Glacial State

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Glacial State
Glacial State.png
Type Debuff
Effects Target cannot move at all.
Tooltip Cannot move

The Glacial State is a debuff that renders the target unable to move. It is inflicted by several weapons and enemies typically related to ice.

The player can become immune to Glacial State by using a Warmth Potion or by equipping the Fearmonger armor set.


From player

From Duration Chance
Absolute Zero Absolute Zero 1 second (Contact)
0.5 second (Projectiles)
Aquatic Heart Aquatic Heart 0.17-2 seconds 100%
Arctic Bear Paw Arctic Bear Paw 0.5 seconds 100%
Avalanche Avalanche 0.5 seconds (Ice Bomb) 100%
Biome Blade Biome Blade 0.67 seconds (Third Swing) 100%
Broken Biome Blade Broken Biome Blade 0.33 seconds (Third Swing) 100%
Cosmic Discharge Cosmic Discharge 1 second (Flail)
Infinite while near player and player has Cosmic Freeze buff
Cryo Stone Cryo Stone 0.5 seconds (Shield) 100%
Cryophobia Cryophobia 0.5 seconds (Cryo Blast) 100%
Eidolon Staff Eidolon Staff 0.5 seconds (Ice Cluster) 100%
Endogenesis Endogenesis 1 second 100%
Flurrystorm Cannon Flurrystorm Cannon 0.5 seconds (Chunk, Shard) 100%
Frost Barrier Frost Barrier 0.17-2 seconds 100%
Frostcrush Valari Frostcrush Valari 0.75 seconds (Boomerang) 100%
Frosty Flare Frosty Flare 0.5 seconds (Flare) 100%
Hailstorm Bullet Hailstorm Bullet 5 seconds (Flash Freeze) 100%
Hoarfrost Bow Hoarfrost Bow 1 second (Mist Arrow) 100%
Hypothermia Hypothermia 2.5 seconds (Stealth strikes) 100%
Ice Barrage Ice Barrage 1 second (Spell) 100%
Ice Turret Ice Turret 0.5 seconds (Ice Shots) 100%
Icebreaker Icebreaker 1 seconds (Stealth strike) 100%
Iridescent Excalibur Iridescent Excalibur 1 second (True melee hits) 100%
Kelvin Catalyst Kelvin Catalyst 1.5 seconds (Stealth strikes) 100%
Terratomere Terratomere 0.5 seconds (Contact) 100%
True Biome Blade True Biome Blade 1.67 seconds (Enchanted Meat Hook) 100%
Veering Wind Veering Wind 0.5 seconds (Frost Wave) 100%
Winter's Fury Winter's Fury 0.5 seconds (Snowball) 100%

From NPCs

From Duration Chance
Archmage Archmage 0.5 seconds (Dark Ice attack) 100%
Cryogen Cryogen 1 second (Ice Bomb) 100%

Immune NPCs

  • History

    These history sections are still a work-in-progress, and may not yet contain changes relevant to the current version of the Calamity Mod.
    • Added new visuals effects when inflicted.
      • No longer decreases defense.
      • Nerfed base horizontal slowness factor from 0.5x to 0.9x.
    • Now grants a 30 second global cooldown on bosses before they can be slowed again.
    • Now reduces defense by a flat 10 instead of cutting it by 50%.
    • Fixed defense reduction effect on enemies not resetting.
    • Now also slows down vertical movement in addition to slowing horizontal movement.