png Tango Tick1.png 48 Gold Coin.png
Eternal Blizzard Eternal Blizzard 67 18
(Very Weak)
22 4% Tango Tick1.png Rarity Level: 8 Tango Tick1.png Tango Cross1.png 12 Gold Coin.png

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