Spirit Glyph

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Spirit Glyph
  • Spirit Glyph.png
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TypeAccessoryCrafting material
TooltipWhenever your minions hit an enemy you will gain a random buff
Spirit Power increases summon damage by 10%
Spirit Defense increases defense by 6 and DR by 3%
Spirit Regen grants +1 HP/s life regeneration
Grants BuffSpirit DefenseSpirit Defense
Buff duration1 second
Buff tooltipDefense increased by 6 and damage reduction increased by 3%
Grants BuffSpirit PowerSpirit Power
Buff duration1 second
Buff tooltip10% increased summon damage
Grants BuffSpirit RegenSpirit Regen
Buff duration1 second
Buff tooltipRegenerating life
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell 40 Silver Coin.png
Research1 required

The Spirit Glyph is a craftable Pre-Hardmode accessory. When equipped, whenever a minion hits an enemy, the player will gain one of the following buffs:

  • Spirit Defense increases defense by 6 and damage reduction by 3%.
  • Spirit Power increases summon damage by 10%.
  • Spirit Regen grants +2 life regen.



Crafting Station
Iron AnvilIron Anvil
Lead AnvilLead Anvil
Spirit GlyphSpirit Glyph1

Used in


  • Although it is primarily a summoner accessory, the good defensive boosts from Spirit Defense and Spirit Regen make it a decent option for players of other classes if they are willing to use minions.


  • The shield in the Spirit Defense buff icon is the Shield of the Ocean.
  • The knife in the Spirit Power buff icon uses the same palette as the Biome Blade.
  • The heart in the Spirit Regen buff icon is a Heart.


These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
  • Tooltip now states exactly what each buff does.
  • Now uses 15 Obsidian in its recipe instead of 15 Any Iron Bars.
  • Resprited Spirit Defense and Spirit Power buffs.
    • Nerfed on-hit buff durations from 2 seconds to 1.
    • Spirit Defense now gives 6 defense and 3% damage reduction instead of 5 defense and 5% damage reduction.
    • Spirit Power's damage boost is now additive instead of multiplicative.
  • Can now trigger on bosses that have no contact damage.
  • All three buffs no longer display a timer.
    • Renamed from "Spirit Generator" to "Spirit Glyph".
    • Resprited.
    • Now provides buffs on enemy hits instead of enemy kills, and buffs last 2 seconds instead of 6.
    • Nerfed damage boost from 15% to 10%.
    • Nerfed defense boost from 20 to 5.
    • Nerfed damage reduction boost from 10% to 5%.