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Furniture sets are groups of Furniture items that share a common theme and are similar in appearance to one another. The Calamity Mod introduces 18 new sets of furniture.


The following table displays the different furniture sets:

Type Source Basin Bathtub Bed Bookcase Candelabra Candle Chair Chandelier Chest Clock Door Dresser Lamp Lantern Piano Platform Sconce Sink Sofa Table Toilet Wall Work Bench Crafting station
Abyss Smooth Abyss Gravel Tango Cross1.png Abyss Bathtub Abyss Bed Abyss Bookcase Abyss Candelabra Abyss Candle Abyss Chair Abyss Chandelier Abyss Chest Abyss Clock Abyss Door Abyss Dresser Abyss Lamp Abyss Lantern Abyss Synth Smooth Abyss Gravel Platform Tango Cross1.png Abyss Sink Abyss Sofa Abyss Table Tango Cross1.png Smooth Abyss Gravel Wall Abyss Work Bench Void Condenser
Acidwood Acidwood Tango Cross1.png Acidwood Bathtub Acidwood Bed Acidwood Bookcase Acidwood Candelabra Acidwood Candle Acidwood Chair Acidwood Chandelier Acidwood Chest Acidwood Clock Acidwood Door Acidwood Dresser Acidwood Lamp Acidwood Lantern Acidwood Piano Acidwood Platform Tango Cross1.png Acidwood Sink Acidwood Bench Acidwood Table Tango Cross1.png Acidwood Wall Acidwood Work Bench Tango Cross1.png
Ancient Brimstone Slag Ancient Basin Ancient Bathtub Ancient Bed Ancient Bookcase Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png Ancient Chair Ancient Chandelier Tango Cross1.png Ancient Monolith Ancient Door Ancient Dresser Ancient Lamp Ancient Lantern Ancient Pipe Organ Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png Ancient Sink Ancient Sofa Ancient Table Tango Cross1.png Brimstone Slag Wall Ancient Work Bench Ancient Altar
Ashen Smooth Brimstone Slag Ashen Basin Ashen Bathtub Ashen Bed Ashen Bookcase Ashen Candelabra Ashen Candle Ashen Chair Ashen Chandelier Ashen Chest Ashen Monolith Ashen Door Ashen Dresser Ashen Lamp Ashen Lantern Ashen Pipe Organ Ashen Platform Tango Cross1.png Ashen Sink Ashen Sofa Ashen Table Tango Cross1.png Smooth Brimstone Slag Wall Ashen Work Bench Ashen Altar
Botanic Uelibloom Brick Tango Cross1.png Botanic Bathtub Botanic Bed Botanic Bookcase Botanic Candelabra Botanic Candle Botanic Chair Botanic Chandelier Botanic Chest Botanic Clock Botanic Door Botanic Dresser Botanic Lamp Botanic Lantern Botanic Piano Botanic Platform Tango Cross1.png Botanic Sink Botanic Bench Botanic Table Tango Cross1.png Uelibloom Brick Wall Botanic Work Bench Botanic Planter
Cosmilite Cosmilite Brick Cosmilite Basin Cosmilite Bathtub Cosmilite Bed Cosmilite Bookcase Cosmilite Candelabra Cosmilite Candle Cosmilite Chair Cosmilite Chandelier Cosmilite Chest Cosmilite Clock Cosmilite Door Cosmilite Dresser Cosmilite Lamp Cosmilite Lantern Cosmilite Piano Cosmilite Platform Cosmilite Sconce Cosmilite Sink Cosmilite Sofa Cosmilite Table Tango Cross1.png Cosmilite Brick Wall Cosmilite Work Bench Tango Cross1.png
Eutrophic Navystone Tango Cross1.png Eutrophic Bathtub Eutrophic Bed Eutrophic Bookcase Eutrophic Candelabra Eutrophic Candle Eutrophic Chair Eutrophic Chandelier Eutrophic Chest Eutrophic Clock Eutrophic Door Eutrophic Dresser Eutrophic Lamp Eutrophic Lantern Eutrophic Piano Eutrophic Platform Tango Cross1.png Eutrophic Sink Eutrophic Bench Eutrophic Table Tango Cross1.png Navystone Wall Eutrophic Work Bench Eutrophic Shelf
Exo Exo Plating Tango Cross1.png Exo Bathtub Exo Bed Exo Bookcase Exo Candelabra Exo Candle Exo Chair Exo Chandelier Exo Chest Exo Clock Exo Door Exo Dresser Exo Lamp Exo Lantern Exo Keyboard Exo Platform Tango Cross1.png Exo Sink Exo Sofa Exo Table Exo Toilet Exo Plating Wall Exo Work Bench Tango Cross1.png
Monolith Astral Monolith Tango Cross1.png Monolith Bathtub Monolith Bed Monolith Bookcase Monolith Candelabra Monolith Candle Monolith Chair Monolith Chandelier Monolith Chest Monolith Clock Monolith Door Monolith Dresser Monolith Lamp Monolith Lantern Monolith Piano Monolith Platform Tango Cross1.png Monolith Sink Monolith Bench Monolith Table Tango Cross1.png Astral Monolith Wall Monolith Work Bench Monolith Amalgam
Otherworldly Otherworldly Stone Tango Cross1.png Otherworldly Bathtub Otherworldly Bed Otherworldly Bookcase Otherworldly Candelabra Otherworldly Candle Otherworldly Chair Otherworldly Chandelier Otherworldly Chest Otherworldly Clock Otherworldly Door Otherworldly Dresser Otherworldly Lamp Otherworldly Lantern Otherworldly Piano Otherworldly Platform Tango Cross1.png Otherworldly Sink Otherworldly Sofa Otherworldly Table Tango Cross1.png Otherworldly Stone Wall Otherworldly Work Bench Tango Cross1.png
Plagued Plagued Containment Brick Broken Plagued 'Bed' Plagued Bathtub Plagued 'Bed' Plagued Bookcase Plagued Candelabra Plagued Candle Plagued Chair Plagued Chandelier Plagued Chest Plagued Clock Plagued Door Plagued Dresser Plagued Lamp Plagued Lantern Plagued Piano Plagued Shelf Tango Cross1.png Plagued Sink Plagued Sofa Plagued Table Tango Cross1.png Plagued Containment Wall Plagued Work Bench Plague Infuser
Profaned Profaned Rock Profaned Crucible Profaned Bathtub Profaned Bed Profaned Bookcase Profaned Candelabra Profaned Candle Profaned Chair Profaned Chandelier Profaned Chest Profaned Clock Profaned Door Profaned Dresser Profaned Lamp Profaned Lantern Profaned Piano Profaned Platform Tango Cross1.png Profaned Sink Profaned Bench Profaned Table Tango Cross1.png Profaned Rock Wall Profaned Work Bench Profaned Crucible
Sacrilegious Occult Brick Tango Cross1.png Sacrilegious Bathtub Sacrilegious Bed Sacrilegious Bookcase Sacrilegious Candelabra Sacrilegious Candle Sacrilegious Chair Sacrilegious Chandelier Sacrilegious Chest Sacrilegious Clock Sacrilegious Door Sacrilegious Dresser Sacrilegious Lamp Sacrilegious Lantern Sacrilegious Organ Occult Platform Tango Cross1.png Sacrilegious Sink Sacrilegious Bench Sacrilegious Table Tango Cross1.png Occult Brick Wall Sacrilegious Work Bench Altar of the Accursed
Silva Silva Crystal Effulgent Manipulator Silva Bathtub Silva Bed Silva Bookcase Silva Candelabra Silva Candle Silva Chair Silva Chandelier Silva Chest Silva Clock Silva Door Silva Dresser Silva Lamp Silva Lantern Silva Piano Silva Platform Tango Cross1.png Silva Sink Silva Bench Silva Table Tango Cross1.png Silva Wall Silva Work Bench Effulgent Manipulator
Statigel Statigel Block Tango Cross1.png Statigel Bathtub Statigel Bed Statigel Bookcase Statigel Candelabra Statigel Candle Statigel Chair Statigel Chandelier Statigel Chest Statigel Clock Statigel Door Statigel Dresser Statigel Lamp Statigel Lantern Statigel Piano Statigel Platform Tango Cross1.png Statigel Sink Statigel Sofa Statigel Table Tango Cross1.png Statigel Wall Statigel Work Bench Static Refiner
Stratus Stratus Brick Tango Cross1.png Stratus Bathtub Stratus Bed Stratus Bookcase Stratus Candelabra Stratus Candle Stratus Chair Stratus Chandelier Stratus Chest Stratus Clock Stratus Door Stratus Dresser Stratus Lamp Stratus Lantern Stratus Piano Stratus Platform Tango Cross1.png Stratus Sink Stratus Sofa Stratus Table Tango Cross1.png Stratus Wall Stratus Work Bench Tango Cross1.png
Void Smooth Voidstone Tango Cross1.png Void Bathtub Void Bed Void Bookcase Void Candelabra Void Candle Void Chair Void Chandelier Void Chest Void Obelisk Void Door Void Dresser Void Lamp Void Lantern Void Piano Smooth Voidstone Platform Tango Cross1.png Void Sink Void Sofa Void Table Tango Cross1.png Smooth Voidstone Wall Void Work Bench Void Condenser
Wulfrum Wulfrum Plating Tango Cross1.png Wulfrum Bathtub Wulfrum Bed Wulfrum Bookcase Wulfrum Candelabra Wulfrum Candle Wulfrum Chair Wulfrum Chandelier Tango Cross1.png Wulfrum Clock Tango Cross1.png Wulfrum Dresser Wulfrum Lamp Wulfrum Lantern Wulfrum Piano Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png Wulfrum Sink Wulfrum Sofa Wulfrum Table Wulfrum Toilet Wulfrum Plating Wall Wulfrum Work Bench Wulfrum Labstation

Laboratory furniture

Type Block Chest Console Containment
Display Door Electric
Screen Server Terminal Platform Wall
Aged Laboratory Rusted Pipes Rusted Plating Aged Security Chest Aged Laboratory Console Aged Laboratory Containment Box Aged Laboratory Display Aged Laboratory Door Aged Laboratory Electric Panel Aged Reinforced Crate Aged Laboratory Screen Aged Laboratory Server Aged Laboratory Terminal Rusted Shelf Rusted Plating Wall
Auric Auric Panel Exo-Auric Panel Tango Cross1.png Auric Console Tango Cross1.png Auric Display Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png Auric Reinforced Crate Auric Screen Auric Server Auric Terminal Auric Platform Tango Cross1.png
Exo Exo Plating Exo Prism Panel Exo Chest Exo Console Tango Cross1.png Exo Display Exo Door Tango Cross1.png Tango Cross1.png Exo Screen Exo Server Exo Terminal Exo Platform Exo Prism Platform Exo Plating Wall Exo Prism Panel Wall
Laboratory Laboratory Plating Laboratory Panels Laboratory Pipe Plating Security Chest Laboratory Console Laboratory Containment Box Laboratory Display Laboratory Door Laboratory Electric Panel Reinforced Crate Laboratory Screen Laboratory Server Laboratory Terminal Laboratory Shelf Laboratory Plating Wall Laboratory Panel Wall



These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Abyss, Ancient, Ashen, Botanic, Cosmilite, Monolith, Otherworldly, Plagued, Profaned, Silva, Stratus, and Void Furniture sets are now lavaproof.
  • Introduced Monolith Furniture set.
    • Introduced Botanic, Eutrophic, Otherworldly, Plagued Plate, Silva, and Stratus Furniture sets.
    • All Calamity furniture set pieces now produce dust when hit, use the (#BF8E6F ●) color for their map icons, and no longer have any sell value.
    • Abyss and Void furniture no longer break when submerged in water.
    • Ancient and Ashen furniture no longer break when submerged in Lava.
    • All profaned furniture now requires a Profaned Crucible to craft instead of an Ancient Manipulator.
  • Introduced Abyss, Ancient, Ashen, Cosmilite, Profaned, Statigel, and Void Furniture sets.