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Release date March 1, 2023
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The (or update fixed various errors from the previous update.



Bosses and Enemies

    • Changed "delved" to "delves" for Desert Scourge's despawn message.
    • Changed Crabulon's despawn message from "The mycleium crab has lost interest." to "The monstrous myclelial crab shuffles away…" [sic]
    • Changed The Hive Mind's despawn message from "The corrupted colony began searching for a new breeding ground." to "The Hive Mind flits away to brood elsewhere."
    • Changed The Perforators' despawn message from "The parasitic hive began searching for a new host." to "The Perforators search for more hosts to gorge themselves on."
    • Increased The Slime God's difficulty value from 6.5 to 6.7.
    • Changed The Slime God's despawn message from "The gelatinous monstrosity achieved vengeance for its brethren." to "The grimy, gelatinous God hops away, its vengeance achieved."
    • Changed Cryogen's despawn message from "Cryogen drifts away, carried on a freezing wind." to "Cryogen disappears amidst the biting winds of the blizzard."
    • Changed Aquatic Scourge's despawn message from "The Aquatic Scourge swam back into the open ocean." to "The poisoned scourge swims back to the tranquil, open ocean."
    • Changed Brimstone Elemental's despawn message from "Brimstone Elemental withdraws to the ruins of her shrine." to "The elemental ever maintains her somber vigil over Azafure…"
    • Changed Calamitas Clone's despawn message from "If you wanted a fight, you should've came more prepared." to "The clone spits a bit of blood in disappointment and vanishes."
    • Changed "into" to "between" and replaced the ellipsis with a period for Great Sand Shark's despawn message.
    • Changed Leviathan and Anahita's despawn message from "The aquatic entities sink back beneath the ocean depths." to "The aquatic outcasts return to their lonesome company."
    • Changed Astrum Aureus' despawn message from "Astrum Aureus' program has been executed. Initiate recall." to "Aureus has neutralized all threats. Resume prior reconnaissance."
    • Changed Ravager's despawn message from "The automaton of misshapen victims went looking for the true perpetrator." to "The Ravager resumes its aimless, horrific rampage."
    • Changed Profaned Guardians' despawn message from "The guardians must protect their goddess at all costs." to "The Guardians are recalled to their Goddess' side."
    • Changed The Dragonfolly's despawn message from "The failed experiment returns to its reproductive routine." to "The folly returns to its secluded roost."
    • Decreased Providence, the Profaned Goddess' difficulty value from 19.01 to 19.
    • Changed Providence, the Profaned Goddess' despawn message from "The Profaned Goddess vanishes in a burning blaze." to "The Profaned Goddess veils herself in purifying flame, leaving only ashes behind…"
    • Increased Ceaseless Void's difficulty value from 19.5 to 19.6.
    • Changed Ceaseless Void's despawn message from "The rift in time and space has moved away from your reach." to "The ancient spatial rift slips away to places unknown."
    • Increased Storm Weaver's difficulty value from 19.51 to 19.61.
    • Changed Storm Weaver's despawn message from "Storm Weaver hid itself once again within the stormfront." to "Storm Weaver hides itself within the fierce anvilhead clouds."
    • Increased Signus, Envoy of the Devourer's difficulty value from 19.52 to 19.62.
    • Changed Signus, Envoy of the Devourer's despawn message from "The Devourer's assassin has finished its easy task." to "Signus inexplicably ceases to be where he once was."
    • Changed Polterghast's despawn message from "The volatile spirits disperse throughout the depths of the dungeon." to "The volatile phantasm disperses in an echoing wail."
    • Changed Mauler's despawn message from "The ravenous shark has mauled everybody's corpses." to "The brutish shark looks elsewhere to turn its aggression."
    • Changed Nuclear Terror's despawn message from "The radioactive monstrosity has further enforced its name." to "The radioactive aberration fades away in a sickly light."
    • Changed The Old Duke's despawn message from "The old duke disappears amidst the acidic downpour." to "The old duke retreats further into the acidic downpour."
    • Changed The Devourer of Gods' despawn message from "The Devourer of Gods has slain everyone and feasted on their essence." to "The Devourer of Gods haughtily returns to the depths of the Distortion."
    • Changed Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth's despawn message from "Yharon found you too weak to stay near your gravestone." to "Yharon soars out of sight, his task fulfilled."
    • Increased Exo Mechs' difficulty value from 22.5 to 22.99.
    • Removed the space in the ellipsis within Exo Mechs' despawn message.
    • Increased Boss Rush's difficulty value from 23.75 to 25.99.
    • Astrum Aureus' lasers now have an acceleration of 0.5% increased velocity per frame (34.89% increase per second).
    • Death Mode Astrum Aureus' homing flame crystals now have 50% higher acceleration multiplier and 25% higher maximum speed.
    • Astrum Deus now fires helix lasers half as often while both worms are alive.
    • Increased the minimum distance to player required for Desert Scourge's head to fire Sand Blasts from 18.75 tiles to 20.
    • Devil Fish now drops 10-20 Pyre Mantle.
    • Guardian Commander now speeds up, fires spears more often, and spears travel faster if the player is over 60 tiles away from the boss.
    • Guardian Commander now fires spears from 40 tiles away instead of 25, spear shotgun spread increased by 66.67%.
    • Shockstorm Shuttle now drops 8-12 / 11-16 Expert Mode Exodium Clusters after defeating Moon Lord.
    • Super Dummy can no longer damage players, even if its contact damage is manipulated through other means.
    • Increased XS-01 Artemis' second phase laser shotgun maximum speed by 10% / 9.09% Expert Mode / 8.7% Revengeance Mode / 8.33% Death Mode.
    • XS-03 Apollo's rockets now have a stronger light, and have a mild red hue.


    • Buffed Abyss Blade's damage from 90 to 110.
    • Rebalanced Aether's Whisper. Decreased lifespan from 0.83 seconds to 0.5, but increased damage ramping rate by 2.22x. Secondary projectiles can no longer ramp damage on their own.
    • Anarchy Blade's explosions no longer set global immunity frames to 6 and now properly use ID static immunity frames.
    • Nerfed The Anomaly's Nanogun's charge usage from 0.2 on primary fire to 0.8, and 0.125 on secondary fire to 0.375.
    • Nerfed Aqua's Scepter's aura damage from 800% base damage to 720%. Raindrops can now pierce once but have 8 ID-static immunity frames instead of -1 local immunity frames, and deal 40% less damage after piercing.
    • Astral Pike's spear now has 6 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 6.
    • Nerfed The Ballista's damage from 120 to 108.
    • Nerfed Beam Sword's damage from 360 to 200.
    • Buffed Blissful Bombardier's damage from 80 to 84.
    • Rebalanced Brimlance. Brimstone fires now pierce twice instead of infinitely, now have -1 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 7, and increased Brimstone Flames duration from 2 seconds to 4. The spear now has 12 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 7. Limited the amount of explosions to 3 and decreased fire spawned per hit from 3 to 2.
    • Nerfed Brimlash's use time from 25 to 30 and it now spawns 3 projectiles instead of 4 upon splitting. Main projectile now has 15 local immunity frames.
    • Buffed Carnage's damage from 70 to 130.
    • Nerfed Caustic Edge's damage from 70 to 60.
    • Buffed Comet Quasher's damage from 90 to 160.
    • Various balance adjustments regarding the coin throw mechanics with Crackshot Colt, Marksman Rounds, and Midas Prime:
      • Buffed Crackshot Colt's damage from 13 to 18. It can now throw 4 coins and its blasts now inflict the Midas debuff for 1 second.
      • Buffed Midas Prime's damage from 52 to 81.
      • Coin hits from Crackshot Colt and Midas Prime are now guaranteed to be critical strikes.
      • Coins from Crackshot Colt and Midas Prime now fall faster, equal to the base gravity of the player. They can now be recovered at a 100% chance if not struck, but striking multiple coins now loses coins following the first hit. Thrown coins now have a 5x grab range bonus instead of 8x.
      • Copper Coins now additively increase damage by 70% on first hit, 20% on further hits, instead of multiplying damage by 2.5.
      • Silver Coins now additively increase damage by 150% on first hit, 50% on further hits, instead of multiplying damage by up to 1.5 per hit.
      • Gold Coins now additively increase damage by 200% on first hit, 85% on further hits, instead of multiplying damage by up to 1.75 per hit.
      • Silver and Gold Coins no longer have higher damage multipliers based on coin lifetime.
      • Coin ricochets now track slightly ahead of the target.
      • Striking coins decreases Daawnlight Spirit Origin's critical strike damage multiplier from 3.5x to 2.4x.
    • Daawnlight Spirit Origin can now activate its bonus from the 4% base critical strike chance.
    • Nerfed Darklight Greatsword's damage from 96 to 72.
    • Diseased Pike's spear now has 8 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 7.
    • Earthen Pike's spear now has 8 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 8.
    • Buffed Elemental Blaster's damage from 50 to 55.
    • Elemental Excalibur's true melee strike now inflicts Miracle Blight for 10 seconds instead of Exo Freeze for 1 second, Holy Flames for 4 seconds, Frostburn for 5 seconds, and On Fire! for 6 seconds.
    • Everglade Spray's projectile now has 6 effective local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 8.
    • Buffed Evil Smasher's damage from 100 to 120.
    • Buffed Flarefrost Blade's damage from 95 to 104. It now inflicts Hellfire and Frostbite instead of On Fire! and Frostburn.
    • Rebalanced Freedom Star. Buffed its second level orb damage from 150% base damage to 250% but nerfed laser beam damage from 150% base damage to 125%. The laser now begins to shrink if it hits more than 50 times, and now has 15 local immunity frames instead of 10.
    • Buffed Ghastly Visage's damage from 80 to 120. Tripled the homing shard's velocity but decreased lifespan from 1.33 seconds to 0.67.
    • Rebalanced Goldplume Spear. Nerfed damage from 48 to 24. The spear now has 10 local immunity frames.
    • Buffed Grand Staff of the Nebula Mage's damage from 100 to 510. Tripled the cloud core's homing speed but decreased lifespan from 15 seconds to 5.
    • Rebalanced Heavenly Gale. Nerfed damage from 334 to 300 but buffed its use time from 42 to 40.
    • Hellion Flower Spear's spear and spike projectiles now have 8 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 8.
    • Buffed Hydraulic Volt Crasher's damage from 65 to 75, and hammers now have 10 local immunity frames instead of 15.
    • Rebalanced Karasawa. Buffed damage from 900 to 2400. Its projectile now has -1 local immunity frames instead of 10.
    • Buffed Mantis Claws' damage from 88 to 144.
    • Buffed Mycelial Claws' damage from 21 to 28.
    • Buffed Mistlestorm's damage from 45 to 54.
    • Nerfed Night's Edge's damage from 98 to 76.
    • Nerfed Perfect Dark's damage from 48 to 24.
    • Buffed Planetary Annihilation's damage from 58 to 66.
    • Buffed Plasma Caster's explosion radius from 2.8125 tiles to 7.5.
    • Buffed Plasma Grenade's charge usage from 0.5 to 0.2.
    • Rebalanced Plasma Rifle. Nerfed damage from 160 to 150 but its primary fire now deals 100% base damage instead of 88% and its secondary fire now deals 200% base damage instead of 115%. Decreased both firing types' velocity multipliers from 11 to 10.
    • Nerfed Refraction Rotor's use time from 17 to 18.
    • Buffed Rouge Slash's damage from 61 to 132.
    • Rebalanced Sacrifice. Nerfed damage from 345 to 310 but increased its stealth strike damage from 160% base damage to 170%.
    • Buffed Sanguine Flare's velocity from 14 to 21. It now fires 8 flares with 1 flare directly aimed towards the cursor, instead of 6-8 with an average of 7.
    • Rebalanced Soul Piercer. Buffed damage from 115 to 270. It now only spawns additional rays from the first hit instead of from every hit, but now spawns 5 rays instead of 3. Rays now have -1 local immunity frames instead of 10. Secondary rays can now pass through tiles. Buffed secondary ray damage from 50% of the projectile's base damage to 100%.
    • Buffed Spyker's damage from 150 to 210.
    • Nerfed Star of Destruction's use time from 38 to 40.
    • Starnight Lance's spear now has 8 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 8.
    • Buffed Storm Dragoon's damage from 62 to 96.
    • Buffed Submarine Shocker's damage from 60 to 90.
    • Surge Driver's primary fire use time now scales with attack speed boosts, nerfed laser beam damage from 666% base damage to 600%. Lowered its displayed use time from 56 to 28.
    • Buffed Telluric Glare's damage from 176 to 216.
    • Terra Lance's spear now has 6 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 5, and launched spear now has 10 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 5.
    • Buffed Tesla Cannon's charge usage from 0.9 to 0.75.
    • Buffed Thunderstorm's main shot velocity multiplier from 26 to 30, and sky shot velocity multiplier from 16 to 20.
    • Nerfed True Caustic Edge's damage from 120 to 100.
    • Buffed Typhon's Greed's damage from 65 to 84. The staff now has 6 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 6.
    • Nerfed Vein Burster's damage from 71 to 42, use time from 25 to 45, and projectile firing time from 37 to 45.
    • Vulcanite Lance's spear now has 12 local immunity frames instead of setting global immunity frames to 6.


    Additional Changes