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  • Deathwind.png
Stack digit 1.png
Damage148 Ranged
Knockback5 (Average)
Critical chance4%
Use time14 Fast
Velocity120 effective
TooltipFires a spread of 4 arrows
Wooden arrows are converted into nebula arrows
Nebula arrows deal more damage and inflict god slayer inferno
Inflicts DebuffGod Slayer InfernoGod Slayer Inferno
100% chance

Debuff duration2 seconds (Nebula Arrows)
Debuff tooltipYour flesh is burning off
RarityRarity Level: 14
Sell 40 Gold Coin.png
Research1 required
Projectile created
Nebula Arrows
Nebula Arrows
Dropped by
The Devourer of Gods125% / 33.33% Expert Mode

Deathwind is a post-Moon Lord bow that is dropped by The Devourer of Gods. Upon use, it turns Wooden Arrows into a spread of 4 blue and pink nebula arrows. Nebula arrows do not pierce tiles nor enemies and inflicts the God Slayer Inferno debuff and deal 175% of the weapon's damage. Unconverted arrows deal 75% damage.

Its best modifier is Unreal.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Nerfed damage from 248 to 148.
    • Nebula arrows now deal 175% base damage instead of 100%, but all other arrows deal 75% base damage instead of 80%.
    • Now has a glowmask while being used.
    • Increased sell price from 28 Gold Coin to 40 Gold Coin.
  • Now inflicts God Slayer Inferno for 2 seconds instead of On Fire! and Frostburn.
  • Nebula arrows now inflict On Fire! for 3 seconds instead of 10, and Frostburn for 1.5 seconds instead of 10.
    • Nerfed damage from 265 to 248.
    • Now fires 4 arrows per use instead of 4-6, and arrows now grant enemies 10 local immunity frames instead of 2.
    • All unconverted arrows now deal 80% base damage.
    • Lasers now inflict On Fire! for 10 seconds.
    • Added a tooltip.
  • Fixed glowmask offset being too high.
    • No longer fires ice lasers.
    • Lasers now pierce infinitely instead of once and grant 2 local immunity frames.
    • Now has glowmasks.
    • Resprited.
    • Now requires Wooden Arrows to shoot special projectiles.
    • No longer has a chance to drop ammo when a projectile lands.
    • Buffed damage from 165 to 180.
    • Now fires 4-5 projectiles per use instead of 4-7.
  • Lasers are now 5x faster and ignore 4 immunity frames instead of setting them to 2.
  • Removed tooltip "Fires lasers of death".
  • Lasers now set NPC immunity frames to 2.
  • Buffed damage from 175 to 220.
  • 1.1.7:
    • Buffed damage from 145 to 175.
    • Can no longer be crafted.
  • Now shoots 4-8 lasers per shot instead of 2-4.
    • Buffed damage from 65 to 145, use time from 17 to 13, knockback from 4 to 5, and shot speed from 16 to 20.
    • Now uses the Rarity Level: 10 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 6.
  • 1.1.5: Fixed lasers not dealing ranged damage.
  • 1.1: Introduced.