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"Revengeance Mode boss reworks (Music mod)"
Release date September 25, 2019
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This is the page for the Music mod update.

The (or Music mod update added a new music track for Astrum Aureus and fixed a few bugs.

This Music Mod version was compatible with all Main mod versions between and


  • All music tracks are now .ogg files.
  • Most music tracks will now loop properly.
  • Replaced "Cosmic Disgust" with "Interstellar Stomper" as the Astrum Aureus music track.
  • Significantly decreased the total ram usage of the mod.


  • Fixed a bug that caused music tracks to occasionally stutter when entering a new biome.
  • Fixed several audio quality issues with the Providence, the Profaned Goddess music track.


  • Removed Music Box (Lunatic Cultist) and the "You Shall Know No More" music track.