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Death Indicator.png
The Death Mode icon as seen in the Difficulty Indicator UI.

"Enjoy the fun."

Death Mode is the second gamemode introduced in the Calamity Mod, serving as an increased difficulty level to Revengeance Mode. It is activated by selecting it through the Difficulty Indicator which replaces the Revengeance Mode icon over it. The Difficulty Indicator is locked during boss battles, and hovering the cursor over it will state, "You cannot change the rules now!"

General Changes

  • Enemy damage boost from Revengeance Mode is further boosted by 60%.
    • For example, if Revengeance Mode boosts damage by 10%, Death Mode will boost by an additional 6%.
  • The Nurse will refuse to heal the player if a boss is currently alive.
  • All damage over time debuffs deal 50% more damage.

Environmental Effects

  • Abyss light level requirements are increased by 25%.
  • Thorny bushes inflict various debuffs depending on what biome they are in:
    • Crimson/Corrupt Thorns inflict both the Bleeding and Weak debuffs for 5 seconds.
    • Jungle Thorns inflict Poisoned for 5 seconds.
  • Spikes inflict Bleeding for 5 seconds.
  • Wooden Spikes inflict Acid Venom for 5 seconds.
  • Blood Moons boost all spawn rates by 400% and maximum spawn count by 900%. This effect stacks with other spawn rate modifiers.

Enemy AI Changes

Several enemy AIs have been adjusted to be more aggressive and dangerous:

  • Fighter AI enemies can now open doors at any time. Fighter AI enemies are faster, jump higher, more aggressive, and any Fighter AI enemies that shoot projectiles now shoot more accurately.
  • Swimming AI enemies chase the player faster while they are in water. Gain a large amount of potential speed and acceleration.
  • Slime AI enemies jump lower and jump significantly higher on third jump, always aggresive towards player.
  • Demon Eye AI enemies have a higher max speed but slower acceleration.
  • Worm AI enemies are longer, faster, and have more defense.
  • Flying, Bat, Jellyfish, and Spider AI enemies charge towards the player faster.
  • Caster AI enemies teleport more often and are more aggressive.
  • Hovering AI enemies hover higher and are more aggressive.
  • Blazing Wheels occasionally emit a plus-shaped flamethrower. Blazing Wheel flamethrowers are now hostile.
  • Spike Balls have a longer reach and spin faster.
  • Plant AI enemies have a longer range and charge at the player more quickly.
  • Flying Weapon AI enemies spin up and charge faster and cannot be knocked out of their charges.
  • Flying Fish AI enemies have increased max speed.
  • Spore AI enemies follow the player faster and at all times.
  • Herpling AI enemies are more aggressive.
  • Tortoise AI enemies are more aggressive.
  • Unicorn AI enemies are more aggressive.
  • Granite Elemental moves faster but can be harmed when cocooned, and has extreme defense.
  • Cnidrions can fire water blasts while moving.
  • Antlions fire multiple sand blocks at once.
  • Diggers, Devourers, World Feeders, and Dune Splicers have individual health bars per segment and split when one of them is broken, like the Eater of Worlds.
  • Angry Nimbuses move more quickly, have increased attacking range, and scatters ice shards while in range.
  • Tesla Turrets aim their lasers toward the player's predicted location based on their velocity.
  • Chaos Elementals teleport more often.
  • Goblin Warlocks fire more chaos balls.
  • Lihzahrds transform into their second phase at 90% health.

Boss AI Changes

This is a list of all boss fight changes caused by Death Mode. The names of vanilla bosses are italicized.

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Unique Items




  • "Death is active, enjoy the fun." (When activated)
  • "Death is not active, not fun enough for you?" (When deactivated)


  • The removed Death Mode Environmental Effects were influenced by the weather mechanics in the game Don't Starve.

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