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TypeWeaponCrafting material
Damage37 Ranged
Knockback2.5 (Very Weak)
Critical chance4%
Use time6 Very Fast
TooltipRapidly fires alternating bullets and pressurized water jets
Water jets consume no ammo
Inflicts DebuffWetWet
100% chance

Debuff duration4 seconds (Water Jet, Water Ring)
Debuff tooltipYou are dripping water
RarityRarity Level: 7
Sell 9 Gold Coin.png 60 Silver Coin.png
Research1 required

The Megalodon is a craftable Hardmode gun that is an upgrade to the Megashark and the Archerfish. When used, it rapidly fires bullets, with every other shot turning into a stream of water that does not consume ammo and pierces once. It also fires a short-range ring every shot which pierces once. Bullets and water jets deal 80% of the weapon's damage.

Its best modifier is Unreal.



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  • The weapon is named after a prehistoric shark, the Megalodon, which was the largest shark that ever lived.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Buffed damage from 30 to 37, but bullets and water jets now deal 80% base damage.
  • Now fires a close-range ring projectile on every shot.
    • Now uses 10 Voidstone in its recipe instead of 10 Lumenyl and 5 Tenebris.
    • Decreased sell price from 12 Gold Coin to 9 Gold Coin.png 60 Silver Coin.png.
    • Now replaces bullets with a water stream every other shot.
    • Bullets fired now always consume ammo, while water streams do not.
    • Now uses Archerfish in its recipe.
    • Buffed damage from 28 to 34.
    • Resprited.
  • Now uses 10 Depth Cells, 10 Lumenyl, and 5 Tenebris in its recipe instead of 7 Cores of Eleum.
    • Buffed damage from 27 to 29, and increased accuracy.
    • Fixed a hold offset.
  • Removed tooltip, "A Megashark on Angry Vitamins".
    • Nerfed damage from 61 to 28, use time from 2 to 5, and knockback from 3 to 2.5.
    • Decreased accuracy.
    • Now uses the Rarity Level: 8 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 10.
    • Now uses 7 Cores of Eleum in its recipe instead of 1 Chain Gun, 5 Bars of Life, and 1 Core of Calamity.
    • Now requires a Hardmode Anvil to craft instead of a Particle Accelerator.
    • Resprited.
  • 1.0: Introduced.