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Type Debuff
Effects No health regeneration
-8 health per second
Tooltip It's either really hot or really cold. Either way it REALLY hurts
For the vanilla debuff page, see Frostburn.

Frostburn is a vanilla debuff that deals damage over time and prevents the natural life regeneration of anything it afflicts. Several Calamity NPCs and many Calamity items can inflict it.

The player can become immune to Frostburn by equipping Asgardian Aegis, Asgard's Valor, Brimflame Cowl, a full set of Fearmonger armor, Frost Flare, Hide of Astrum Deus, or Shield of the High Ruler.

Additionally, Snow armor's set bonus also grants immunity to Frostburn.


From Player

From Duration Chance
Ancient Ice Chunk Ancient Ice Chunk 3 seconds (Ice Shards) 100%
Cosmic Discharge Cosmic Discharge 3 seconds 100%
Daedalus Golem Staff Daedalus Golem Staff 3 seconds (Pellets) 100%
Devastation Devastation 2 seconds (Contact, Blue Blast) 100%
Earth Earth 4 seconds (RGB meteor)
3 seconds (Blue meteor)
Endogenesis Endogenesis 3 seconds 100%
Flurrystorm Cannon Flurrystorm Cannon 3 seconds (Chunk)
2 seconds (Shard)
1 second (Snowball)
Frigidflash Bolt Frigidflash Bolt 3 seconds 100%
Frost Bolt Frost Bolt 1 second 100%
Frost Daggerfish Frost Daggerfish 1 second 100%
Hailstorm Bullet Hailstorm Bullet 2 seconds (Bullet) 100%
Ice Blade Ice Blade 2 seconds (Contact)
1 second (Projectile)
Pot of Pain Pot of Pain 33 minutes 100%
Prismatic armor Prismatic armor 10 seconds (Death lasers) 100%
Veering Wind Veering Wind 2 seconds (Frost Wave) 100%

From NPCs

From Duration Chance
Anahita Anahita 3 seconds (Frost Mist) 100%
Archmage Archmage 3 seconds (Dark Ice attack) 100%
Aurora Spirit Aurora Spirit 1.5 seconds 100%
Cryo Slime Cryo Slime 2 seconds 100%
Cryogen Cryogen 4 seconds (Contact)
3 seconds (Ice Bomb)
2 seconds (Ice Blast, Ice Shard)
Cryogen's Shield Cryogen's Shield 4 seconds (Contact)
2 seconds (Ice Blast)
Cryon Cryon 2 seconds 100%
Flame Pillar Flame Pillar 3 seconds (Blue Flame) 100%
Ice Clasper Ice Clasper 1.5 seconds 100%
Ice Shield Ice Shield 4 seconds 100%
Lunatic Cultist Lunatic Cultist 4 seconds (Ice Mist) 100%
Rimehound Rimehound 2 seconds 100%
The Torch God The Torch God 5 seconds 33.33% / 20% Expert Mode / 14.29% Revengeance Mode / 11.11% Death Mode

Immune NPCs