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"Post-Moon Lord Rebalances"
Release date September 30, 2017
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The update made several changes and adjustments to the Bumblebirb and Supreme Calamitas fights, among other bosses. It also buffed and nerfed a large amount of post-Moon Lord weapons, and resprited Ceaseless Void.





  • Now gets 600,000 Revengeance Mode health in Revengeance Mode, instead of inheriting Expert health.
  • Main boss now takes up 25 NPC slots instead of 5.
  • Main boss velocity and attack damage adjusted.
  • Reduced Bumblebirb clone cap from 10 / 30 Revengeance Mode to 4 / 6 Revengeance Mode.
  • Nerfed Bumblebirb clone health from 70,000 / 105,000 Expert Mode to 30,000 / 45,000 Expert Mode, and reduced size from 75% to 66%.

The Devourer of Gods

  • Phase 2 is now slightly faster.
  • Phase 2's body segments now take 20% damage instead of 50%.


  • Now guaranteed to drop Picksaw when killed for the first time, alongside its normal drops.

Jungle Dragon, Yharon

  • Now spawns unique Bumblebirb clones instead of the same Bumblebirb clones from the main Bumblebirb fight. These new Bumblebirb clones have greater stats. Yharon will also only summon up to 3 of them instead of 6.
  • Phase 2's gravity-affected Yharon Fireball launch speed now has an increased maximum possible speed.


  • Now uses the default immunity frame cooldown slot of 0, instead of 1.
  • Phantom Turrets and Polterghast Hooks now use an immunity frame cooldown slot of 1 instead of the default 0.

Supreme Calamitas

  • Now has status message quotes, after reaching 1% health.
    • Some new quotes make use of new internal counters tracking Supreme Calamitas kills and player deaths.
  • Death quote has been changed from "oh... guess that's it then.. huh..." to "So... guess that's it then.. huh...".
  • While she is alive, hearts (and their holiday equivalents) heal for half their normal amount.
  • All projectile damage now scales with the player's defense.
  • If the player is below the surface layer, they will be rapidly accelerated upwards until they reach the surface. This does not allow the player to pass through blocks, they need a path between their current position and the surface or they will be forced against a ceiling.
  • If the player has over 1000 defense or over 100% DR, they will now be instantly killed.



  • Extreme Gravity now reduces flight time by 66% instead of 50%.
  • Changed Warped's tooltip from "Your view of reality is being warped" to "Movement is being warped".
  • Reworked Warped, now reduces X velocity and boosts Y velocity instead of modifying the player's gravity and falling speed by randomly generated amounts.