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"Providence's Guardians Rework"
Release date December 7, 2017
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The update reworked Providence, the Profaned God's Profaned Guardians (Now named A Dunkin' Donut), made changes to Plantera, and added a few items.





  • Nerfed Cataclysm's health from 4500 / 7200 Expert Mode / 10,400 Revengeance Mode to 3500 / 5600 Expert Mode / 8800 Revengeance Mode.
  • Nerfed Catastrophe's health from 4000 / 6400 Expert Mode / 9280 Revengeance Mode to 3000 / 4800 Expert Mode / 7680 Revengeance Mode.
  • Cataclysm and Catastrophe no longer classify as bosses, and thus no longer drop Greater Healing Potions or have death messages.

The Destroyer

  • Increased speed as its health lowers.
  • Buffed Probe's health in Death Mode from 375 Death Mode to 450 Death Mode, and damage from 100 Death Mode to 120 Death Mode.


  • Nerfed Plantera's speed when she is enraged to prevent her from despawning.
  • Tentacles now fire Spores in Revengeance and Death Mode.
  • Now fires thorn balls occasionally in phase 2 in Death Mode.
  • Now has a cap of 25 tentacles at a time, and 20 Spores at a time.

Providence, the Profaned God

  • Renamed each of Providence, the Profaned God's guardians from "A Profaned Guardian" to "A Dunkin' Donut".
  • Now summons all 3 of her guardians at once for every 30% of her health lost.
  • Providence now stops attacking as much when her guardians are alive.
  • Now switches between phases twice as often in Death Mode.
  • Now becomes invincible if any guardian is alive.
  • Nerfed defensive variant of A Dunkin' Donut's health from 30,000 / 42,000 Expert Mode to 20,000 / 28,000 Expert Mode.
  • Buffed offensive variant of A Dunkin' Donut's health from 40,000 / 56,000 Expert Mode to 50,000 / 70,000 Expert Mode.
  • The defensive variant of A Dunkin' Donut can now fire a barrage of spears going in multiple directions.
  • The healer variant of A Dunkin' Donut can now fire a cluster of homing orbs which negatively heal the player upon contact.

Signus, Envoy of the Devourer

  • Phase 3's charge is now more aggressive.
  • Nerfed Cosmic Lantern's health from 6000 / 8400 Expert Mode to 4000 / 5600 Expert Mode.

Siren and Leviathan

  • The Siren's Ice Shield now inflicts Frostburn for 3.5 seconds instead of Frozen for 1 second.
  • Buffed Aquatic Aberration's health from 900 / 1260 Expert Mode to 1500 / 2100 Expert Mode / 4200 Death Mode.
  • Aquatic Aberrations are now completely immune to knockback.
  • Siren Clones can now only fire water spears instead of all of the Siren's projectiles.
  • Buffed Siren Clone's water spear damage from 46 / 80 Expert Mode / 100 Revengeance Mode / 120 Death Mode to 68 / 112 Expert Mode / 140 Revengeance Mode / 168 Death Mode.
  • Siren Clones are now more aggressive.

Wall of Flesh

  • The Hungry II's can now pass through tiles in Death Mode.
  • Buffed The Hungry II's health in Death Mode to 392 Death Mode, and damage to 111 Death Mode.
  • The Hungry IIs now gain a 2.5x health modifier and a 1.35x damage modifier in all other modes.
  • Buffed Leech's health in Death Mode to 240 Death Mode, and it gains a 1.5x Death Mode damage modifier.
  • Leeches now gain a 2.1x health modifier and a 1.25x damage modifier in all other modes.


  • Stress is now increased by several other Calamity bosses.
  • The Devourer of Gods phase 2's body segments now resist 50% of damage from infinitely piercing projectiles instead of 60%.
  • Ice Claspers now only have a chance to inflict Glacial State for 0.5 seconds instead of always inflicting it for 0.83 seconds.
  • Ice Queens now drop 20-41 Endothermic Energy instead of 10-21.
  • Buffed Parasea's health from 300 / 420 Expert Mode to 500 / 700 Expert Mode.
  • Paraseas can now spawn naturally in the Ocean after defeating Plantera.



  • Reduced dust on certain projectiles.