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For the vanilla debuff page, see Bleeding.
Type Debuff
Effects Unable to regenerate health naturally
Tooltip Cannot regenerate life

Bleeding is a vanilla debuff that prevents natural life regeneration when inflicted. Several Calamity NPCs can inflict it. In Death Mode or on the For the worthy world seed, thorns in The Corruption or The Crimson both inflict Bleeding for 5 seconds.

The player can become immune to Bleeding by equipping Adhesive Bandage, Ankh Charm, Ankh Shield, Asgardian Aegis, Asgard's Valor, Medicated Bandage, or Shield of the High Ruler.


From NPCs

From Duration Chance
Aquatic Aberration Aquatic Aberration 4 seconds 100%
Desert Nuisance Body Desert Nuisance Body 1 second 100%
Desert Nuisance Head Desert Nuisance Head 3 seconds 100%
Desert Nuisance Tail Desert Nuisance Tail 0.5 seconds 100%
Desert Scourge Body Desert Scourge Body 4 seconds 100%
Desert Scourge Head Desert Scourge Head 10 seconds (Contact) 100%
Desert Scourge Tail Desert Scourge Tail 3 seconds 100%
Great Sand Shark Great Sand Shark 10 seconds (Contact) 100%
Rotdog Rotdog 3 seconds 100%
Skeletron Skeletron 6-10 seconds Expert Mode (Contact) 100%
Spazmatism Spazmatism 10 seconds (Contact) 100%
The Leviathan The Leviathan 10 seconds (Contact) 100%