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"Optimizations and Fixes"
Release date July 30, 2019
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The update made various optimizations to the mod in both its code and actual content. The update also adjusted the stats of several Revengeance Mode vanilla bosses and added a few new weapons.




  • Added afterimages to the following projectiles:
  • Aquatic Scourge

    • Nerfed head defense from 40 to 20, body defense from 60 to 35, and tail defense from 90 to 45.
    • Now takes 20% damage from infinitely piercing non-minion projectiles and divides the damage of other piercing projectiles by the amount of times they pierce instead of just having a 50% resistance to Holy Arrow stars and Crystal Bullet shards.

    Astrum Aureus

    • Buffed health from 80,000 / 128,000 Expert Mode / 163,200 Revengeance Mode / 252,800 Death Mode to 96,000 / 153,600 Expert Mode / 195,200 Revengeance Mode / 299,200 Death Mode, and nerfed defense from 120 to 70.
    • Buffed post-Moon Lord health from 640,000 Revengeance Mode to 704,000 Revengeance Mode.
    • Buffed Boss Rush health from 1,200,000 / 1,920,000 Expert Mode / 2,240,000 Death Mode to 1,400,000 / 2,240,000 Expert Mode / 2,560,000 Death Mode.
    • Flame crystals are now easier to see.

    Astrum Deus

    • Increased the amount of celestial fragments dropped from 6-11 / 6-12 Expert Mode to 12-20 / 20-32 Expert Mode, and reworked its movement.

    Brain of Cthulhu

    • Revengeance Mode changes:
      • Buffed health modifier from 1.4x Revengeance Mode / 1.9x Death Mode to 1.6x Revengeance Mode / 2.3x Death Mode.
      • Creepers now have a health modifier of 1.2x Revengeance Mode / 1.4x Death Mode.
      • Creepers no longer respawn.
      • Can no longer hit the player in phase 1.


    • Now drops Animosity in all difficulty modes.
    • Nerfed Soul Seeker health from 3750 / 7500 Expert Mode to 2500 / 5000 Expert Mode.


    • Increased overall speed.

    The Devourer of Gods

    • Increased the amount of Cosmilite Bricks dropped from 5-15 to 155-265 / 205-335 Expert Mode.

    The Destroyer

    • Nerfed health modifier from 1.8x Revengeance Mode / 2.7x Death Mode to 1.25x Revengeance Mode / 1.6x Death Mode, and reduced Death Mode size modifier.
    • Nerfed Probe's health modifier from 1.6x Revengeance Mode / 1.9x Death Mode to 1.25x Death Mode, and removed Death Mode size modifier.


    • Revengeance Mode changes:
      • Buffed health modifier from 1.9x Revengeance Mode / 2.9x Death Mode to 2.3x Revengeance Mode / 3.4x Death Mode.
      • Plantera's Tentacles no longer gain extra health.
      • Now starts shooting seeds once all tentacles have been defeated.


    • Now only enrages when taken to the surface.

    Providence, the Profaned Goddess

    • Now drops her biome exclusive drops for all players in multiplayer.

    Skeletron Prime

    • Nerfed head nad limbs' health modifier from 1.6x Revengeance Mode / 2.9x Death Mode to 1.15x Revengeance Mode / 1.5x Death Mode.

    Storm Weaver

    • Reworked how movement works.

    The Twins

    • Revengeance Mode changes:
      • Nerfed Retinazer's health modifier from 1.8x Revengeance Mode / 3x Death Mode to 1.25x Revengeance Mode / 1.4x Death Mode.
      • Nerfed Spazmatism's health modifier from 1.8x Revengeance Mode / 3x Death Mode to 1.3x Revengeance Mode / 1.45x Death Mode.
      • Decreased speeds slightly.



    • Added afterimages to the following projectiles:
    • Amidias' Trident changes:
      • Nerfed damage from 28 to 12.
      • Can now fire whirlpools at all times instead of only after defeating Skeletron.
      • Whirlpools no longer pierce.
    • Buffed Ark of the Ancients' damage from 55 to 58.
    • Improved the visuals of Astreal Defeat and Scarlet Devil's afterimages.
    • Buffed Ataraxia's damage from 3120 to 5600, but removed its damage scaling.
    • Axe of Purity now works as an axe when right clicked.
    • Buffed Biome Blade's damage from 48 to 70.
    • Increased the size of Briny Baron's tornadoes.
    • Burden Breaker can no longer be crafted.
    • Celestial Onion's tooltip now says "Alien power pulses inside its layer" instead of "Doesn't do anything currently...or does it!?".
    • Buffed Celestus' damage from 480 to 960, but nerfed use time from 9 to 19.
    • Chaos Candle now uses 4 Essences of Chaos in its recipe instead of 6 Cores of Chaos.
    • Nerfed Crystal Flare Staff's damage from 49 to 30.
    • Reworded Demonshade armor's Enraged buff's description to say that "All damage taken is increased by 25%" instead of saying "Enemies are enraged and do 1.5 times damage."
    • Buffed Devil's Devastation's damage from 450 to 470.
    • Buffed Dragon Pow's damage from 6600 to 11,800.
    • Nerfed Elemental Lance's damage from 200 to 155, and use time from 25 to 29.
    • Elysian Arrows now explode on impact, but their meteors now deal 50% damage.
    • Buffed Excelsus' damage from 235 to 340.
    • Improved the visuals of Flarefrost Blade, Holiday Halberd, Shadecrystal Barrage, and Xeroc Greatsword's projectiles.
    • Buffed Flarefrost Blade's damage from 58 to 65, and increased the effectiveness of its homing.
    • Buffed Forbidden Oathblade's damage from 61 to 64.
    • Buffed Elemental Shiv's damage from 140 to 150.
    • Buffed Galactus Blade's damage from 95 to 110, and it now uses 10 Divine Geodes in its recipe instead of 10 Ectoplasm.
    • Glacial Crusher's iceberg now uses an actual sprite instead of dust.
    • Grape Beer can now be used by Quick Heal.
    • Nerfed Greatsword of Judgement's damage from 58 to 52.
    • Renamed Sunken Stew to Hadal Stew.
    • Decreased Hellborn's holdout's On Fire! duration from 6.67 seconds to 6.
    • Hellfire Flamberge's flares now deal 100% base damage instead of 75%, it now fires 3 flares instead of 3-4, and now plays a sound while shooting them.
    • Buffed Ice Star's damage from 35 to 45, but they now pierce 3 times instead of infinitely.
    • Lashes of Chaos changes:
      • Nerfed damage from 98 to 88 and shot speed from 16 to 9.
      • Fireball now grants enemies 10 local immunity frames instead of 15 and pierces 2 times instead of infinitely.
      • Now creates less dust.
    • Buffed Lunic Eye's damage from 7 to 9, and its tooltip now reflects any damage boosts the player has that affects the weapon.
    • Majestic Guard can no longer heal off of Target Dummies.
    • Margarita can now be used by Quick Heal and Quick Buff.
    • Buffed Marked Magnum's damage from 3 to 4, and its tooltip now reflects any damage boosts the player has that affects the weapon.
    • Reworded Meowthrower's tooltip to say "50% chance to not consume gel" instead of "Consumes gel at a 50% chance" for consistency with other ammo consumption tooltips.
    • Neptune's Bounty changes:
      • Nerfed damage from 540 to 300, use time from 16 to 21, and shot speed from 25 to 12.
      • Decreased sell price from 36 Gold Coin to 28 Gold Coin.
      • Now uses the Rarity Level: 13 rarity instead of Rarity Level: 14.
      • Now uses 5 Ruinous Souls in its recipe instead of 5 Cosmilite Bars.
    • Nerfed The Oracle's damage from 1360 to 480, but aura now deals 160 damage instead of 40.
    • Penumbra Potion now makes stealth generate faster at all times instead of making it always generate at night and during Solar Eclipses.
    • Nerfed Plague Keeper's damage from 110 to 80.
    • Profaned Soul Artifact's offensive guardian's buff description now says that it will "fight for you" instead of "protect you".
    • Buffed Rainbow Rod's damage from 74 to 130.
    • Red Wine is now used by Quick Heal instead of Quick Buff.
    • Buffed Spectre Staff's damage from 144 to 216.
    • Reworded Star Beam Rye's buff description to be less confusing.
    • Star Wrath's comets no longer pierce.
    • Decreased Swordsplosion's true melee Brimstone Flames, Glacial State, Holy Flames, and Plague durations from 8.33 seconds to 8.
    • Split Terra Arrows now deal 40% main arrow damage instead of 50%.
    • Nerfed Terra Blade's damage from 127 to 114.
    • Decreased Terratomere's true melee Cursed Inferno duration from 11.33 seconds to 10, and Frostburn duration from 10.33 seconds to 10.
    • Buffed Tome of Infinite Wisdom's damage from 29 to 30.
    • Triactis' True Paladinian Mage-Hammer of Might now uses Galaxy Smasher in its recipe instead of True Paladin's Hammer.
    • Victide armor's seashells now grant enemies 10 local immunity frames.
    • Vigorous Candle now heals the player more smoothly.
    • Decreased the size of Wind Blade's cyclones.


    • Adrenaline Mode and Rage Mode's descriptions now dynamically change based on difficulty mode.
    • Nerfed Revengeance Mode Chaos State's damage penalty from 50% to 25%.
    • Chaos State, Cursed Flames, and Ichor now display their Revengeance Mode damage taken boosts in their buff descriptions.
    • Cinderplate changes:
      • Now uses stone mining sounds.
      • Now has a glowmask.
      • Now has a minimum pickaxe power of 180.
      • Changed map icon color from (#611639 ●) to (#AD3446 ●).
    • Reduced Death Mode's damage increase from 25% to 15%.
    • Everclear's buff description now gives exact stats.
    • Grape Beer's buff description no longer mentions its life regeneration penalty.
    • The Nurse in Revengeance Mode is now more expensive depending on progression, and is 5x more expensive while a boss is alive.
    • Renamed Adamant Will to Resilience.
    • Increased Smooth Voidstone and Voidstone Slab pickaxe power requirements from 180 to 190.